Sunday, December 31, 2006

Another one down

I didn't sleep in today but I did not do the ride from Russell's shed this morning either. I skipped the ride because I didn't want to ride in the rain in 40 degree weather. I hate riding in the rain in 80 degree weather so I sure won't do it in the cold even if some of the guys that were riding today I enjoy riding with at almost any time possible. I did go to church with the family this morning as this is something I miss a lot because of the bmx and mountain bike races so that was a bonus. After church Cece did get to go and have a visit with a friend of hers that has cancer that would have been a maybe not if I rode so that was nice as it meant a lot to her and her friend to have the visit. I did get a 40 mile ride in on the spin bike although not as fun it was a ride. Just dropped The Boy off at his friends house as they are going to go roller skating and play video games and probably down load things on the I-Pods all night. That means we are not going to go to the midnight gate drop this year. He is spending the night so that is one less punk here. Cece's Mother is coming as we were up north for Christmas so we are exchanging the gifts today. So I guess loose one punk and another was added. Maybe after the dinner tonight if the other guys are out anywhere I may meet them. Just have to see what is going on. Later..

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Nice ride

We went on the Sat morning ride today and as always it was uneventful. Well there were 2 flats and and a crash in the mud on the ped way. All was fine and we managed to keep it together and not drop anyone. The Boy is getting to big for his bike so I put road tires on the cross bike so he will be dropping Randy on that from now on not his or his sisters bike. For a recap and some pictures check out The Rusty Fools shed. If the sky holds it's piss tomorrow The Boy and I are going to do Russell's ride at 9:30am from the shed. Be there as it will be the last day that we get to make fun of Ranby and the boys.

Now that The Boy has an I-Pod the time for me to get on the Computer is getting less each day as he is surfing it to get music. It is a interesting little thing and bot so they have a market on the I-Pod and the way you can get the music, videos and movies. Oh well I will have to put some of my music on it as he has the the big one. Time to get off the computer as Nate is waiting to look for music and etc. Later..

Friday, December 29, 2006


Tonight Nate and his friend Kyle and myself figured out how to download songs to his I-pod. Let me tell you this is not an easy thing to figure out if you never play with these advanced electronic things. But we figured it out and we did transfer many of Nate's Cd's over. We didn't buy any music or videos yet though. We will get a few of the free podcasts and see about the rest. I will talk to John and Kyle about their music collection and maybe hijack a few from them also.

Tomorrow the Boy and I are going to do the ride from wheel. On Sunday we are going to go the The Rusty Tool ride and have a few of his PBR's and then make fun of Randy and Bubba for the last time this year and get ready for a new start next year. Later..

Thursday, December 28, 2006


Well we made the trip home safe and sound. We had a great time up north and it was to bad we had to leave the snow up north. It was snowing lightly as we left and it was beautiful there as awe headed home. Boy what a difference it was when we got home as it was 40 degrees down here as to 26 up north. Well time to get back on the bike for a few rides and then start hitting the bmx track for some racing. See ya on the road. Later..

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

One More Day

This is a view down one side of our lake with the snow still stuck to the trees and the skies that are beautiful and blue. We spent the day outside splitting some wood for my parents and also the punks were sledding down the hills again today. Tomorrow we head home and I wish we were staying a few more days as the snow and weather is great that is supposed to change in the next few days and it will be nice to be home and not driving in it. See you later..

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Ice skating

Here is a picture of the punks and my parents getting ready for some ice skating. It has been a fun time here with all the snow and being able to do some sledding and skating for the kids and us. Hope everyone is having a good holiday and hopefully we can ride this weekend when we get home. Later..

Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Day

Today all the dust has settled from the gift exchange and we are going to play outside again. Here is a picture of the girls going down one of the hills on the drive way into our place. I don't go down them as I think hitting a tree is not a good thing but they seem to miss the tree's all the time and my luck isn't that good so I watch. Got to hit the ice and skate some more. Later..

Sunday, December 24, 2006

The Eve

Here is the driveway into our place the day after the snow. These are my Bro's dog's. We don't have any animals with 4 legs as Cece and I don't have a need to get one with all the racing and time we are away from home. These 2 dogs and my parents cat fill the gap for us.
The kids are already getting all giddy about what to wear to church and when are we going to open gifts. This is the best thing about having a few punks around. Going to get the sleds out and watch the kids go down a few hills at break neck speed and try not kill themselves. Going to hit the ice and put on the training skates on Jessica and see how she does. I will try to get a few pictures of the snow and the kids as it is beautiful with the bright blue skies and all. MERRY CHRISTMAS. Later..

Saturday, December 23, 2006

White Christmas

We made it to the family cabin in Rhinelander, well my parents have made it there home as of last year. It still has the ton's of memories from the times it was our summer get away. The snow started to show up a little before Stevens Point and as we got closer to the cabin the trees and everything was covered in white. My Dad did get out and plowed the drive in so we didn't get the chance to use the 4 wheel drive. The total was about 7 inches and it was just beautiful compared to the looks of Milwaukee when we left early this morning. We cleared a huge area for the ice skating on the lake this afternoon and the kids hit it for about an hour. It should be better tomorrow as the clear ice gets to cure over night. We may try to get the snowmobiles out for a spin also, just have to see how bad they are buried in the garage. Time to get back to the main house and watch Monster House with the punks. I wish everyone a safe and Merry Christmas. Later..

Friday, December 22, 2006

Happy Holidays

With all this rain and soon snow up north I sure wish that I was riding or racing in the 100 degrees like it was in California. Here is a picture from the single speed open race I did. It was like 85 and cloudy at the start and then 100 plus and sunny at the end of the race.
Went to Cece's work Christmas party last night at Botona's and then to Stenny's for a few cocktails after eating. It was a nice night out. Today I was off so went bowling with Jessica's class and that was fun watching 5 year olds toss a ball that is about 1 fifth of there weight. Tomorrow we head to Rhinelander for a couple of days and then maybe the new years eve drop again in Indy. Hope everyone has a great holiday and safe travels. Later..

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Winery in California

This is a picture of us at a winery in California and it was the only one we went to that also had air conditioning. It was nice as it was 105 plus outside. I wish I was there right now sucking a few glasses of wine.
Today was a meeting that I had to sit in all day. I'm glad that I don't have to sit inside every day at work as it would drive me nuts. I 3 more days of work and then I have the next 11 off. I still have to carry over 5 days of vacation over next year and have until the end of March to use them so I will use them when the kids have off from school. Also went to visit my grandmother tonight and she is looking great and maybe she will get out of the hospital in the next couple of days. Time to get the punks in bed. Later..

Monday, December 18, 2006

Russell's Supermate of the Week

This nice sweet thing would eat Russell up and spit him out. I think Russ would have some fun though. She would look nice on the back of his Harlely. Enjoy Russ..

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Group Ride

Today was the Sat group ride from the Wheel. It was a nice sized group today and other then waiting a couple of times for some of the others to change their flats it was a nice ride. Nate made his appearence on the ride and only needed a few puhes during the ride but he made it to the end. We are going to try to get as many of these in this year as Nate is moving up to sport in the WORS and needs the speed and distance in his legs. For the recap of the ride check here.

No one got to out of had at the Hayes get together and we all had a great time. It is always fun to see everyone for the party as now we may not see aouple of them until the spring or on a couple of the rides. Time to watch Elf. Later..

Friday, December 15, 2006

Hayes road team gathering

Tonight we are getting together for the Hayes road team dinner. I don't know who will be the drunk fool this year. Jack was the fun one in the years past so who is going to step up. Danny are you in? John always tries to take a pull maybe he will step up. Time to go and enjoy. See you on the road ride tomorrow at wheel in Hales Corners at 9:30am. Later..

Thursday, December 14, 2006

3 weeks off

We went to the bmx track for the last practice until after Christmas and that really sucks as we look forward to it each week. It was fun this week as there wasn't that many riders there and you could get as many gates as you wanted. I was tired by the end and I actually stopped before it was over for the first time as long as I can remember. It was fun as always lining up with the guys and fighting into the corners with them, sorry if I took a few chances and took a line that cut yours off. Thanks again Ron for helping Nate get his skills better. Time for bed. Later..

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Hump Day

Today was another day of testing the heavy scales. The other person that is helping was slow and tired today from the long day yesterday. No worries as I can toss the 50 pound weights all day long and enjoy every minute of it. Today I got the news from my parents that Grandma had a mild heart attack over night. I asked the nurse yesterday if the irregular heart beat lines were a good thing? She said oh not to worry that is something that happens all the time. Well just maybe there was something wrong last night before we left you think. Oh well she seems to be ok, my parents said after talking to the Doctor today. I have a school board meeting in a few minutes so I have to get going. SEE YOU ALL AT THE BMX TRACK FOR THE LAST PRATICE BEFORE THE LONG BREAK. Later..

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Today was another day of throwing around about 75 tons of weights at work. I tested 23 scales requiring at least putting 1,000 pounds or more on them today and then got home and lifted weights as I always considered walking, runinng and lifting at work just that and still have to do the workouts at home. I then got on the rollers and did a nice spin before dinner. I then had to go visit my 87 year old Grandma at the hospital. She is doing fine after an emergency operation yesterday. She will be in the hospital for another couple of days to weeks. Just have to wait and see I guess. With all the stuff going on I skipped the WORBA meeting tonight as I couldn't fit in the visit with Grandma and the meeting. Later..

Monday, December 11, 2006

Russell's supermate of the Week

I know that Russell is just sitting there in Montana boxing up his wheel building machines and thinking of this fine Lady. With not much to do at night he must have her on his mind all the time. Take it easy Russell and don't hurt your hernia. Later..

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Christmas Classic

Today Nate and I tossed the race gear back in the car and hit the road back to the barn for some more racing. It was the Christmas Classic and the last race of this year until 1/7/07. Nate got another couple of 2nd place finishes and I got a 3rd again. We both made a couple of decissions that if a little better Nate may have gotten a 1st in age and I could have got a 2nd. But oh well it is just a race and there is always next time. Ronsta was there tossing it down and looked good for not racing for 8 months. I think he may have gotten a few top 5 in in his races. Kenny was also there with Josh. Josh did just miss his main because he looked over so he wouldn't get run over like he did in practice. Kenny made the main and took a 3rd place also today.
At the race I was able to pick up a nice set of Saint cranks for the Felt cruiser that I'm building up for Nate. I just have to keep my eyes open for a carbon fork for it and then I can have it ready for him when he grows in to it. This may also be a bike that I will try and if I like maybe get one for myself. Well see you all at the last practice Thursday for the year 06. Later..

Saturday, December 09, 2006

BMX race at the barn

Today Nate and I hit the bmx track for some racing. Nate pulled out a couple of 2nd place finishes and I took another 3rd. In Nates races he had a couple of good races again. In the cruiser class he had to settle for the 2nd behind Bodie but he wasn't far behind and then in age he got the hole shot but the guy just got into the 2nd turn before him and he had to settle for 2nd place. In my main I tapped the brakes in the first turn and that made the difference and I had to settle for 3rd. We are hitting the track again tomorrow for the last race of the year. There still is a practice this Thursday so see the rest of you there. Then the first race of the new year will be Jan 7th 2007. Later..

Friday, December 08, 2006


The end of the work week is finally here. The days seemed to fly by and now the real busy time starts. Tonight I have to run the kids to my nieces for a birthday party. The thing is they live 20 minutes away and then I need to pick the kids up 2 hours later. It is worthless to come home but what to really do during the party. Not stay there is the first option as there will be a bunch of wild kids every where. Next is not drive home as when I get home I will have to drive right back. I think I will stop at Colders and American and check out the big screens and maybe a few of the IPODS. Tomorrow it will be racing at the bmx track and then racing again on Sunday as it will be the last races for the year. I some time feel that going to work is the time I get to take it alittle slower as at home it is run run run. Time to get the kids ready and then head to the party. Later..

Thursday, December 07, 2006

BMX practice

Today was another day at the barn and hitting the gates. It was fun as the normal gang was there plus one as Ron was there today and he was showing off his mad skills. He was hitting the manuals and jumps tonight but he pulled his foot out one time in front of us and it was cool to watch him keep it up from crashing. Aslo it was fun running the gates with the Danny, Goat Russell, and Kenny. I always like hitting it hard with these guys lined up next to me. After the practice Danny, Russell and fast Girl family hit up BW3's for some wings. Now the kids are cleaned up and in bed and I have to make lunches as Cece is at a school seminar. Time to get going. Later..

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


So I hit the message button on the answering machine and there is a message stating that I have to pay for part of the anesteseologist(spell check not working). This is from when I ran my fingers in the gate at the race track in Kenosha. I called the number from the message and she said that the insurance is thinking $800.00 an hour was to much for his services. They did pay for $600.oo an hour saying that is the amount that is usaully charged in the area. Well the fine lady at the collection company gave 2 weeks to get in the face of Atena and get them to pay up before I have to pay $680.00 for the Doctors services. Next time I'm calling Dr. Dave and I will drink some Jack Daniels and he can perform his magic in the garage.

So today I go and have a scar on the inside of my cheeck removed because I bit it and then the scar tissue was getting in the way of my bite. The Dentist Doctor was Doug Pietz sister. She asked why I had to have the surgries on my leg and hand and I told her they were from accidents at bike related things and she laughs and asked me if I knew Doug. I said yes and then she just asked how we find time to race and train. I said it's just something you will never understand. I told her to give Doug a slap to the side of the head next time she sees him though. She was a good Doctor even though she is Doug's sister and the cheeck feels fine. Time to get the kids something to eat and get ready for the Christmas concert. Later..

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Heavy Duty

Today I started testing the heavy duty scales that are 1000 lb or plus in the city today. The guy that worked in my postion before me and retired had not done these scales for over 3 plus years and the bosses never figured it out. So I start showing up and the operators say I thought you all stopped doing this as Mark hasn't stopped by in years. No problem the operators were all cool and I went about my job. I have to toss these 50 lb weights on the scale platforms until I reach 1000 pounds and then the scales have to meet tolerences or I order them off until fixed. Today all 8 scales passed. By the end of the day of placing the weights on a special little wagon and then pulling it around to the scales makes you alittle tired. I did manage to come home and get a sprint workout on the rollers with Nate and Maddie though. After riding I aslo did do my weight lifting workout. I have about 60 plus scales to do so I have my work cut out for me.
Tomorrow the kids have their Chritmas concert at school and that is always fun to watch. The little kids are fun to watch as they sing nice and loud and then the older kids mostly just go up there and lip sinc with a few singing loud to cover for the rest. It is still fun and we look forward to it every year. Also tomorrow I'm taking the day off from work to have a lump taken off the inside off my cheeck. It is nothing to worry about, it is just a spot where I bitten it and now there is a bump that is getting bigger from biting it several more times. So get the bump removed and relax in the afternoon before the concert. Later..

Monday, December 04, 2006

Russell's Supermate of the Week

Russ has to pack the bags again and head to Montana. Maybe he will find a nice cowgirl like this. Good Luck. Later..

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Hitt'n the Deck

Yesterday I got up early and Cece and I got out and finished alot of the Christmas shopping as my parents took care of the punks. We hit the mall and a few other stores and got way to many things but what the hell you work to spend it. I plan on not leaving the punks much money when I expire anyways. My parents took The Boy to the bmx races and he took 2nd in age and 1st in cruiser. Cece and I went to the work party and got a nice free dinner and free beer. It was hard but I only had a few as I was racing today. I also won a gift card to BW3's. Today Nate and I headed to the bmx races and it was a rough day. We took home 3 3rd places. I made the main the hard way as I had to use a low high in the 1st turn in the 2nd moto and then made it stick to make it. I then was able to get the 3rd place finish in the main. Nate had a tough cruiser as he was racing up a age class and the other 3 guys are all experts and 13 years old. He got a good gate start in the 2nd moto and was able to pull a 2nd place finish to make the main. He then had a awesome gate and was sitting 2nd but the guy that passed him for 2nd is a NAG 7 in the nation in crusier and Nate was right on their wheels and made them work for their finishes. In his age he got bumped and ran into every moto by the kid who is just trying to take Nate out every time they race. In the first moto he elbowed Nate right into the other racer and Nate had to get his bars out of the other racers bike to get a 2nd. In the 2nd moto the kid came from gate 5 and ran into Nate in gate 7. In the main the kid then t-boned Nate in turn 1 and took Nate out so he finished 3rd overall. So it was a good weekend of racing and now next weekend is the last race for a couple of weeks and and the break will be at a good time to recharge.

Friday, December 01, 2006

White out

At work today I got out of the office a couple of hours later then a normal day because of the snow. I knew that it would be a adventure right from the start as I was trying to get the van out of the parking spot. I was just about out and some jerk drives right by me and I had to hit the brakes. The van got stuck and had to rock it back and forth and keep it gunned and I finally got out. Good thing the van isn't mine as I had it floored and the speedometer was reading 80 to 90 until I got it out. Well after that I was on my way and got a few scales sealed today. I had to pass up a few stops as the parking lots weren't plowed or there wasn't any place to park where I wouldn't get stuck. I did make a stop at one place and got stuck after a guy started to pull out without clearing his windows. I took about an 30 minutes to finally get out and I looked down and it took a 1/4 tank of gas and the miles were 20 more then when I started before I was stuck. I finally stopped at a overpriced grocery store and tested and sealed there scales as the parking lot was clean and I could spend the rest of the day there. I finished and then headed home. I first had to dig my car out at the parking lot. I hate snow. I got home and the walks and back alley were cleared thanks to Cece, Nate and my Dad. I did take the snowblower out and clear the area behind the garage of 2 80 year old ladies and for my nieghbor. Then it was off to the Chiropractor for my monthly adjustment. Now it is time to relax. Later..

Ha what snow

Went to the bmx track last night thinking that just maybe the snow would start before we were done. It never did and that was good as I was able to get the hose put away when I got home and get the shovels down from the above storage in the garage. At the bmx practice it was a hoot to be hitting the gates with all the guys again. The Goat is getting faster and I have to hit the gas longer to try stay ahead of him and that doesn't work as many times he is ahead of me. Kenny is getting fast and his skills from being a young gun on the track years ago are coming back and he should be able to hold off Cookie soon. Danny, Ray, Fast Girl Sam, Russell are all right there with us and it is fun to load the gate with us all. Pat showed up again and was riding Russell's 20 inch and tried to take a dirt nap and got a few scraps. I hope he heals fast as he has a cross race this weekend in Chi town.The kids are having a blast riding together and Nate is getting smoother and I think if he gets the right line dialed in he should be winning just about every age race if all goes well. Maddie still needs to loosen up and I think that she will have more fun on the track. Although she just goes there to socialize and that is ok as long she hits a bunch of the gates.

Today it is snowing and Cece and the kids had school called off. I still had to come into work but that took an hour as the van is rear wheel drive and the other drivers were stuck all over on the uphills by the office. I had to drive around the block and find a spot where I could drive straight out as the van handles like shit and I know I'm screwed when I leave as I will may have try to have some one push me because the van will be plowed in. I may have to call the central services and have them send a truck to pull the van out. Just have to see.

Tomorrow Cece and I are going to try to get the Christmas shopping done as my parents are in town for some appointments and they are going to watch the kids. They are taking Nate to the bmx track for races and Cece and I are going to my work Christmas party. Well time watch the cars stuck on the street below for a couple of minutes. Later..

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Nothing new going on here. Just getting the kids after work and doing some easy riding in the basement, then lifting weights. Looking forward to the Thursday gate practices and the weekend races at Walworth. So other then that, see you at the practice tomorrow. Later..

Monday, November 27, 2006

Russell's Supermate of the Week

Here are a few beauties for Russ. I hope he is up to having these 2 at once.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Bust'n it in the barn

We went to the bmx races today and it was a nice light turn out as many of the fast guys are at the Grands. There were only 30 moto's and that meant you had to be ready as the moto's were flying. As we got there Kenny and Josh were there so that was nice to have another others there for race day. Nate took 1st in cruiser and 2nd in age. I took 2nd in my cruiser. Kenny took 4th in his cruiser class and Josh missed both his mains.

Now the day has come to get my body ready again for work after having 11 days off. I still have a bunch of days to use up as the 10 weeks off this summer were all sick days to let the fingers heal. I still need to get out and get the Christmas gifts and all so I my bust a day off for that also as I still have 2 weeks to burn. Hope the ride today was fun as I was thinking man what a day to be inside racing but it was still a good day as I was still on a bike and racing it on top of that. Later..

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Crazy Kids

After our group ride this morning I came home and cleaned up and ate lunch. we moved the furniture around in the front room and got the tree trimming things out of the attic and loaded the car and got a Christmas tree. I got the lights on it and now the kids are putting the ornaments on it as I sit here. The 4th kid in the picture is Isabella from next door as there are no plans to add to the present herd of kids here.
The group ride today was a nice pace and never got out of hand. We got the 36 plus change done in about 1:50. The group all stayed together and never pushed it so no one never got dropped. I sat in most of the ride as we are going to the bmx races tomorrow. This morning I was thinking the entire time I was eating do I do the road ride or the Goat ride. I figured I would do the road ride as I could sit in and take it easy before the races tomorrow. I will get on a Goat ride one of these days soon, I just needed an easy spin ride today. I asked Nate and he said he wants to race tomorrow or we would have did the ride at Hoyt Park but he wants to race bmx so that is what I have to do. I hope it doesn't rain and they have a good ride. Time to go and check the tree trimmers. Later..

Friday, November 24, 2006

Hitt'n the Pavement

Today was a road ride from Lenny's house down south in Racine. Russell, Bubba, John, Len and myself hit the road for a nice spin in Racine and Kenosha county. It was nice to hit the roads that we rode when the fast guy Joe, Jack and the Chief pulled us at speeds that left our legs and lungs burning. We first headed into the wind for about 20 miles and after a short stop we headed back with the wind at our backs and that was nice. In all we got a nice 35 mile ride in a little over 2 hours in the small ring. It is nice to take advantage of the nice weather and get some road riding in and get to sit and talk as we ride. After the ride we sat and tossed a few beers back. Tomorrow I'm on the fence about riding the group road ride or the Goat ride. Have to see the list of things to get done and then toss a coin. Sunday The Boy and I are hitting the barn for some bmx racing. Later..

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

I got back home last night from hunting and it was great to be back home with the family. I didn't see anymore deer while hunting but that was ok as now I don't have to pay for deer processing and to get it made into beef sticks and jerky. Going to Cece's mothers for Thanksgiving and then maybe try to get back for the night ride. Have to see how things are going if that is something we can swing. Have a great Thanksgiving. Later..

Monday, November 20, 2006

Russell's Supermate of the week

Once Russell decides to get his hernia fixed I think he will keep up with his Supermate. She looks alittle rough but I think once gets his tummy fixed he should be able to stick to her wheel.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Shot and nothing

I was out in the tree stand for 5 hours this afternoon and I finaly seen 2 deer. A nice sized fork and a fat little 8 pointer. I took a long shot at the 8 pointer and my shot was low and the bullet hit the ground and the deer took off. I went down and I knew that there wouldn't be any blood and I was right and I didn't see any so I missed the buck. I hope to see another buck over the next few days and get another chance to bag a buck.

Nate called and he won the State Cross race today. He said that he almost lapped everyone in his race. He now has won the WCA race jersery and the State race so meet his goal for the year. Thanks Pat and Russell for getting him to the State cross race. Pat took 20th and Russell took like 31st Nate said they had good races also. Now it is time to relax a little and hit the bmx track for the winter. Of course Nate is beginning to get the skills down and is kicking everyones butt on the bmx track to. Well time to relax and have a few beers. Later..

Nothing hanging

Have been sitting in the tree stand and I have'nt seen a deer yet. I spent 8 hours in the tree stand yesterday and I haven't seen any deer. The group hunting next to us has been shooting anything that is moving and they have a couple of doe that they have shot. The one I seen them hauling out on the 4 wheeler was tiny. I plan on only shooting at a nice size buck and no doe so I hope to see one soon. Plan on putting another few hours in the tree stand today and may have to miss the Packer game to try to get that buck. I hope to hear from Nate later also and see how the State cross race went. The weather is perfect and I hope that he has a good race and wins the State Championship. I thank Pat again for getting him to the race. Time to get in the tree stand. Later..

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Off to the great hunt

Tonight we hit the bmx track for gate practice. It was nice to see everyone at the practice again and to see the kids having so much fun. Maddie is looking better and needs to work on getting her body more loose when riding. Nate is looking better each week and I think he will be smoking all the others the rest of the year. I feel better and I think I have figured the proper stance to get better gates. I feel better and hope to have some good races this year again. I leave in the morning to go up by my brothers to go deer hunting and I can't wait to just sit in the woods and relax. I will be back next Wednesday so maybe a ride or 2 over the weekend may be in order. Nate is going to the State cross race with Pat and Russ so I hope that the weather is good and that they all have good races. Thanks again Pat for making sure that he gets to the State cross race. See you all next week. Later..

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Getting ready for the Kill

I have a school board meeting tonight then hitting the bmx track tomorrow. I'm getting the gun out and the hunting stuff ready for the trip upnorth to sit in the woods and hope for the big buck to come by. It is always a nice break to just sit there and think of things that need to be finished, started and planning for the Holidays. I really don't care if I get a deer as no one else in the house eats the meat and I end up getting it made into sausage and pay like $4oo.oo to do so.

This weekend Nate has the State cross race and thanks to Tosacrosser and Russell he will make it to the race. Thanks again you guys. I hope the they all have and good race and come home with some hardware. Time to get to my meeting. Later..

Monday, November 13, 2006

Russell's Supermate of the week

Here is the lady that Russell has been making out with lately. I think that is how he got sick before the weekend. Lots Of Love with those lips.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Bumping in the turns

Here is a picture of Nate at the cross race yesterday. It was a cool race to watch and see all the racers covered in mud. As much as I hate cleaning the bike and clothes it is always fun to watch and cheer the racers on.

Today we went back to the bmx track for double point race day. Nate raced so well today it was a blast to see him knock one of the racers that seems to be a thorn in his side down a few rungs. The kid always tries to push Nate in the corners and it just makes Nate tap the brakes and he goes by. But Nate has a stronger gate and just needs to pedal into turn 1 and hold the low line and come out high and manual the first double and manual the rest. He did just that and blew the others away. The kid that tries to get into Nate just rode off the track so mad he didn't take his place ticket, white trash cry baby is all that loser kid is. Nate also had a great race in the cruiser and took another 2nd place. I took a 4th place today in a tougher field today. So it was a great weekend of racing and I'm having fun rubbing elbows at the bmx track again. Later..

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Cross and BMX

This morning Nate and I headed to the cross race in Janesville for a nice muddy cold race. He got the hole shot and was ahead of Myles and riding smoothly. The BAM he clipped his foot on the first barrier and face planted in the mud. He got up and lost a spot or 2 but they weren't in his age group so no damage done except his pride. He came by after the first lap and had a good gap on Myles and that got bigger each lap and he won by 3 to 4 minutes. He now just has the State Championships and the season is over. I can't believe it is over already. We got to see few of the others race and Russell looked good but I don't know how he placed. Ron got a 7th, Goat got an 8th with some mad skills in the mud. As for the rest that raced I didn't get a chance to stick around to check how they finished. We left the cross race and headed southeast and hit the barn for some bmx racing. We got there with time to spare to get the bikes and gear ready. Russell came by to check it out and get some pictures and left before the racing as he is getting a cold. Ron came after his race and cheered us on (Thanks Ron). Nate took 2nd in cruiser and age and I took 2nd in cruiser also. It was fun mixing it up again and can't wait until tomorrow. Later..

Friday, November 10, 2006

Criss Cross'n

We hit the barn last night for some gate practice as we needed it for the races this weekend. Goat showed up with his kids, I brought my punks and fast girl and little fast girl. Plus Danny and Randy rounded it out. The practice was fun and I have to get a few more to get used to the new track. I was still slowing down going over the first drop about 20 feet from the gate. After that I felt ok but that drop was killing me. Nate had it down and was hitting the gates like he never missed a day and should do fine from the start and be to his winning ways right away. Maddie was riding great and I wish should would try racing but I'm not going to push it and maybe down the road she will. It was a longer practice this week and again next week as they dropped gates until 8pm. These are the only times that they do run longer gate practice as the Nationals are over Thanksgiving week.

Tomorrow Nate and I are going to hit the cross race in Janesville and then race Sat afternoon at the bmx track and then race at the track on Sunday. So if the weather is crappy come and watch some bmx racing. The practice is at 2-5pm on Sat and racing about 5pm. On Sunday the practice is 10am-1pm and racing about 1pm. The gate practice times are specific to keep it moving and save for every one there. The first couple of weeks it is packed and then it slows down some later in the year. Come out and see some good and fast racing if you get a chance. Time to go for a fish fry. Later..

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Crashing the barn

As much as it would be nice to ride the mtn bike tonight on the night ride but the kids all want to go to the bmx track. So off to the barn we go. I'm looking forward to riding the bmx bike since getting a little taste of bmx'n at the Milwaukee bmx track this summer. I can't wait to race this Sat and Sun so we do need some time on the bmx track any how. This weekend Nate is racing the cross race and then we are going to the bmx track for racing both Sat and Sun. See you at the bmx track or if you are doing the night ride have fun. Later..

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Russell's Supermate of the Week

Here is the fine lady that wants to give Russell a kiss after his Iceman finish.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Iceman recap

Well the truck cruised up to the Iceman this weekend loaded with a couple of local WORS racers and hit the trails. When the dust settled all the racers from the clan got a medal and most got money. We left at 10:45 pm on Thursday and drove to 47 miles away and I could not drive anymore safely and we pulled into a rest stop and napped for 3 hours and drove the rest in the morning. I have to say that if you are driving any where and need a co-pilot you bring Russell and he will get you there and never get you lost. Thanks Russell.

We stopped in a small cafe Friday morning in town and had a bite to eat. We all ordered pancakes and the big eaters we are took the full stack. Well the funny thing is when the pancakes got to the tables they were about 10 inches across and an inch thick staked 3 high. None of us could finish the entire stack and probably were the laughing stock of all the people sitting there as we all said no problem we can eat all these. The best part was when we asked for directions to the place where we were staying the waitress laughed and told us we were in for a surprise. She then told us the bathroom was not in the cabin and on top of that we will be paying for the shower at a cost of .50 cents for 5 minutes. Shit we all just looked at each other and laughed and then just said we will check it out and if we don't like it just leave. The waitress then went and told the others and they were all laughing at us in no time. We paid and left to get to the cabin and check it out. She was right but we stayed there any how and it wasn't that bad. All we had was a little heater to heat the place so I doubled it by high jacking the one from the women's restroom(sorry ladies) and it was toasty in no time. Then we got the bikes out and went for a little ride on the race course. Mike and I tested the handling skills in the single track on the tandem and it went well. As for the sleeping we didn't bring bedding thinking that it would be provided, so we had to go and buy some at the Walmart. That was an adventure in it self thanks to Russ.

We then went and got our race packets and talked to Wendy and DJ and a few others. After getting the details taken care of we went to Ruby Tuesday's for dinner. Of course we had to move from a table to a booth and get the only waiter in the joint. Thanks Mike as I think Ron and Russ would have enjoyed the real nice looking waitress that had the table instead. We went back to the cabin and settled in to watch a movie and relax before the race. Sleep was in need as I got 2 hours in the last 2 days after the drive up to the race.

For race day things went smooth until we looked at the time and we had 5 minutes till our start. Oh shit we said and got to the start and were lucky as many of the Single Speeders let us in so we could get close to the other tandems. We were the last ones in line but we were able to get to about 5th tandem by the the first single track. We got passed by one tandem early and and then we passed one about 3 miles later. We then held on to 5th until the last 2 miles where we dropped our chain and had to fight it back on and another tandem passed us. We got going and caught them in the last single track but they got up the last hill faster then us and we came in 6th place at the end. Really not a bad finish since it is a expert/sport class and the others ride together as we had a total of 3 hours together. Ron was at the finish cheering us on after his finish, thanks Ron. After the race it was nice to be able to walk to the cabin and have it warm so we did not get chilled after the race. When we got to the cabin Russell was there as was Aaron Brandt who was cold after the race. Ron had a great finish as he finished 3rd in expert on his single speed as Nate G won the class, Russell had a great race as he finished 4th in Clyde division. John L. had another great race as he won another race this year. Brittany won her sport class as did Sarah Lukas by winning her class also. Jeff M took 2nd in his age class and Scott took 5th in his. The best was watching the pro's come in. The winner was so far ahead that he got to celebrate way before the finish. Then came Tristan, Matter and best to see was Jesse come in 5th on his single speed. Cole also had a good race finishing 10th and last in the money. The poor sap with a good finish and no money was Marko(eat before you race fool). There was a bunch of other great finished so to check for any one else check here Iceman. Thanks to all who cheered and to all who raced. We took the senic route home and had a great weekend together. Nate raced at the Estabrook cross race and won another race and has the WCA cup locked up and now is hoping to finish the season with a State champ medal. BMX PRACTICE THIS THURSDAY AT THE BARN FROM 5 -7. SEE YOU THERE. Later..

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Well I'm waiting for Russell and Ron to get home and then we are getting in the truck and heading to the Iceman. I'm looking forward to getting there and racing the tandem with Mike but not doing it in the frick'n cold. I got the extra warm clothes packed and hope that I have not forgot to pack anything. We will get there early enough that if we did forget anything we can go and buy it so that should be no problem. This weekend is the start of bmx and also another cross race. We will be missing the opening of bmx but Cece will get him to the cross race. We have all winter to get to bmx and we won't miss anymore after this weekend except for the cross state race. I need to try to get a nap so I can drive for the next 6 to 8 hours. Later..

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Trick or Treat

Tonight we went to John and Laurie's for like the 7th year in a row for the trick or treating. I feel so ghetto when we go because all I see at our door is kids that don't live in the area asking for candy. The difference is the kids that come here have their parents following in cars with rap music blasting or Spanish music blasting with spinners on the cars. I walk around with the guys before the pizza is done and then we all eat and the ladies take the kids back out after dinner to hit the other side of the neighborhood. The kids have so much candy that the bags are just about over flowing. I hope that the kids don't eat to much candy that they get the shits from to much sugar. As always it is a good time and the kids have fun seeing each other and we have fun visiting with the others that we see only a few times a year. Nate went as a football player, Maddie went as a dracula, and Jessie went as little mermaid.

Well 3 days until the long drive for the Iceman and I'm thinking that Mike and I will ride ok as I really don't know what to expect as they combine the sport and expert tandems. So it is time to just ride and try to have a solid finish and hope to be on the podium. I think Ron has a chance to finish first in age again and maybe Russell can hop on the podium if he can get a nice solid ride also. We got a cabin at the finish thanks to Mr Hauser at the finish line for a great price so now it is get there and hope for the best. Time to get the kids in the shower and then relax for a few minutes as today I started work Goat time like at 6 in the morning. Later..

Monday, October 30, 2006

Russell's supermate of the week

Now that Russell and Ron are out West I know that Russell will be eye balling the cowgirls. I hope that there is something left of Russell after the tall one on the left is done with him. Ron my have more luck with one of the smaller ones on the right. You 2 be careful out there and no broke back.

Sunday, October 29, 2006


Here is a picture of the family at the NORBA Nationals in July. Boy the weather was hot and all but it would feel nice right now. I can't believe that it was already over 3 months ago.

I went to the Bubba's for a party for Julie who turned 29 again. It was a great night and I got home a little late and then got up early to get a ride in and wash the truck and car before heading up to the WORS awards. I talked to Cece and we decided to go up later and stop at the outlet stores and get some things out of the way. We then got to Point and meet up with my parents and had a good night of talking and watching the awards. Maddie went up first and got her 2nd overall. Nate was next and he got his first place overall award. I went next for my 2nd in Single speed. Cece didn't get a overall finish but she was the NORBA state champion as was Maddie and Nate. They all got 1st place and I missed the medals as comp single speeders get points first even if they finish last in their race. Well next year I will be racing comp so that will change as I think I can beat a couple of them so that will help for the points. As for the raffles last night the family got some good swag. I won a heart rate monitor, Cece won a bag of Cliff items and Nate won a pair of Sun wheels. Good night for family awards and swag. Good thing is the fact we ganed an hour because of daylight savings.

Today was the cross race at Washington Park and Nate took 2nd to Myles who had a great race. Nate had some shifting issues and a side ache. Well you can't win every race so he needs to just chalk up the fact he had a good race and still finished strong and build up that he knows what he needs to do if he wants to win the State race. I got out for a good ride as we now have 5 days until the Iceman. Time to eat. Later..

Friday, October 27, 2006


The blogger must be off his break as the picture jumped right up today. Nate cut the 1 eyed pumpkin and I did the 2 next to his. Jess wanted 2 different eyes and a big smile on hers and Maddie did the 2 triangle eyed one. The seeds were a little salty but taste great and will have to wash them down will a Lakefront beer later. Heading out for a gathering later and then up to Point for the WORS awards. Dinner just walked in door. Later..

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Oh Well

I tried to load a picture of the pumpkins are we cut them but the site is not letting me up load the picture. Have to wait another day I guess. Well other news The Boy and I went for a night ride last night with Russ, Bubba, Candy, Jim and Randy on the Tosa trails. We got a good couple of hours in and it was a blast to ride at night again in great weather. Today I went for a ride with Mike Owens on the tandem on the single track in the Tosa trails again. Boy was that a blast and we got real smooth riding that bus by the end. We were able to get the ride in before the rain started as I got done with work at 1pm as I started at 5am. Mike took off in the afternoon and we got rolling after a few adjustments to make it comfortable for me. I think Don should add a tandem class for the Marathon races next year. Time to get to bed as I'm beat from only getting a couple of hours of sleep last night. Later..

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Stab'in and Gutt'in

Tonight we were stabb'in and gutt'in the pumpkins. I then took the seeds and they are now roasting in the oven for 3 hours at 250 with so much salt that I drink 2 beers to every hand full of seeds. We then took some knifes and cut those pumpkins up like no ones business. I will post pictures of the finished product tomorrow.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Russell's Supermate of the week

With Halloween this weekend I think I seen Russell getting this pumkin out. He was getting his pumpkin ready to scare the little kids away in the neighborhood. I have to say this is one ugly ass pumpkin. I hope your pumpkin doesn't have some rotten smells coming from it.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Double Crossed

This weekend was a cross race on both Saturday and Sunday. The raace on Sat was in Whitewater and the conditions were anything but good from the start. It was raining and the course was a mowed open field with a few barriers tossed in. Nate was hooked up with his mtn bike having disc brakes and the fenders I put on. He got a good start and just rolled away for the win. He didn't even get any mud on his clothes and his bike wasn't that muddy. The races that went off later the course just got worse and the racers just looked like they were suffering. I'm glad Nate went went when he did as the course was in better shape for his race then the later races. Sarah looked good since it was her first cross race of the year. Pat looked like he was having fun playing in the mud as did Ray.

The race today was in Cam Rock. The course was laid out better but the conditions were anything but good. As Russell, The Boy and I got to the race there was still snow on the ground and 32 degrees. Russell went off first and got a bad start and had to work his way through the field. He finished in the middle of the pack. Nate went off next and got a good gap and just rolled it to the end for another win. He didn't look that well before the race and after he looked worse. Right after getting home he got sick and fell asleep by 7pm. I hope he feels better so he can go to school as he has never missed a day of school. Again Sarah raced well, Pat looked good and Ray raced well. Samantha looked real good and finished 3rd in the women 1 2 3's. Ron was looking ok as we were leaving also. No time to get Nate's bike cleaned up and read the paper. Later..

Friday, October 20, 2006

All play'n and no work'n

It won't be long and we will all be hanging out at the bmx track for some fast and furious racing and practices. This was a picture of us racing at the Barn on one of the double weekends. I think this was right before the BS open finals. I heard the track has been built and the practices will start the first Thursday after the races on 11/4. The website has the times and the dates for the practices and the races so check it out.

Tomorrow is the cross race in Whitewater and then a race at Cam Rock on Sunday. Again I'm not doing either race but Nate is doing them both. Nate said he is looking forward to doing a race on both days of the weekend. I hope he has the energy for the races after he goes to a dance tonight and mac's on the girls all night.

Spent the last 2 days off with the kids as they had off for teachers convention and I had 4 weeks of vacation to burn. I got some things done yesterday like buying on of these to kill deer and then taking the kids to get some pumpkins to stab later this and cook the insides. Today we all went to the Whole food store and just kind of laughed at all the fools over paying for the stuff there. Boy I'm out of that loop where people think it is cool to dress like bums and others to dress with sweaters and wide corduroy on. And Coop if I ever have a pair of glasses hanging on the end of my nose just walking around thinking that it is cool come over and smack those pieces of shit right off my face. I can say I won't be there again to buy anything soon as it cost $6.69 for a gallon of milk and prices for the fruit and meat were just so high we couldn't believe it. Now we are just getting the punks ready for the dance and then relaxing watching a movie with Jessie. Time to get them ready and the relax. Later..

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


We went to a festival that was around the Space Needle in Centennial park that made anything around here look sad. It was a fun day as there was bands and food everywhere. If more time was to be had it would have been fun to see a little more of the festival. But as it was we walked like 3 or 4 miles to get there and wanted to get back and relax as it was like 100 degree's that day.

Nothing else is happening around here as the weather has been crappy at night and Cece has had classes at night and parent conferences also. It is a busy time of the year for us and the riding gets to the every now and then outside and more inside. But if the night rides come up I will try to make those. I need to get more riding in as I have to stay in shape to ride the tandem in the Iceman with Mike Owens. I'm off the next 2 days as the kids are off for teachers convention and I have 4 weeks to burn up yet before the end of the year. We have some errands to run and try to get to the pumpkin farm and 2 cross races this weekend. Well nothing else to do except to get my big bowl of ice cream. Later..

Monday, October 16, 2006

Russell's Supermate of the week

Here is a nice lady of the dark for the great night race that Russell was able to put on the other night. Thanks again for the great race and enjoy the night goddess.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Weekend Recap

We raced the State Night Race Championships at crystal Ridge on Friday. The Boy won this cool medal for his 2nd place finish. He looked good and raced well for really not having a lot of night riding under his belt. He rode a couple of times with us last year and wants to ride every time we ride this year. If he gets his school work done that might be a possibility. I raced it on the Single Speed and was able to ride most of the race behind Nate. I hit a tree on one lap and it sent me flying about 10 feet off the trail and it took a few minutes to get the bearings back, then I caught back up to Nate and rode with Nate to the finish. It was a great race and Russell was able to put together one of the best races of the year. We then hit Ray and Dots for some post race beers.

Saturday was a day to get a lot of things around the house done as the next few weekends are at races and the WORK awards ceremony. I got the Canalilly bulbs dug up, the car and truck washed and the kids got the flower beds cleaned and The Boy cut the grass. In the end I got that a ride in. We then loaded the car and went to Kenny's for his 35th Birthday party. He had a nice bon fire that was just getting nice and big and we left as Nate had a cross race today. I have to say Kenny recovered nice after blowing up at the last WORS race and tossed a nice party.

Today the Boy and I headed to the cross race at Lapham Peak. He raced at 10:45 but as always the race starts were messed up and he started about 30 minutes late. Nate got a nice start and was in the lead from the start to the finish. He was able to put a little more space between himself and Myles each lap and by the end he had about a minute and a half on him. All he got today was a pair of socks unlike the nice medal he got on Friday night. This week is a nice short work week as I'm taking Thursday and Friday off because the kids are off so that should be nice. Then the weekend will bring 2 more cross races for The Boy. Time to get the kids in bed. Later..

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Night Race 10-13

Tomorrow is the first night race championships at Crystal Ridge. Russell is putting on the race and has a bunch great swag to give away. So get there and support the race as the money is going to the parks to help get more mtn bike trails in the area.

Nothing new and the same old shit so time to get going. Later..

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Here is a picture of us on a boat that took us around Lake Washington. It was a tour that showed the big houses of the rich famous people that made millions and billions of dollars. It was a real nice ride and then we went to a classic car show in town.

I went to the Dr. That put my fingers back on and he gave me a total release. He said that I have almost 100% of the movement back and he has never had someone who messed their fingers up as bad as I did do this well. He said that I don't have to see him anymore and that I can do any thing that I want with no restrictions.

Going to see how the legs feel as they are still sore from the race and the cramping that I had whether I will race in the night race this Friday. I know Nate wants to race so he will and I will have to see. I want to take it easy as I'm going to race the Ice Man on the back of the tandem with Mike Owens. So I want to take a couple of days off and then be ready for the race also. Time to go and have a bowl of ice cream. Later..

Monday, October 09, 2006

Russell's Supermate of the week

Here is Russell's Supermate for this week. I think her back shelf should be able to hold the awards that he won this weekend at the WORS race. Enjoy your lady Russ..

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Now what do we do?

Here are some pictures from the races this year. It was a good season for the family considering that Cece cracked her elbow in Iola before even racing and missed most of the year and will end up I think in 4th place in age. Nate won several of the races this year and was finishing several times in the top 10 overall. He won his age group and is now looking forward to the cross and bmx seasons. Nate also took 3rd in his age on the track this summer. Maddie missed 4 races this year and still had a great year for the races she did. She will end up 2nd in age. She also took 2nd in age on the track this summer. I managed to take 2nd in single speed class and I think it is the most fun class that I have raced so far in the WORS series in the last 7 years.

Today was a good day for the kids at the race. Maddie took 2nd and she was all worried in the morning as she needed to beat another racer and after her pedal falling off I think she was worried. No problems today. Nate had a great race and was in the lead and just kept adding distance till the end. He also made $10 bucks as he made it up the equalizer both times. I was in 3rd and got a flat on the last lap and fixed and finished. Oh well, thanks to the air fairy for the help. Later..

Friday, October 06, 2006

Last Stand

Here is a picture of the grave of Custer. He was a fool that if he had waited for the other guys to arrive he would have won his battle. Sometimes working as a team will save your ass from being killed. We stopped and saw the site of the battle and it was a different thing to see all the graves of the men who died in the battle over shit land at that.

Just dropped the Boy and one of his friends off at a dance. He has been going to the last 5 dances and I think he must be hitting on the young hotties at the dance. They say that they are dancing with the girls and Maddie said at the dance that she went to he dances with the girls from other schools. Man it won't be long and the bike will be second to the women.

Tomorrow we are going to preride the course and see how it is doing after the rain and all. Plus I have to ride it on the single speed and pick the right gear. It is the last race of the season and I can't believe that it went by so fast. It seems like yesterday that I tried removing my fingers and now they are just like nothing happened. Nate has his class locked up for the win and Maddie is tied for 2nd and if she does well or at least nothing falls off her bike she should get 2nd. Cece is out of the medals for the year after cracking her elbow in the first race of the season so nothing for her. I'm tied for 2nd also and I have a chance to hold on to it but I need a couple of others to ride well and at the least I need to beat Adam by at least a place or 2. But if all fails I do have 3rd for the year. It has been fun racing single speed but again doing well I have to make a decision to move up to comp or maybe race single in the age class. Just have to wait and see but I'm leaning towards moving to SS comp. See tou at the race. Later..

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Home sweet home

Here is a picture of us driving across the bridge for Oregon to Washington. If you are afraid of heights and water then avoid this bridge as it is like a mile or longer and very high. It was a really nice drive and a cool bridge to drive over.

I got back from a convention in La Crosse. The weather there was beautiful and I got a ride in both days. On Monday I rode the old Blue Bird race trails. It was nice to ride in a area that I raced before but it was different as I had to find my way around and then get out before it got dark as I would have maybe had to stay the night if I got lost. Then yesterday I just had time to ride a state trail and never made it to the best trails up by Grand Dads bluff. The time never allowed but I still got 2 good rides in. Now 1 more race and then it will be bmx race time and night rides as often as possible. Well time to eat. Later..

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Russell's Supermate of the week

I think this is how Russell felt after getting done with the cross race. Next time he should fell better and get the results he should. Get your supermate some exercise Russ.

Sunday, October 01, 2006


Here is a picture of the kids at a cool National park near Seattle. We had to walk in about 3 miles and then there was a natural rock slide for the kids to go down. I thought better of doing that and told the kids not to. Maddie didn't listen and she then tore a hole in her swim suit bottoms, lucky she had a pair of shorts to wear. It was really cool and we had a blast there.

The latest news from the last update. Friday we did nothing as I had to fix a hose on the car that was leaking so I didn't get a ride in. Oh well. Saturday I did the ride from wheel and we had a good group and kept a decent pace and didn't drop anyone. Then I got home and got a bunch of stuff around the house done. Today I picked up Russell and went to the first cross race in Madison. Russell went off first and he took his solid middle of the pack finish and Ron Kay did his first cross race finishing like 6th or 7th. Next was Nate and he won his age and got a cool Timbuk 2 bag. It was cool also because it was a Hayes sweep for th top 3 in the kids age. Ryan and Adam Kay looked good for their first cross race taking 2nd and 3rd behind Nate. Then Ron S. was up and he spanked the cat 3 class on his single speed cross bike. We then stopped by Rick and Rick's meat fest for a few beers and good meat. Oh and good company also. Tomorrow I'm off to La Crosse for a few days so I need to pack a few clothes and my bike and riding stuff. Later..

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Just cross'n along

Here is a picture of Nate racing at the Cross State championships I think from last year. We have had 4 cross practices the last 2 weeks and I think Nate is ready for the season to start. His dismounts, remounts and run ups are looking real smooth. Maddie is looking better each week and I think maybe just maybe I will get her to try a race. I'm still going to just play parent and go for support as my running skills are the worst and I'm not going to hurt myself any more then I have already.

I'm thinking I'm going to go for the group ride this Sat and skip the fall color festival. I road out at the Kettle's only once this year and I'm thinking that I need to get some things done around the house also. Then on Sunday it is time to get Nate to the cross race. Later..

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Cooler by the lake

Here is picture of Nate sitting by the fountain in the Villa we stayed at in California. I would love the temps to be like they were when we were there.

Well nothing going on right now except that the days are shorter and the temps are dropping. Soon after the last WORS race it will be time to start doing some night rides. So charge those lights and have them ready as I can't wait until we start riding.

This weekend is the first cross race. I'm taking Nate to the race and I think I'm going to just be a parent and support him. I will use the money saved from not racing and put it towards the gas. Tomorrow there is another cross practice at Greenfield park at 5pm. It is a good practice and you can ride what ever you bring. It is at the south side of the park near Lincoln Ave. Well time to eat. Later..

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Cross'n it up

Today we are having another cross practice at Greenfield park. It starts up at 5pm and will go until dark. Bring a mtn bike or a cross bike and join us. Sorry for the late notice. It is at the area on the south end of the park just off Lincoln Av.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Russell's Supermate of the week

Russell is leaving in the morning for Las Vegas to attend Interbike. I think he may be looking for this fine women to show him a few things or 2. You be careful out there Russell.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Weekend update

We got the truck loaded and meet with Jerry and Barb on Sat and went to the WORS race in Wisconsin Rapids. After getting there The Boy, Jerry and myself headed to the course for a quick spin while the girls hit the pool. I felt great during the pre ride and figured it would be a good race. Jerry and I had Nate lead the pre ride lap at his pace so he wouldn't be trying to keep up and blow up and have a bad race. He was riding the single track real good and I knew he would have a good race by the way he was riding. Oh yea Jerry was looking good also. We got back to the room and the girls took off for their pre ride. The women said that they liked the course and were looking forward to the race. We ordered pizza's and sat in the room and relaxed for the rest of the night.

Race day morning was a usual eats at the hotel and get to the race and send the family off one at a time. Maddie went off first and was riding well and I was waiting for her to come at the last road area and all these kids she beats at the races come by so I'm wondering where she was. Well all of a sudden I see her running and she says my pedal fell off. I told her to get on and ride her bike one legged and finish the race that way. She finished the race and got a 5th place. She handled it well and I'm proud of her as she kept on pushing and finished the race. Nate was next and he was riding real well and finished 2nd in age and 14 the overall. A kid that was older then him sat his wheel and came by him up the last gravel hill. He still had a good race and I think he has locked up the overall win in his age. Cece finished 3rd in her age group and I think 10th overall in the ladies cit class. Jessie also raced the kids race and got her medal today also. I was the last to line up and race today. I got the call up and the first place guy and the 3rd place weren't there so I liked the odds right away. Don yelled GOOOO and off we were down the bumpy road. I settled for 2nd wheel and sat there and got towed down the road. Andy was on my wheel and got around me on the road and I sat his wheel for part of the first lap and we exchanged pulls until the 3rd and final lap. I got on a faster wheel coming past and got into the single track in front of him. The guy in front of me went down and I got past him and Andy didn't. Then about 100 yards further the next guy goes over the bars and I get by him and then I pick up the pace and Andy is going back. I was able to get past a few more racers and pull out the first win for me in the Single Speed class. I came close twice this year but I finally got the win. It was a good weekend and only one more race and then the season is over. If the last race left goes well I can maybe get a 2nd or 3rd overall for the series even after messing up my hand so I think the season is going pretty good even after busting my hand up. Time to get the kids to bed. Later..

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Another new baby in the house

Here is the new bike we added to the stable. It is a cool cross bike and rides real nice in the grass and trails. We did another cross practice today and I may have do race or 2 again. It is a 52 inch so it is a tad big for the boy but fits me this year and he will get the bike bike next year so he will have another bike in which he can beat Randy on. Later..

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

3rd Place name on the big screen

Here is a cool sight to see at a big race, your name on the big board. Thanks Candy for the cool picture. The weekend was a blast but this is the coolest thing from the weekend. Cross practice tomorrow at Greenfield park at 5pm. Later..