Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Heading North

The tandem is ready for a race and I hope that Nate and I are ready to. We are racing the short and fat as Nate is only 16 and he has to be 18 to do the do the Fat tire 40. SO awe might as well have some fun and race it on the tandem this time around. Thanks Jerry for the use of your Ellsworth. Got the gear, and all the clothes that I think that I will need for the weekend packed and ready, I guess if I forgot anything I will just have to buy it up there and pay to much for it.

Nate has school in the morning and then Bob is heading up here to pick us up and then we are loading the tandem and stuff and hitting the road to Rhinelander for a night by my folks. After that we are heading up to Cable and getting ready for the Chequamagon. As always it is one of my favorite races and always a good time. How can't it be as no one has phone reception making the weekend fun as everyone is just relaxed and enjoying themselves instead of checking emails and talking on the phone. See you at the race. Later..

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