Friday, July 10, 2009

Food Police

Was asked to work over today so I could accompany one of the female food inspectors as we checked food peddlers. They wanted some muscle to go along to make sure there was no trouble for the ladies so they looked to me for some reason. We were looking for the operators that did it illegally and the ones that know we are off the clock and disregard the rules and continue to operate. We checked like 11 trucks and peddlers. We shut down like 6 for operating with out permits. The of course knew no English but understood when I told them of the $300 citation that would be in order for not stopping immediately. They listened to me in the end. It was a fun day to be a food inspector again and teach Sonja a few things that she was not aware of. I am glad to be weights and measures though and will not go back to food again. This weekend is the church festival and I'm thinking I need a fish fry and a few beers. Later..

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