Tuesday, September 28, 2010

10 #'s of crap in a 5# bag.

Here is a nice picture of Nate that Lynn got at the race on Sunday. Thanks Lynn.

Well I went to the eye Dr yesterday and the eye was not acting up but the Dr said that the right eye was slower and he could see that it was not tracking right. He said that I had control over it and that he was concerned and ordered blood tests so that he could rule out a few things. Hope to hear from the Dr's office soon. Of course later in the afternoon when I got home the eye acted up for a while and then got better once I laid down. Then today it was fine till the afternoon and it acted up and was a real treat when I went to cross practice with Nate. As I was riding the course the corners and hills were a real treat to try to maneuver with the eyes a crossed up. But I made it and I needed the ride.

Also yesterday we took the pool down and put it away for the winter and Nate and I cut half the apple tree down. We are going to take out the tree and part of the back yard to put a parking pad down. I just don't want to keep putting my car out on the road and worry about it being plowed in during the winter or even worse yet having to find a place to park during a snow emergency. But there is still half a tree and then I have to run the debris to the self help yard on Thursday and Friday so I can get the retaining wall moved before Fred comes and helps do the rest. Oh I am so glad that I have a lot of vacation to burn so I can get this done. Oh well time to watch Parenthood. Later..

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