Sunday, July 12, 2009

Rubbing elbows and gone west

Pictures from Sam, THANKS....

Went to Fond Du Lac and raced the State Qualifier today. It was a action packed day and the track was a tight and had you on your toes the entire race. I have never seen so many racers crash as we did today. The track is nice but the entire track had sharp peaks at the top and and caused many to go over the bars. I almost did in the main but pulled it back and won the race. That means 1 more win and I move to Intermediate. Nate had a good day but had some real tough racers and finished 3rd. Tina had a good day and took a 2nd and Bryan took 2 1st places today. Payton took a super bad crash and I thought he was going to be hauled off in a bag, but he got up and I hope he is doing OK tonight. Got home and loaded the mtn bike and took Nate to Gus's for the trip to mtn bike Nationals in Colorado. He is going with 10 other team mates that Gus and Trixie are taking there. Hope they all do good and have a good time. More later when I have some time as I need some rest. Later..

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Anonymous said...

Payton broke his wrist :-(