Sunday, September 26, 2010


EXPO taking the top 3 boxes with Myles 1st, Kyle 2nd and Nate 3rd. Oh and Dan T photo bombing the picture. Can you find Dan?

Mark Cole taking his best finish in the comp class and Dan T taking his 4th place finish.

Jessie hanging around waiting for Nate to get his medal.

Nate coming across the finish line. He said that the cross race took a little out of him as on the 3rd lap his legs went away. Guess we need to do more cross practice other then 2 times a week so his mtn bike races aren't affected by the running.

Nate going into the 1st turn at the start of the race.

Joe going so fast at the start that I couldn't get him except as he rode away.

Dan and his race face on going into the 1st turn.

It is hard catching a good picture so close but Ron and Scott look pretty clear here.

Sarah at the start of the sport women race.

Yeah Rob did race and he had a good race taking 2nd thanks to Nic and Danny not racing.

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