Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pro,1,2,3 race at Kenosha 3/25/12

The Pro 1,2,3 race was fast and as fast as it was it was over just as fast.  Chad Hartley was there and went off the front after a lap and it was over.  Nate bridged up to the break early but had it pinned at 500 watts to get there and just hung for a lap and went back to the group as Chad was drilling it and Nate was ready to pop.  So Nate floated in the field and then was sitting in a good spot going into the last turn before several of the front guys and him were swarmed by the others and Nate finished 5th.  In all a good day of racing and many more to come.  Later..

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Jr race in Kenosha 3/25/12

Today was the last of 3 spring training crits in Kenosha.  With a few of the ISCorp Jr's away in Arizona for some training that left only a few here to race the 3rd crit.  So Nate, Max, Joe, Matt and Sam went to work.  After a few laps Nate picked up the pace making a few of the other teams react and chase him as many were waiting for the ISCorp team to start the action.  After a hard pull Nate pealed off the front and then Max and Joe went off the front and Nate sat in blocking and not letting the chase get to far.  With that done Joe won the race and Max took 2nd and Nate won the field sprint for a nice 1,2 3 ISCorp finish.  Now it is time for some USAC and WCA racing to fill in the weekends.  I raced to and I will post that up later this week.  Later..

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

catch up

 Nate leading the Jr race into turn 1.

 After another lap Kaleb came to the front as the rest of the ISCorp Jr team begins to take over the front of the race.

 Nate going to the front in the 1,2,3 race.

 Fixxie playing with her toys in one of her beds.

After playing it was time for fixxie to take a nap.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Race day

 Nate and Peter warming up before the Jr race.

 Fixxie sitting on our stuff making sure that she would not be left behind.

 She was a trip as she would not move until she was in the car.

 Giovanni at the start of the race.  He took a 4th place today.

 Jake at the start of the race.

 Lowell taking to the kids before the jr race this morning.

 Joe took off and then Nate and Kaleb joined him before Garrett and then Peter joined in and then they lapped the field and before Nate lead out Kaleb for the win, Peter 2nd, Nate 3rd.

 Nate on the front of the break pulling down the finish straight.

 The ISCorp jr team that raced the 1,2,3 race.

 Nate 1st, Kaleb 2nd and Kevin 3rd in the 1,2,3 race.

Fixxie after a day at the races.

The kids raced awesome today as Joe took off in the jr race and then Nate and Kaleb took off and joined him.  A few laps later Garrett went from the field and then shortly after that Peter went and Kaleb went back and towed them to a waiting Nate and Joe.  A few laps later Max went off and then Nate and the gang lapped the field.  Max stayed away and took 6th in the race and Kaleb 1st, Peter 2nd, Nate 3rd, Garrett 4th (?) and Joe 5th (?) Kevin 7th.  SO the ISCorp took the top 7 spots.  Then I got ready and raced the Master 40-49 race ( yeah I am old and turn 48 in May ).  I hung out in the front half of the 40 plus racers today and finished in the middle of the field which is just fine for me.  I took a short break and raced the 1,2,3 race and that was a tough one for sure.  I was ok for the most part of the race and I pulled with 2 laps to go so I could see Nate's finish. I am sure glad that I did as I was able to catch him taking it to the line for 1st place with Kaleb 2nd and Kevin 3rd.  Of course it would not have happened without the team of Peter, Joe Garrett, Max, Matt doing alot of work to make it happen.  Great work guys and a big thank you to Jessie for coming along to watch and cheer but most of all take care of Fixxie while we raced.  Now I need to get my feet up and relax.  Later..

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weekend update

 Group of well rounded fast kids.

 Rocco and Frankie wondering what are these kids up to?

 Scott the Birthday boy.  He is now 21 so you may see him tipping a few back now.

 Nothing like being on the train again.  Just like it was in Arizona.

 Doug and Simon talking outside the Fiddler Head coffee shop.

 Chad Hartley giving the boys some training and racing tips.  Yeah Chad is a pro and has won a few races too.  Thanks Chad.

 What Fixxie looks like after a day by the lake and then in the yard with Cece.

 She ran into the house and hit the bed and has not moved.

I have to say I like a tired dog.

This weekend went by fast and we got a few nice long rides in with the ISCorp jr boys, Scott, Doug, Billy Jones and Chad Hartley.  I was lucky as they are cool with me hanging on with my lungs and legs blown apart.  Yesterday was a little tough as the wind was tossing us around like a rag doll a few times.  But we made it home a little cooked but happy to be outside.  Today was another longer ride with the Jr boys and some hard efforts tossed in.  Again the kids were ok with me just hanging on and at 1 point dropping me as they hit hyper speed for a little while.  Today was some nice weather and it made for some great riding.  Hoping that all the miles and time on the bike now pay off when Nate is in Belgium from May 6th till the 23rd doing some road racing.  Only time will tell and hope to see you on the road soon.  Later..