Monday, July 31, 2006

Russell's Supermate of the week

With the weather being Hot and Sticky Russell took this fine lady to the deck and gave her a ncie cold beverage with a straw to cool her down. She sure is a fine looking lady in her bikini and all. I hope he keeps her cool as the sweating could be a real big problem.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Hot Enough?

Here is a picture of Nate at NORBA Nationals coming up the start hill. The hill goes up for about a mile and is a good grade that zaps the legs and lungs for a while. Nate sat on the wheel and the kid popped about 20 yards from this area. Nate was then in the lead for the next 6 miles and then Hillzilla and the heat got him and 2 kids passed him and he couldn't respond and ended up 3rd. It was a great race and finish and we are very proud of Nate and his racing. He is now out on a ride pulling Cece and Maddie around down by the lake front. His goal is to win his age group this year and be the NORBA state champ also. If he keeps his training and focus I think he can do both.

This morning I picked up Fast Girl and Russell and we headed to the Kettles to meet Dan and his Brother Jeff and his kid Luke. After getting my paperwork all done and paying my few as it was the first ride there since I busted my fingers so none of that was done yet this year. We got going about 9 and it was hot already and I was sweating like randy by the first mile. We did the connector and back and it was nice to ride the new re routes that all the guys have been working so hard at. Great job to those who have had a hand in those. By the time we got done I drank 5 bottles and my shoes and socks were soaked with sweat. I think I lost 10 lbs of sweat today. Sammy was looking real good today and her bike handling skills are getting better each ride. Not bad for a fast 14 year old girl that races with the pro women on the road and Mtn bike. Russell, Dan and myself rode our SS bikes and by the time I was done the hand and fingers were sore and had enough.

Still up int air about the ride tomorrow but all I know is that I want to ride early to try to beat the heat. going to have to hit a few 2 a day rides to get the body back to race shape after the trip out west. Also have to race on Tuesday at the track and Wed at the time trials as there are 2 races that night. Also have to hit the beat down so that should whip the body back into shape. Well time to eat some chips and have a beer and plan on getting some dinner ready. Later..

Friday, July 28, 2006


We made it home about 11pm last night after a 13 hour drive from Rapid City, South Dakota. It was a great time with the family and we all had a blast the entire time together. Now it is time to start training again for the last part of the season. We didn't have time to ride that much as the driving and the time to meet with family and all took a lot of the time up during the day. But that is what a vacation is for every now and then so the riding had to take a back seat for awhile. I got to ride a couple of times so that was ok. I was able to get a lot of the things done today and now I'm able to go and ride at the Kettle's tomorrow with Fast girl, Russell, and Dan.

Today is Cece's Birthday and next week Friday is Maddie's Birthday. All Cece wants is a new pair of riding gloves and a new pair of riding shoes. So next week we are going to go to Ben's together and get her new gloves and shoes. I'll let Cece get Maddies gift. Boy the years are flying by as Nate is 12, Maddie is going to be 11 and Jessie is turning 5 this year.

It is cool that the 24 hour race is for the National championship this year I hope that all the fellow WORS racers have good luck and have a safe and successful race. I would have raced it if we weren't going on the vacation to the NORBA Nationals. I always had a blast racing with Jerry, Jack Hammer and Fast guy Joe. Maybe next year we can get another team for the race it time allows. We may try to go to NORBA Nationals again next year if they are not in California. I hope that they move them as the places that they have chosen suck. So maybe next year I will race it either with a team or race it with Nate. Well any how good luck to all those who are racing the 24 race. Later..

Sunday, July 23, 2006


We've had a lot of fun in Seattle with Cece's brother's family. Yesterday we went to Pike's market and seen the fish tossing and all the other really cool vendors there. The fish tossing was cool and looked better then when the raw stuff comes back up on you. The place was packed at9am in the morning and was getting busier by the minute. We then went to a festival down at the center by the space needle and it was bigger then any thing Milwaukee has to offer and way better then Summerfest. Boy it made Milwaukee look like shit, but what is new. Today we went on a boat ride around lake Wahington and seen the big houses and even Bill Gate's mansion. We then went to a car show in Downtown Kirkland and seen a bunch of cars that would make Kyle happy. After having enough of the heat we went to a restaurant and ate COOKED crabs that were the best so far on the trip. We are heading out tomorrow and making a few stops on the way home and should be home by the weekend. Time to go swimming. Later..

Friday, July 21, 2006

In the mountains

Today after a nice ride in the morning with The Boy and Cece we headed to the mountains with Cece's Brother's family. We went to a really cool stream with a natural rock slide. After a 30 minute walk in 100 degrees to the place we were able to put our feet in ice cold water from the mountains. It was a really nice day and the kids had a blast. Tomorrow we are going to go to Pike market and watch the guys toss fish to each other and get some fresh seafood to cook later that night. We are going to try to get a ride in before we leave but if not oh well. Time to go and socialize. Later..

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Long over do

Well we have stayed at a few places that have not had a computer. Nate took 3rd at the Natioanlas on the worst course ever. He racedwell and got passed on the longest tough climb. He raced in the heat of over100 degrees and did great. He was in the lead for awhile but the heat and hill took a bit out of him and he got passedand tried to hang but couldn't. I took 29th in the single speed open against the pros and all. I felt good during the race and pinned it out for the race. Each lap got faster and I'mgladI did the SS race. My time in the single speed race would have put in the top 10 in age so maybe next time I'll race age on the SS. It was great to see a bunch of other racers from the WORS series and they all faired well. We drove up the coast and we are now in Kirkwood Washington just outside of Seattle. See you all in a week. Later..

Thursday, July 13, 2006


We got to the course for the pre-ride and they moved the time to 1pm. No problem as we got our registration done and got ready. Looking at the way the course was I changed the gear to a 32x18 on the bike and waited to do a lap and see how it was. I rode a lap with Nate and the gear felt fine. It is by far the worst course I have ever been on. It is all in the open and the trail is cut in the side of the hills and you ride on that and some roads for 7.8 miles. I have to do 3 laps in my single speed open race. I just hope to finish and do well if it going to be in the 90's like today. Nate looked good but I hope he holds it together on the climbs as they are long and some are just brutal. He was breathing hard and looking tired but he always pulls it together during the race.

I rode a lap with Cece and Maddie and they both had a hard time on the climbs and the decents. Maddie rode about 3/4 of the lap and she couldn't ride anymore. A pick up truck was coming past and asked if she needed a ride back to the parking lot. I said please do and they gave her a ride back. She was having the Russell's as there were goose bumps all over her arms and legs and she was about to throw up. Cece was also having issues and she made it to the finish of the lap but also decided after not racing for 3 months she was not going to race. So it will be Nate and I racing only but I would rather have that and not have Cece and Maddie get hurt on some of the crappy course we have to race. Now it is time to go in the pool for a while and relax. Later..

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


We made it here today and the drive wasn't that bad. The kids were real good for the drive here. We drove to North Platte Nebraska the first in 12 hours. Then the next day was a 13 hour drive to Elko Nevada that was ok as we got 2 hours in our favor. Then today we made it to Sonoma at about 3pm after a nice 7 hour drive. Got a nice ride in today and went and got something to eat. Tomorrow we are going to go to the race course and get the registartion done and then ride the the course. Will get back after the ride. Later..

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Ronsta's Beat Down

Jerry and I headed to the Lake County area to do Ron's ride this morning. Jerry arrived about 7am to drop off Mackenzie to play with my punks and get me then off we were. After a slight miss direction and a call to Ron we got there. At least w weren't the last one to arrive. We headed out with a nice group of about 15 which included Goat, Lori, Kevin, T-Bone, John L., Ron, Jerry, Russell. The first half of the ride the group kept the pace at about 17 mph until the others broke off to get to work or other appointments. Then the Goat and John L. picked up the pace and the ride got a little more interesting. I was glad that Ron, Jerry, Russell did the SS state race yesterday as they weren't up to hammering the entire time. The hills at the end started to catch up and I was out running out of gas. Thanks to Jerry for a few pushes and to Russell for waiting a few times for me. We had to skip the meal after the ride so I could get home and pack up the trailer and get the rest ready for our trip. Thanks Jerry for the help getting all the stuff into the trailer. Then it was off to the church festival and help take the kids games down in the rain and get something to eat. Now it is time to get the final touches down for the trip and get ready for the trip. good luck to the others racing the WORS and other races see you later..

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Pictures from the Fire Cracker

Here are a few pictures from the race this weekend. Going to do the ride from Ron's tomorrow and looking at about 80 miles. The ride starts at 8am if you want in. Then get home and finish getting ready to head to the NORBA Nationals. Time to get some stuff done and get a short ride in and get Grandma to take her out for dinner. Later..

Friday, July 07, 2006

Russell's Supermate of the week

Russell here is the real reason that you wanted to go to the hospital. The nurses up at the hospital in Eau Claire have not changed for over 50 years and a guy your age needed ones that couldn't run from you. Here is a picture of the one's that took care of you as we know your eyes were crossed from the heat.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Back in Beer Town

We came home late last night to get back fo a Doctor appt today. The fingers are healing well but there is still a fracture in both fingers that need to heal before the Doctor will let me go to work. Oh well that means that I will have to wait until my next appt that he made for the 1st week of August. That means that I will be off from work until then, the good thing is that I have 6 months of sick time saved up and I will be using that. Not a great picture but it shows the screws and other junk in the hand.

We had a good time by my brother as on Monday we went to Crystal Cave with the kids and then they swam all night in the pool. Then on Tuesday we went to the snowmobile skips in Knapp. It was fun as about 20 of the rednecks dropped their machines into the lake. We then came home and watched a movie on the outdoor movie screen. It was a fun time and we can't wait until next year again. Time to get some stuff done and yell at a few kids as they are gettting on each others nerves and mine. Later..

Sunday, July 02, 2006


We went and pre-rode the course yesterday and it was a hot one. The course was laid out great and I felt good and thought just ride your pace and fly in the single track and enjoy the race. Cece rode for the first time since she hurt her elbow and said she liked the course and was ready to race again. Nate did a lap and looked good. He did a lap with Jerry on his tandem and Jerry said that he was awesome on the back. I see those 2 doing a few races down the rode. Went back to my brothers and got in the pool for a while and then ate some grilled chicken. At 10 the fireworks went off and they were great as they always are. We watched them and then hit the bed as 6 would come fast.

Today got up and headed to the race and got Maddie lined up for her VP points working the water station with Emma and Andrea. They had a fun time tossing water in everyones face. Nate went off and got in to the first turn in 2nd place and then got a good wheel and just rode it to a first place finish. He took 14th overall in citizen which is pretty good for a 11 year old kid. Cece also had a good day and took 3rd in class and also 14th in the citizen ladies class. I of course didn't get a call up and had to try to pick which wheel was a good to line up behind. I picked and the dork had a nice bike and then I looked down and he had no clips or anything. Shit I picked the wrong wheel I thought. I was right as the guy ran into the rider next to him at the start but I was able to laugh in his face and get by and get on a faster wheel. I was happy to see only 3 single speed riders ahead of me and I passed Rob who for a reason unknown to me was leading us out. Thanks Rob. I got into 2nd place after about 1 mile into the race and then the chase was on to try to catch the Alan Bike cross team pro racer sand bagging in the sport SS. Oh well I was in his sight for most of the race and then I figured I wasn't going to catch him and shut it down and rode in for a 2nd place finish and I think maybe a top 10 overall. In all it was a good race and glad that I raced and then got a good result. The hand held up and felt ok during the race and only had to hold it up on the flats when possible to get the blood back in it. I didn't get to see everyone finish so I hope everyone had a good race and I will see you later..