Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Yeah Field Trip and no work

Today I took the day off from work and went to the Museum with Maddie's class. I have to tell you it sure is nice to go with a bunch of well behaved kids. The group I had was a nice group and they all listened and participated in the program today. The kids from the other schools seemed ok but they weren't as well behaved as our group was. I try to go on at least 1 of each of the Punks field trips every year. I think going on Nate's field trips may be out as he is older now and to cool to have me go along, that ok because I still have Jessica and she always wants me to tag along.

Just got back from the dentist and he had to fix 2 of the teeth that Nate chipped when he crashed last week. Also last night Cece took the stitches out of Nate's chin. He just laid there and she was able to get them all out with out any new blood dripping down his chin. I always had my parents take out the stitches when I was growing up and let me tell you that was quite often. So to carry on the family tradition I think we will always take Nate's out also as I think that this going to happen a few more times. Nate is ready to go to the bmx practice tomorrow and I think he will be right back at it and the crash won't have any long term effects on his racing and riding. See ya at the practice. Later..

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Almost time to rotate

Here is a shot looking down the wall of bikes in the basement. There is now about 43 of them hanging around in the basement. The bikes kind of rotate to the usage in the season that is present so hence the bmx in the front right now. I have to say it is the first year in about 7 or 8 that we haven't been hitting the road every Sat for the Wind Lake ride so it will feel a tad weird when we start the road rides up again. I don't think anyone will have that many miles on for the Parkside races this year so that should be fun. I have been training on the spin bike and rollers but that never seems to be the same as the road but it is better then nothing. I will be missing the Parkside races as we will be leaving right after Nate races to get to the bmx track for the last races of the indoor season there. See ya on the road someday soon I hope. Later..

Monday, February 26, 2007

Russell's Supermate of the week

Here is a nice picture of Russell's lady showing her Tramp Stamp. He was all happy that she was wearing her thong that he gave with the window for the tramp stamp to be seen by all. Nice one Russell.

Sunday, February 25, 2007


A Sunday that we were not racing does not happen often. All I can say that it makes for a long day that seems that it will drag on for ever. I did get to move the snow for 4 houses that the elderly women live in and get thanks from them all. That is always nice. Then I got a nice roller work out in after 3 hours of snow blowing. We went to my brothers house for dinner and seen my parents before they leave for a 5 week vacation in Florida. My Dad is one tough mother as he is really doing great since his shoulder surgery last week. Now it is time to get the punks in bed. Later..

Saturday, February 24, 2007


Because it is going to look like this later the races today and tomorrow have been called off. Man that really sucks but it is kind of nice as now I don't have to drive in that crap. See ya at the practice Thursday. Later..

A little white stuff

This morning I got up and looked out and got my side kick out and we went to work. I think over the next day or 2 we are going to be seeing a lot of each other. As always I got the three other houses cleared of snow that have some 80 plus year old widows living there also.
The way it is looking Nate and I are going to take the truck to the races to make sure that we get there and back safely. I just hope the people driving their foreign crap on the road stay out of the way or go far enough in the ditch that they don't block my path.
Nate is doing good and the cut on the chin is looking good. It is a little swollen but looking like it is healing rather nicely. I do think that the scar should be kind of small but there diffidently will be there for ever though. He may just race age this weekend if it is bothering him but we are taking both bikes and just have to wait till we get there. Have to go and get our stuff ready. Later..

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Taking one on the chin

We got to the bmx track today and Nate was taking a few warm up laps and BAM he hits the deck. I didn't see it as I was paying for the practice and then I look and he is on the ground. I go over and he looks fine and then I see some blood on his chin . I look and he has a big cut on it so I told him to clean it up and I got our stuff reloaded in the truck and we went to the hospital. He ended up getting 2 stitches on the inside and then 8 more on the outside to finish up the job. ( The picture is not his chin but you get the idea). The thing that bothered Nate the most was that he was not able to ride his bike today longer at the track today. He said "I'm sorry I crashed and ruined the bmx practice tonight" at least 6 times. He plans on racing this Sat and Sun at the track though so you can't keep him down long. The funny thing is that he was ready to go back and get a few gates if we got out of the hospital fast enough. We got home and he was a little tired so he finished his home work and then went to bed. I got on the spin bike to get a workout in at least and now I'm watching the Tour of California coverage. I will check on him before I go to bed and make sure he is alright and then hit the sack myself. Later..

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Today Nate got his Cross State Champ and Age class Champion jerseys today from the WCA. They look real nice and they put his name on the back also. I would post a few pictures but I can't find any batteries for the camera so I will try later. Boy the weather is great outside and I almost played hooky and got out for a ride but I figured it would be better to save the day for a day off for states at the track or a race weekend in the summer. Plus those days will be warmer and I will have more stuff that I will need to get done and cane use the day way better. After work I got some ultra sound on the elbows to help get the tendinitis inflammation down. The ultra sound is helping and the elbows are feeling better and man that is great as they have been hurting for about 3 months. The test will be the bmx practice Thursday and the racing on Sat and Sun. Maybe one of these days my body will give me time when there isn't any pain or when it isn't really sore. Then again the things that I do that will never happen. Well see ya at the bmx practice. Later..

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Fat Tuesday

Being fat Tuesday I couldn't pass up the chance to eat a few Paczki's. This is a Polish donut and kind of a big thing on the south side of Milwaukee. I did only eat 2 today not the usual 4 or 5. Jessica did eat 3 and the other punks also ate 1 or 2.
Good to see the snow melting and all but now it is supposed to rain on Sat so I may not be able to ride the group ride. I still may not ride the group ride any ways as we are racing Sat and Sun at the bmx track. I do need to get a few longer rides in soon but the race season doesn't start until May so I have time. Well see ya at the bmx practice. Later..

Monday, February 19, 2007

Russell's Supermate of the week

With all the riding that Russell has been doing outside over the last few weeks he hired this fine Tosa girl to dust his bikes so one is ready at all times. Keep the rubber side down.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

BMX Racing and NASCAR Racing Oh YEA

Today we hit the bmx races again for rubbing and racing. Nate had a good day of racing in age as he won again. In cruiser he had to race the 21-25 year olds. He got brake checked in turn 1 and Joey got under him and that screwed Nate and he didn't make the main. I made the main and took a 4th again. Kenny took 1st today, his kid was sent home after a slight melt down. Fast girls Sammi and Skyler took home some 1st places also. Mitch took 3rd today and is looking smoother each week. Also today the Alpha wings team took 1st place with a perfect score. Now it's time to watch the Daytona 500 and find out when the Tour of California is on the old OLN channel.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Run, Run, Run

Today was a day to get a few things done. Got up and the punks and I did a roller workout. I know we aren't hard core but I had other things to get done and riding outside at these temps are not high on my list. After the rollers I took the car in for a oil change and wash then took the truck for a wash. I just got done lifting weights and now time to run to church. Later..

Friday, February 16, 2007

Gate time

Well last night we went to the track and hit the gates. Nate was riding the track before anyone got there and has trying to get a few more pedal strokes in coming out of turn 2 and hit a pedal on the top of a rhythm and it threw his ass right to the ground. Brian had to untangle him from his bike as he was twisted up in the frame and front wheel. He has a few scrapes on the legs, elbow and hands. The crash didn't slow him down any in the practice though which was good to see, but this morning he was a stiff (not Russell stiff) walking down the stairs. We did keep him grounded as Ronsta is leaving the country and we didn't want to trash a wheel before he left. Maddie is doing better each week and last night she looked like a totally different rider. I think all this is beginning to click and she is riding great. She was passing kids and riding into the turns like she wanted to win. I think maybe we can get her to race a few times this summer at the track in Franklin. I felt pretty good since I have a cold and all. We got home and my parents called and my Dad tripped up north and put his hands out and in the process ripped his rotator cuff and is having an operation today to fix that. Now he has to keep his arm in a sling for 6 weeks and they are going to Florida for a month so that will be fun for them.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Feeling Ill

This morning I got up and my head was all stuffy and mt throat was sore. As the day went on I felt worse and my eyes began to hurt. I knew that by the end of the day I would be feeling like crap. Went to the chiropractor and got home I rode the rollers and I felt a little better. Now just sitting here I'm beginning to feel a little worse again. So nothing else going on so see ya at the bmx practice. Later..

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

New Crib

Well today my parents moved Grandma into a new crib. It is a real nice place that we found out from Vince and his mother runs it. It is a real nice place with great people running it and Grandma really likes it. It is run nice and they really take care if the people that stay there. I hope Grandma does well and enjoys they the place. It is a small assisted care place and all the people get great care and never need to ask for help for any thing. Boy that is a relief after the care she was getting at the last few places that she was at. Thanks a lot Vince for the great place for Grandma. Snow snow go away. Just got in from shoveling and I hope it stops soon. Later..

Monday, February 12, 2007

Russell's Supermate of the Week

Now that it is Valentines Day Russell is going to have to but a dozen boxes of chocolates for his beauty. Be nice to her as you might get a treat Russell.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Having fun

Today at the bmx races it was another lower turnout. But the gang that showed up had a good day on the track. Nate took 1st in age and missed the main in cruiser. Ron took a 4th in open and 3rd in age even though his back was tweaked. Danny showed up and made the main and took 3rd. Mitch came back and took a 2nd in age. I took a 4th today as 2 of the fast guys showed up today and left me fighting for the scraps. I bought a new pair of handle bars for Nate's 2o inch and we put them on his bike and he looked way better and he said that the bike felt better. So it appears to be a good move. I may bring the 20 felt to the track and start riding that and may try a few age races and give the cruiser a break. I'll see how it feels on Thursday.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

My Bad

I was told I thought at first we were going to a play. But my bad I guess as we seen group of Chinese acrobats perform. It was a small show that had a limited show of some ok performances. Nothing real cool but entertaining for the kids none the less. We seen a guy change a bunch of masks, a lady tossing a thing in the air like the picture. Also a lady do some hula hoops and a then some lady bend her body in different ways. A ok show but nothing that mind blowing. After the show we went out to eat at the place we had our wedding reception. The food was good as it was on our wedding night and you get a ton for a little bit of money. May have to make the trip back there a few more times. Tomorrow we hit the bmx races and hope that I don't crash and the Boy brings home some bling. Later..

Friday, February 09, 2007


The house is empty as Nate is at a school dance hitting on the girls. Jessica is at a movie for the kids at school also. And Cece took Maddie to the store to get a gift for a birthday party that she is going to tomorrow. Not often enough that I get the house to myself. Now the thing is what should I do? Well I rode the rollers already so that is out, so I will go downstairs and lift weights and then bring up the clean clothes and start folding those. Oh so much to do in a nice and quiet house.

Tomorrow it is a ride and then down to Racine to see a play. We are going with Cece's Mother and also Cece's brother and his family are tagging along. Oh I can't wait as I would rather push tooth picks under my nails. I have never been into plays or comics anything of such so I hope that this is kind of good. The good thing is that Cece's Mom is taking us out to eat after so that is taking some of the pain away. Then it is rush home and get Maddie to the overnight birthday party. I'll let ya know how the play was tomorrow night. Must get downstairs and lift. Later..

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Wheel 1 - Nate 1

Well this Punk was doing these manuals real nice and the Ronsta took it to the next step. Hey Nate why don't we start having you jump this stuff. He cleared the first and second double nice and sweet the first try. I stop to watch with Ron and then the Punk cased it the next 3 times and now Ron has the rear wheel at home fixing it back up. Not worried as Ron will have the wheel nice and round again for the racing on Sunday. Thanks again for the lessons you are giving Nate he is really doing great. Hell he is beating all of us and soon I think he will be on your back wheel.
The practice tonight was a blast and on the way home I was tired. I had a few rounds of gates were I lined up with the goat and we just hammered each other. Jeremey has the gate down and now it is a battle each time into the first turn to see who backs down first, what a blast. Then I did a bunch of gates with Ray and man he is just plain old fast and I can't get in front of him unless there is some traffic slowing him down. Danny is getting faster and I wish he would race a time or 2 but he doesn't want to so for now it is just battle him at practice. Fast guy Joe is just plain old fast and I know it won't be long and he will be racing again tearing it up like the old days. Want to have some fun come and rip it up at the track with us. ER is on and I don't want to miss to much. Later..

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Sick kid

Today while I was at work I got a call from Jessica's teacher and I think I hope she didn't repeat anything Russell has told her, lucky me that wasn't the case. She says that Jessica is sick and that she has puked a couple of times and needs to come home. A good thing is that we have a lady that watches the punks after school and days that we can't get off so she went and got her. That was good but at 2:45 she calls and says Jessica has thrown up 2 more times and we need to come and get her. I call Cece as school is over and she high tails it there and got her home. Shorten this up she is feeling a little better after a nice bath and watching Napoleon Dynamite and falling asleep. I hope she feels better in the morning.
Went to the chiropractor and had the electricity things hooked back up and the neck is feeling better. It is still sore when I look to the right or move real fast in either direction but nowhere near as bad as it was 10 days ago. The neck is really sore in the mornings to the point that it has me just about buckled over, nothing I can't handle but it would have Randy out for a couple of weeks. Doc says a couple of more adjustments and all should be back to normal soon.
After work before the chiropractor appointment I went and visited Grandma. Boy she is doing great and should be out of rehab in about a week. She is doing really good and we are going to move her in a nice assisted living place. It is supposed to be a good place as Vince told me about as his Mother works there so my parents checked it out and we are moving her there early next week. See ya at the bmx track. Later..

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


With the weather being this damn cold now the walk up the mountain to get to this beautiful stream would be great. The kids got to swim in the water near the top as we waded around watching. The temps were in the high 90's and the water was in the 30's or 40's, to cold for me. It was a nice 3 mile up hill walk to the area we swam in and then a better down hill walk back to the truck.
Yesterday I went and got another adjustment on the neck and the electric things hooked back up. Last night was a first good night of sleep that I have gotten in the last 10 days since I landed on my head. I have to go again tomorrow and Friday so I'm hoping that after that visit the neck and the muscles that I messed up will be back to normal. The muscles are still a little stiff today and doing better as the day goes on. I will lift weights after we eat and that will be the test to see how I'm doing.
The Punks have had the last 2 days off and that was nice for them but I think that they are going to have to make the days up later. I know that they have to have a certain amount of days of school and Cece said that she thinks that the schools have been only building 1 day a year to miss so we think that they may have 2 extra days at the end now. Just have to wait and see. The news at 6 said that the kids will have school in the morning so back to the normal things tonight and a short week for them. I just hope that they teachers don't give a ton of school work Thursday so they aren't up late after the bmx practice. Later..

Monday, February 05, 2007

Russell's Supermate of the Week

This is the fine lady that gave The Tool his 4th place trophy this weekend. The F is for Fast Guys only and that is Russell on his little bike. Russ next time she offers to kiss you when get your award don't slip her the tongue that was embarrassing to watch.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Double win

Here is what the other racers that had to line up next to Nate got to look at today. He was out of the gate fast and quick today. In his cruiser he had a total pointer and easily won that race. The top racers that he usually races were at the National on Oklahoma but he would have been pushing them today. In age he was fast and just blew the others away. the kid that crashed him in turn 3 last week wasn't close this week and Nate just rode away with the win. So he got a double 1st place today. since joining the Alpha wing team Nate has been racing really good so hopefully that was the kick he and I needed. Thanks Ron for the hook up.
I raced today even though my next and shoulder were screaming in pain when I woke up. It really hurts when I'm sitting and in turn 2. I felt alright and just made sure that I would make into the main. I was one of the 5 that started in moto 1 and didn't push anything and had to race again in moto 2. I won the 2nd moto and made it into the main. I had a good gate start and was right there in turn 2 and could have pushed the issue and moved into 2nd but I don't want to go down and mess it up so rode in in 3rd and that was fine for me.
Today Ron had a total point for age and had to race a couple of fast guys and ended up 3rd. Sammi had to race from behind as she got pushed up in turn 1 the first moto and ended up with the 1st place when the dust settled. Skyler took a 4th in open and a 1st in age. She was looking real good again. Kenny I think took a 4th and Josh had a Birthday so he moved to the 7 year old group and didn't make the mains. For the best of the day Russell showed up and raced 2o inch and he had a pretty good day. He just missed making the open main as he let Cookies pass him. for the age he made the main and ended up taking a 4th place. Way to race today everyone and see you at the gate practices. Now we need to go and collect Nate's other prizes at the cross banquet. Later..

Saturday, February 03, 2007


This morning I went to the chiropractor and he hooked a machine somewhat like this to my neck. It made the muscles twitch and move and by the end a lot of the pain was gone. He then did a adjustment and the neck went snap, crackle and pop and the movement was greatly improved. I'm hoping that I'm somewhat pain free and I have good movement tomorrow as we have the bmx races. And there is no question to ask YES I'm going to race again as I don't let a little pain in the neck stop me from racing. So any how since it is going to be a little cold out tomorrow come and race or come and watch as we race at about 1pm. Gates start dropping at 10 am. Remember if you talk to Jake he will let all of the mountain bikers race for free for their first race if you haven't raced before. See you at the races or at the gate practice. Later..

Friday, February 02, 2007

Just wishing

Here are the Punks sitting by the pool out in California. With it being like -10 degrees the next couple of days I sure wish I was here. This was at the villa we stayed at in Sonoma. It was a really nice place and we were able to go to about 8 vineyards with in 1/4 mile of our place. Someday we will make it back out there.
Today I'm just chill'n and getting a few things done. Today I took the Felt cruiser to the shop and Alan was able to put a new adaptor in and the cranks now fit great. Once the new gear comes in I may try racing on it. The bike is tight and very comfortable for the short rides that I have tried it so it should be a nice ride. I'll have to see how the nick is feeling in the morning and if I ride or not. I'm leaning in not as the neck and shoulders are still sore from the crash last Sat night so maybe just the rollers again. Now I'm going to go and fold some clothes. How boring is that? Later..

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Ouch that hurts

The first few times around the bmx track felt like I was ripping my shoulders off. As the night went on I felt better but I laid low for the most part of the night. I was just hitting the gates hard and not worrying after that. I just got out and shut it down and get out of the way. Man Nate is just going way fast and making us all look like we are standing still. He has a real good gate and has the manuals down thanks to Ron. Mitch got a new bike and is looking real good and is trying to do manuals and jumps. It won't be long and he will have it all together. Gage is beginning to pedal into turn 1 and getting some separation and that is making him try to get the skills to get the speed up. In a few weeks it should start coming together for him to. Maddie took a fall thanks to Gage and had a scrap on her elbow. we made her clean it up and keep on riding. She also is looking a little better each week. I wish she would turn that corner and start to really push it and try to get better and faster, well maybe some day. The rest of us are looking better and I mean a very little better each week.

This weekend is racing again and then the cross awards on Sunday night. What a stupid night for awards with the Super Bowl and all. But we need to go there and get Nate his State Champ jersey and the other awards for winning his age. He had a good year racing cross and maybe next year we will go to the Nationals now that there are in KC. Just have to see how the year goes and plan that when the time comes. ER is on and I'm missing it so time to go. Later..