Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cheqaumegon Weekend

Nate and I at the start of the race in the front row.

We are a little happy to be the first place tandem as you can see.

Here is the picture of the top 3 tandem teams and the others were just as awesome and as always a blast to race against.

Here are the 3 teams for a group picture.

Gary giving Nate and myself the awards. Gary is really a class act, thanks for your hard work

Nate and I had a awesome weekend at the Cheqaumegon Fat Tire race. Thanks to Jerry for letting Nate and I use the tandem to race as we will never forget it. It was a effort that Nate ran from the start. He called all the shifts going up the hills and on the flats. He hit them dead on and we rolled the race pretty much dead on. We pulled away at the start and only seen another tandem a mile in and then Nate started calling the shifts and we pulled away and never looked back. It was a blast. Now a few more WORS races and then a few cross races as we are building the bmx track in 4 weeks and then some real fun biking starts, indoor bmx racing. Now I need to get my feet up and read the Sunday paper. Later..

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garbagetry said...

Awesome work guys!!