Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Nate and I had a burger at Honey Pie tonight. Nothing like a burger with a fired egg and bacon on it.

So today I had to test a bunch on the home fuel trucks again and it is so nice to have a job that lets me work outside on beautiful days like today. Only have a few more to finish tomorrow as today the I had to leave at 2pm to get home to run Nate to the Dr for his annual physical that we pushed off to race the Chequamagon a few weeks back. He is doing fine and I had started at 6 am so the day was done any how. So a few fuel trucks to finish testing and then take a few days off to finish cutting the apple tree down and take the branches to the self help center with Nate. Speaking of cutting the apple tree down today as Nate and were working on that for a while after the Dr appointment he tossed a good sized branch down and nailed me right in the head. Needless to say there is a nice little gouge in my forehead. Oh well at least he is helping even if he is hurting his old man. After cutting more of the tree down Nate and I headed over to Honey Pie for a burger. It kind of made the pain go away. But now I need some ice cream. Later..

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

10 #'s of crap in a 5# bag.

Here is a nice picture of Nate that Lynn got at the race on Sunday. Thanks Lynn.

Well I went to the eye Dr yesterday and the eye was not acting up but the Dr said that the right eye was slower and he could see that it was not tracking right. He said that I had control over it and that he was concerned and ordered blood tests so that he could rule out a few things. Hope to hear from the Dr's office soon. Of course later in the afternoon when I got home the eye acted up for a while and then got better once I laid down. Then today it was fine till the afternoon and it acted up and was a real treat when I went to cross practice with Nate. As I was riding the course the corners and hills were a real treat to try to maneuver with the eyes a crossed up. But I made it and I needed the ride.

Also yesterday we took the pool down and put it away for the winter and Nate and I cut half the apple tree down. We are going to take out the tree and part of the back yard to put a parking pad down. I just don't want to keep putting my car out on the road and worry about it being plowed in during the winter or even worse yet having to find a place to park during a snow emergency. But there is still half a tree and then I have to run the debris to the self help yard on Thursday and Friday so I can get the retaining wall moved before Fred comes and helps do the rest. Oh I am so glad that I have a lot of vacation to burn so I can get this done. Oh well time to watch Parenthood. Later..

Sunday, September 26, 2010


EXPO taking the top 3 boxes with Myles 1st, Kyle 2nd and Nate 3rd. Oh and Dan T photo bombing the picture. Can you find Dan?

Mark Cole taking his best finish in the comp class and Dan T taking his 4th place finish.

Jessie hanging around waiting for Nate to get his medal.

Nate coming across the finish line. He said that the cross race took a little out of him as on the 3rd lap his legs went away. Guess we need to do more cross practice other then 2 times a week so his mtn bike races aren't affected by the running.

Nate going into the 1st turn at the start of the race.

Joe going so fast at the start that I couldn't get him except as he rode away.

Dan and his race face on going into the 1st turn.

It is hard catching a good picture so close but Ron and Scott look pretty clear here.

Sarah at the start of the sport women race.

Yeah Rob did race and he had a good race taking 2nd thanks to Nic and Danny not racing.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cross'n it

Today Nate and I headed up to the USGP cross race in Sun Prairie. As always the race course was awesome and the crowds were great. Nate lined up with the UCI Jr 17-18 year olds. They took off with the masters and they were mixed in right form the gun. 3 guys got away and then Mitch got a good gap and held on for 4th with Nate and Gage trading spots for a while and then in the end Nate took 5th and Gage 6th. It was awesome to catch a few other races as Andy took 4th in the Jr 10-14. Then we watched a few other races and took off to get home so I could wash the cars and truck and get a ride in. Nate got his stuff ready for the WORS race tomorrow and now I am going to run Maddie to to the Homecoming dance. Later..

Friday, September 24, 2010

Nothing new

This is how my eyes are treating me the last few days. Hanging on and hoping that it straightens out soon.

I got into my Dr today as recommended and he said I need to see a eye Dr. Boy this is getting a little distracting to always be looking upward with my head tipped downward. I hope that I can get in to see the eye specialist on Monday and if not my Dr said he will call and get me in. I am just hoping that I can last till then as the last 4 days have been a pain in the butt. Tonight though Maddie is going to the homecoming game and the dance tomorrow night. Nate he is doing neither and has no interest either. Jess is at a classmates house enjoying a movie. I get to sit here and get Nate's bikes ready for some racing this weekend. Time to get the bikes ready so I can let my eyes rest. A few long days ahead of me. Later..

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Double vision

Well over the last few days my eyes have been acting up causing the vision to like stack things. That meaning that things I look at have the lettering stacked up or if you look at someone they have 4 eyes. It has been annoying and gets worse and then a little better then bad again. I went to the eye Dr today and now he wants me to get a MRI so I have to call my family Dr and set that up. Oh things just keep loading up on my plate and happening to me lately but oh well nothing I can't deal with.

This weekend Nate has a cross race in Sun Prairie on Saturday and then on Sunday we head to the WORS race. As always another busy weekend for us and the good thing is Nate can drive us to the races as the eyes make the driving a tad tough. But now it is finish the WORS series a get a few cross races tossed in there. See you at the races as this post looks 2 times as long as it really is. Later..

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Another cool picture from the weekend

Here is another picture form the weekend. It was taken by skinnyski. In the picture Nate and I are rounding the last turn before the uphill finish. After riding it the day before I wanted to carry as much speed into the finish hill and as you can see the tandem was just beginning to get into the lean and thankfully I was able to make it stick and not crash it.

Tonight was a cross practice at the domes and with Cale in Las Vegas we were wondering who would show and what we would do. Well there was no stakes or barriers and the 7 or 8 that showed up just started to do a warm up and then some hot laps. During the hot laps it started to pour and the lighting was popping in the air. All while this was happening Aris, Mike Curtes, Jeff Curtes and Joe Curtes lead the group followed by Nate and the other 2 or 3 riders that stuck around. In all it was a good practice as they got to test the wet corners and their skills on the wet grass. The we headed home and now we are relaxing watching Parenthood and I am ready for a huge bowl of ice cream. Later..

Monday, September 20, 2010

Finish line photo from the weekend

Here is a really cool photo that I found on line from the race over the weekend. It was taken just as we came to the finish line and I have to say it is a race that I may never forget. I have to thank Jerry again for letting us use his tandem to have this awesome experience. Now we have to get ready for a few WORS, cross races and then finally bmx. But for now it is just time for remembering the awesome weekend we had. Later..

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cheqaumegon Weekend

Nate and I at the start of the race in the front row.

We are a little happy to be the first place tandem as you can see.

Here is the picture of the top 3 tandem teams and the others were just as awesome and as always a blast to race against.

Here are the 3 teams for a group picture.

Gary giving Nate and myself the awards. Gary is really a class act, thanks for your hard work

Nate and I had a awesome weekend at the Cheqaumegon Fat Tire race. Thanks to Jerry for letting Nate and I use the tandem to race as we will never forget it. It was a effort that Nate ran from the start. He called all the shifts going up the hills and on the flats. He hit them dead on and we rolled the race pretty much dead on. We pulled away at the start and only seen another tandem a mile in and then Nate started calling the shifts and we pulled away and never looked back. It was a blast. Now a few more WORS races and then a few cross races as we are building the bmx track in 4 weeks and then some real fun biking starts, indoor bmx racing. Now I need to get my feet up and read the Sunday paper. Later..

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fat Tire Weekend

Welcome to the Labecki's place up north.

Bob following us on the trails and roads out back.

Bob and Nate taking the tandem for a spin down the drive.

Bob getting ready to kill some stumps.

Grandpa showing Nate how to kill some trees with my GLOCK.

Today Nate got a break and I pulled him out from school after half day to head up to Rhinelander. Bob came over and we loaded the tandem and gear into the van and hit the road. We got to my parents and unloaded the bikes and took a spin back to keep the legs open for the weekend of racing. Then we changed and Bob and I got out a few guns and killed some trees. Now we are relaxing eating some popcorn. Can't wait to get to the Fat Tire and ride and race. See you at the races. Later..

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Heading North

The tandem is ready for a race and I hope that Nate and I are ready to. We are racing the short and fat as Nate is only 16 and he has to be 18 to do the do the Fat tire 40. SO awe might as well have some fun and race it on the tandem this time around. Thanks Jerry for the use of your Ellsworth. Got the gear, and all the clothes that I think that I will need for the weekend packed and ready, I guess if I forgot anything I will just have to buy it up there and pay to much for it.

Nate has school in the morning and then Bob is heading up here to pick us up and then we are loading the tandem and stuff and hitting the road to Rhinelander for a night by my folks. After that we are heading up to Cable and getting ready for the Chequamagon. As always it is one of my favorite races and always a good time. How can't it be as no one has phone reception making the weekend fun as everyone is just relaxed and enjoying themselves instead of checking emails and talking on the phone. See you at the race. Later..

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cross'n it up

Nate and I went to the cross and out that Cale puts on at Mitchell Park. Nate was riding good and he dropped his chain again a time or 2. We are trying a new chain keeper that Bob Garner is making and we need to do a few improvements and we think we will have it under control. Nate was riding with the lead group and then his chain dropped and we was dropped off the group. He raced hard and tried to catch but that was not going to happen as Joe and Aris pulled away. Nate finished 5th and next week we will try a new chain keeper and hopefully fix it and Nate can ride with the fast guys. Tomorrow is a easy ride and pack up for the weekend. See you at the races. Later..

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Today was the WORS Treadfest raceand it was a awesome day for a race. Nate had a rough one as he crashed and messed up his bars and had to ride with the jacked up for the entire race. He finished 4th and has a few blisters to deal with now but there are only 2 more races and looking forward to some bmx racing for a change. Now it is time to get ready to race the tandem at the Chequamegon. Later..

Friday, September 10, 2010

Back at it

Jessica is back to herself and she was back to her desk filling her brain with that stuff again. I was back to work and it was nice to be back to the routine as with her sick just meant doing some chores around the house as I could not do anything else. But great to have her back to her joyful running around. Then Wade came down and we went to a few high school games to watch the officials run the games. He is the person that runs the high school state tournament and picks the official crew for the games so he goes around on the weekends and catches games around the state. It is nice that he comes down here and stays with us. He caught a game up by my parents last week too. Tomorrow it is try to get a pre ride in and then head to Elk Grove Ill for a birthday party for one of Cece's cousins and then back here to get some rest before the race on Sunday. Busy weekend here but it always is. See on the trails. Later..

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Sick again

Well I took vacation day today as Jessica tossed her breakfast in the school parking lot. So she is not ready to get back to school yet. I hate this that she is missing these days of school as everyday gone is so much missed. Hopefully tomorrow she is better and back in her desk.

This morning also had to take Nate for his drivers test this morning. I had already taken a few hours of vacation to get this done so I just had to call in and tell them that I was taking the entire day instead. Nate passed his driving test and the lady that tested him said he was a real good driver and did a great job. So now I have another driver in the house and I can tell him to go and get things instead of me all the time. I was even nice to let him take the car and he drove to school already by himself. Crazy I know but at least I don't have to take a hour of vacation every day to pick the kids up anymore he can drive them all home. NICE.....

I still have some PT for another couple of days and now I have to take Jess and have her sit in the waiting area while I go to that. I better get going as I have 10 minutes to get there. Then I can enjoy the day of doing things around the house with Jess and her fever. Later..

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Sick Day

Today I had to take a vacation day to spend the day with Jessica as she had to go to the Dr for a strep throat culture as she was running a fever and had a red throat. Cece took her yesterday to the Dr and they said keep her home today so that meant I had to take one of my many vacation days I have to burn. We got her homework and she did that and some extra that Cece had lined up for her. Just being home sick is not a pass to sit and watch TV here, you study too.

I got a bunch of chores around the house done today too. Then I had to get the other 2 kids then run Jess to the dentist to get a retainer put in her lower teeth area to keep a few spaces open for some permanent teeth to occupy. Now I have to run to Jessica's school for a open house as Cece is at her school as they have open house on the same night. As I always say I go to work to relax as once at home it is run, run, run. Well got to run. Later..

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

New ride

Went looking at another car for the family and wanted one that was sturdy and reliable. I also wanted and a car that i could put bikes inside during the winter. I have the truck but taking it to the bmx track 2 to 3 times a week cost a little in gas. I looked at several wagons and found some way to small and others that I just did not like. I looked at some SUV's but they were about the same in gas as the truck so I looked at the Volvo and it fit what we needed. Good gas and a solid car too. Plus Nate is going to use it to drive back and forth to school. He has to take Maddie and Jess to so I wanted a good car. I just hope that it was the right buy and that it lasts several years. Later..

Monday, September 06, 2010

Pictures from yesterday

Ron and Nate taking the tandem for a spin.

The line behind the tandem.

Liz and Emily couldn't make the ride but they put a sign up for us to know that they were there in spirit. Thanks you guys.

What Russell and Chris looked like after 67 miles of crushed gravel.

Anne thinking why do I hang around with these people?

Here are the pictures that Nate took while I was driving the tandem. Then a few after the ride. A must ride when the next one is planned in the fall. Today was a day of getting the car and truck washed and vacuumed after the rain and then so a little spin with Nate. Norw it is time to grill some meat. See you at the cross and out at 6 in Mitchell park in the parking lot behind the domes. Later..

Sunday, September 05, 2010

DPRT gravel ride

Rode the Des Plaines River Trail with Russell, Ron, Chris, Chris, Anne, Rick, Vicky and Nate. We rode out 33 plus miles and turned it around and rode it back. The trail is crushed gravel but not your flat no turns rail road bed but a nice trail with turns, bridges inclines and through many forest preserves. We kept it a good clip and may have offended a few others as we went by them but we were safe and passed with plenty of room But being Illinois you expect the rudeness from them. But it was a blast on the tandem and after a few more rides I think Nate and I will be good to good in 2 weeks. I would load pictures but for some reason they are not loading into my computer. I will try again later. So here is one I took from Russell for now. Tomorrow is a easy ride with the family to keep it real. See you on the road. Later..

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Blown away

Nothing fancy today except several hours on the road with the wind and Nate. It seemed like the wind was in our face for most of the ride but that doesn't matter as it only makes you stronger and a little more tired at the end. Tomorrow Nate and I are joining Russell and a few others for a ride on the DPRT at 9:30am for a ride out and back. All are welcome to join as long as yo are ready to roll at 9:30am form the Russell road parking lot.

Also looked at a few cars today and still have not found the one that I want to have for The Boy to drive around. We just need the extra car as with them going to school and having things to do when we have things to do we need the 3rd car. I looked at a few today and the cars were just not right or the salesman wasn't. I know it a used car but I want one that is in good shape and that will last a couple of years. I also want to buy a car that I can put our bikes inside during the winter when we are bmx'n. So it limits the choice to a few wagon's. I will keep you posted when we pull the plug and choose one. Later..

Friday, September 03, 2010


Nate rolling 1 x 10 now on the cross bike.

I put some new FSA SLK brakes on the bike as the Shorty's were not working as Nate was having some braking issues in the corners Tuesday.

Now that I did a few of these upgrades I hope that it all holds together at the next practice. I may need someone check my work so Nate doesn't have to worry during a race. Later..

Looking for another ride

Now that Nate is going to be driving on his own soon I have been looking for another vehicle. I have been on line looking and a few are some what nice and others are to nice. Cece has given me the OK but there is a few strings attached. I can only buy a car or truck under a specified amount. Does she realize that there are only a few vehicles that fall into that amount and many are a vehicle that I would not want to be caught in. So I will be looking around for a while and maybe have to have Cece sit here and look to as then the amount may go up and maybe I can find a better vehicle. Back to the car search. I hope to get a ride in and a stop at Ben's too. Later..

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Just in time

I was in the bubble as to do the Beat Down tonight or ride right when we got home. I watched the weather and was still thinking ride early and get it over with and not take the chance that we get rained on. But I asked Nate and he said that he wanted to do the group ride so that is what we did. It was a light turn out as I think some were afraid that the rain was coming and that it would be dark before we finished. But with Joe, Nate and Mike at the ride the pace was rather quick and about half way through Joe, Nate and Jack drilled it up a hill and were gone. Jeff pulled us up to the group but I was fried and as a few others joined in they were gone again and then the rest of us stayed together and rode in together a minute back form them. But the good thing is that we missed the rain and it got dark shortly after we finished. But next week the ride goes off at 5:45 to make sure we finished before the light goes away.

Tomorrow is a furlough day and Jess has off so we will hang out together. But she will have to go to the bike shop for awhile as I have a few things to do to Nate's cross bike. Also we have a few other errands to run so we should have a full day together. Hope the rain ends later in the after noon so Nate and I can get a ride in and then enjoy the holiday weekend. Later..

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Back to school

Here is the picture that I got of Jess going to her new school today. We decided last year to try to get her into a different school and she was chosen to go so we pulled her and put her into the new one. She was a little scared this morning as she was going to a school where she knew no one. But Cece had her first day so with kids so I had to take her. With me she was scared but did not cause any issues for me. I dropped her off and she went in and never looked back. It was a half day so I took a day off and picked her up later too. I got there a few minutes early and her class was walking around the track and Jess was already talking to her classmates. She came out after school saying she likes her new school a lot better and said she made some new friends already. To celebrate we all went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner as it started to rain so no ride for Nate and I. Well see you at the beat down tomorrow. Later..