Monday, August 31, 2009

1st day of School

Today was the 1st day of school for Jessica and she was so excited it was funny. She got up early and got ready so fast it was funny. We weren't leaving the house for another 20 minutes and she was running around with her back pack on and going I'm ready to go any time now. Well we got Maddie and Nate out the door as they both rode their bikes to school today. Maddie was a little apprehensive as she is afraid that she wouldn't be able to keep up with Nate or that he will mess with her on the ride like running into her rear wheel and just that goofy stuff that he can and maybe would do. I talked to him and he said that he would be cool and she left on the SS Felt city cruiser and Nate on his dirt jumper. No calls yet that he messed with her or that they had any problems. I will post some pictures of the first day for Jess later..

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ramble news

Nate took a 4th today as Myles took 2nd and Caleb took the top step.
Fast guy Joe took the SS open and Jerry took the 3rd step and Greg the 4th.

The race was as always fun and fast, but man is 36 miles a long day in the saddle. We hit the road at 7am for the early start and got the in an hour and 45 minutes. Had plenty of time to get things read and ride before the race. The rain over the last few days made the course perfect and fast. Nate took off and got on some good wheels and held that through the race and had to dig a little deeper at the end to hold Kyle off for his 3rd place finish.

I had a good start but seemed to always get behind a guy that couldn't ride single track and the groups would ride away and the gaps were to big to close. So I just pedaled and enjoyed the race with the group I stayed in till the end. Great race and great venue. Time to get a super huge banana malt from Cece. Later..

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Loaded up.

Got a nice ride in this morning and man does the road bike ride nice when it is lubed and clean. Felt like a new bike again and Nate said it was nice not to hear the chain grinding away as I pedaled. I also put new cleats on the shoes and changed the pedals as they were making some awful noises as I was pedaling along.

The marine epoxy and carbon I put on the handle bars look great and I say are good to go, can't even tell it is there and the crack is as strong as new. A few beat down rides and the hills out of the saddle yanking in the hoods and bars will be the real test. I have been riding them for 2 months with the crack and always in the back of the mind I was waiting for the snap and I would end up over the bars but it never happened. As I said the crack was small and I wasn't worried for myself but I wouldn't let Nate ride or race them. Now I would and feel just fine with the way they turned out. All good now.

Then we ran some errands and spent the money that I saved by getting up at the crack butt of dawn to drive to the race instead of getting a hotel room and spending money on meals. We got a few movies at Best Buy, the Monty Python Meaning of Life ( Cece and I will watch not the punks ) and Big Fish by Tim Burton. The Big Fish looks to be a good movie so we are going to sit back and watch that tonight and hit the sack early for the drive. The kids also picked up a few games for their DS's and the computer with the gift cards that they have had for a while. I like when they spend their money not mine all the time. Time to get the kits together and pack the rest for the race. Later..

Friday, August 28, 2009

Bike wash

Blurry picture of the nail in my rear tire.

After the race on Wednesday the bikes had a ton of mud on them. The trails were in good shape but the one along the river was very muddy and that is where I picked up the mud. The race was cool but we could have skipped that part for sure. I didn't have time when I got home or yesterday so today after the ride was the day to get it done. I threw in Nate's mtn bike and my road bike so that made 4. Also got the flat fixed from the nail I picked up at the race Wednesday. Today I had a chance to get the marine epoxy and the sheet of carbon fiber from Nick and fix the crack in the carbon road bars. It should hold them together as when I examined the crack it was very tiny and this I hope will do the trick as I don't want to spend another few 100 bucks on a new set. I will put them to the test tomorrow and see if I can rip them apart.

Tomorrow is get some chores done and then get everything ready for the early drive to the Green Bay race. It should be a great race that should shred my legs and have me in the pain cave for most of the day. Well time to get my feet up and watch the Packers. Later..

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Skip it

Nate and I are skipping the group ride tonight as there is a chance of rain even though the radar says no right now. With the open house at St. Thomas More to meet the teachers of Nate and Maddie missing the ride will be filled any ways. Cece says I can still go for the ride, but with the racing Tuesday for Nate and yesterday a day a way from a hard effort before the WORS race this weekend won't hurt. Tomorrow it will be change the flat from last night and clean the bikes for the race and then try to get a short spin in. Then Saturday it will a nice spin and get the car packed for the ride to the race early Sunday morning. Maybe the ride will be with Danny if he decides to go if it is not wet or raining. Just in case we will be ready for the drive and the 36 mile race to hit us in the face Sunday. Time to get going to get to the open house. Later..

Wednesday at the Ridge

Well after the rain we got Tuesday night I was thinking for sure that the races would be called off. To my surprise Marty posted that they were still on. So Nate and I loaded the bikes and headed on over to the hill for the race. Nate said he was tired form the 5 races the night before and was going to ride and tempo it on the Gunnar SS. I was on the final lap and in O'Mally woods I picked up a nail in the rear tire and got a flat. As I was walking out to the parking lot I seen Nate watching the racers come off the ridge and I yelled for the SS. I got the bike and raced back to the woods were I walked out and finished the race. I caught the guys that came around but rolled up the hill and let 2 pace me back. Just glad to finish the race instead of leaving with a flat. Tonight is the beat down and if raining a open house at the kids high school. I'm getting out of that as Nate wants to go to ride so Cece is letting me go to get Nate to the ride. Thanks Cece for letting me out of the open house and Nate for wanting to go to the ride. Later..

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pictures from the last night at the track

Just a few pictures from the last night of racing at the track for the summer of 2009.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Last one

Nate had a good night at the track. He took a 2nd in the scratch race as he was boxed in and was just beat at the line in a sprint to the finish. He was bummed out and was not going to let it happen again so he took a 1st in the miss and out. It was a double elimination and he made sure he was in control and he won that race with no misses in it. He then road the consolation and took a 3rd in that. He had a strong finish in the end of the year and is going to focus more on the track and road next year with some mtn biking tossed in. As we were getting things ready to put in the car the skies opened up and it poured so the sitting around and having a few beers was not happening and we packed up and headed home. Another season in the books and looking forward to next year. Pictures to follow tomorrow. Later..

Monday, August 24, 2009

Last Night of Track

Well I can't believe that another season at the track is over with already. It seemed like it just started and now it is all over again. If you haven't made it to t he races yet you have one last chance. The racing starts at 7pm and it is fast and furious. Bring a chair, blanket and a cooler full of your favorite beverage and enjoy some of the best racing you will likely ever witness. Hope to see you there. Here is the link to the website for the track. Later..

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lake Front View

The family on the pavement by the lake.
Cece and Maddie are way gone so Nate, Jess and myself enjoyed the view and ride together.
Maddie on the Felt SS.
Jess loves Nate's old SS.
The 3 of us taking in the view of Downtown.

After getting the list that appeared over night done The family went for a bike ride along the lake front. Cece, Maddie and Jess all rode the single speeds as Nate and I rode the road bikes. Nate and I rode to the lake front as the girls put the bikes on the rack and meet us there so Jess didn't have to have to ride in the road as it was her first time on that bike. I was a cool ride as the breeze was off the lake. We ended up riding for a little over and hour together and then added and 1/2 hour for Nate and I. It was nice to ride together all on our own bikes.

When I got up I had to run to Home Depot to get a new relief valve for the water heater as the other one took a piss on me. The good was it was only $15.00 total for the valve, tape and drain pipe. Got that done, watered the flowers and tomato plants, dishwasher emptied and the car and truck washed. I looked and I have to call on Coop again and get some new rear brake pads, and rotors for the car. Man I just did the front a few months ago. I wish I would had known then. But I have to get to them real soon as they are getting low and I hear a slight metal on metal. It never seems to end as I get one thing done on the truck or car and another needs my attention. Oh well at least it is the easy stuff for now. Well I better get the grill started as grill some meat for the family. Later..

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Expo at the Kettles

The Expo kids and a few of us old guys rode the connector out at the Southern Kettles today. It was perfect weather and perfect trails. A few crashes here and there but at the end they all made it and had a great time. Then we grilled out and talked about the fun time and headed out before the sun was gone. The kids are getting faster and soon we will be hoping hang on their wheels. Tomorrow it will be a nice ride with the kids and Cece. Have to fit one of those in now and then to keep it real. Later..


This morning is getting the honey do list done so Nate and I can play in the kettles with team EXPO @ 2pm. Have to get the lawn cut apples picked up for the 2nd time today pick some fresh tomatoes and vacuum the pool. And if time get a hair cut and wash the car and truck. Can always get the last 2 done tomorrow. Just nice not to be running to a race this weekend. All though we could have race bmx at Franklin, did the WEMS at Blue Mounds or the ABR National Time Trial, all good fun but nice not to be running to one. The kettles should be a fun ride, don't know what we are riding yet but it should be a blast to watch the kids hammer each other. Cece and the girls are going to Racine for her Mom's block party so the girls can play while Cece cuts all her laminated things out for her class room. Sounds like fun to me.... Time to start getting a few things done if I want to go. Later..

Friday, August 21, 2009

Group riding

The ride last night was different form the rest. That might have been the fact that there was at least 40 plus on the ride. The thing was there was rain looming the entire ride and to say the least very windy. The ride out was right into the wind keeping the pace cool but it had everyone trying to stay in a spot not getting to effected by the wind. During the ride we were nice I think for the first time in many years we waited for someone to change flat. If I remember though we did do that a time or 2 before. But any ways John Lirette was on the front pulling and he got a flat and we rolled slow and waited for him to get back up and rolling. After that it was balls to the wall all the way back to the parking lot. You had to stay on your toes as the pace was fast and never really let up. In all it was a nice ride and the pace into and with the wind made for a sketchy ride here and there but fun none the less. Only a few more beat downs to go as the light is going away fast meaning get the night lights charged and ready. Tomorrow is a ride at the Southern Kettles at 2pm so the trails should be dry and nice and packed by the early morning riders. For now it is time to finish my Weiss beers. Later..

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pictures from the track

Just a few blurry pictures form the track the other night. 1 more night of racing so if you want to see some good racing be there next Tuesday. Grab some beverages and snacks and enjoy some good fast racing. Racing starts at 7pm. Later..

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Track races

Last night the racing went well for Nate. He took a 2nd place in the unknown distance. There was a nice field size for the Jr race for once. The biggest of the season with 10 on the fence. Then in the miss and out Nate took a 1st place. In the Sr category 3 races Nate got a 5th in the unknown and was in the wrong spot in the miss and out and was one of the first to go. Just a dumb thing as he could had been in the top 5 easily. Then in the 20 lap scratch he took a 5th place and then the guy who won was relegated to last as he passed the field under the blue line, all the officials seen it and for once enforced the rule. So in the end he came home with a fist full of money. Tonight is the Crystal Ridge races and then tomorrow the beat down. Later..

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I don't hate Mondays, but after a race and really after a really long drive home after a race it is a long day at work. The legs are stiff, back is stiff and well the mind is stiff. I got through the day and it was actually not to bad except for the rain. Then it was home and lift weights and meet some friends out at a new place for some food and beers. Stack'd is a new restaurant that is mostly about burgers and some great beers. I had a awesome Hangover Burger that was 1/3 # Angus beef, a fried egg, Bacon, cheese, fried onion, lettuce and tomato. It was so good that I wish I had room for another one, but the huge potato wedges filled the rest. I washed it down with some Schlitz beers to top it off oh what a great night to sit on the patio and enjoy some beers. Great food and great fun laughing with the friends outside of the work place. Then it was home and finish the night of relaxing watching some TV.

Tonight it is track racing at the Washington bowl in Kenosha. Tonight is unknown distance and miss and out racing. Then there is a team race at the end known as the a Madison where the racers exchange with hand slings into the race. Come and see some awesome bike racing tonight. All the fun starts at 7pm. Next week is the last week of track racing so come and see some. Later..

Monday, August 17, 2009

River Falls

Well after the rain we got over night and walking outside and seeing the puddles and mud I changed the tires on the bikes. Once we got to the race the sun was out and the ground was tacky and perfect for some racing. I asked Nate if I should change his tires back and take the cross tires off? He said no I can handle these in the race. Well short story was that he felt like they would slide out in the corners and his speed dropped in the single track. I tried to get him to let me change them but he said no. He learned as did I. I put on a aggressive tire and it was nice on the climbs and open area were it was dry but in some of the single track it felt like I was pushing a sled and by the end my legs were fried. I to learned that next time change the tires. I finished 5th as a guy went around me at the end while I let April and Claire duke it out at the line. Oh well I'm going to skip a few more of the races for some bmx'n and Nate wants to do some cross instead of WORS to. I guess he is thinking more of the other type of racing is good to instead of just the WORS and I'm glad and soon he needs to focus on one or the other not all 5 different things as we are now. Going out to eat tonight with some friends from work to just shoot the pooh and as always sit back and laugh at the going on's at the office. Later..

Sunday, August 16, 2009


We got 3/4 of an inch of rain by Wade's last night and I don't know how much the race course got. We are prepared to put some cross tires on Nate's bike and some mud tires on mine. Just ate a great breakfast and now getting things ready for the race. See you there. Later..

Saturday, August 15, 2009

1 win 1 3rd

Yeah it was back to the usual with Nate taking the win today in 15 cruiser and I took a 3rd in cruiser. Didn't take the 20 inch today as I have 1 more win and may save it for Grands. Just thinking I don't know yet. Now by Mike and Joy's and Nate is swimming. Then in the morning it is off to the WORS race. Later..

Friday, August 14, 2009

Little bike and big bike

This weekend Nate and I are heading up to Toads Cove in Centerville Wi for some Bmx Racing. It is the State Qualifier and as long as we are heading up to River Falls we may as well add another race to the weekend. Just a slight detour but hey why not. Never been to the track but it looks way cool to miss and Nate says lets race so that is what we are doing. May not make the pre ride but hey they are changing a few things but the course is mostly the same. We raced it last year so we figure that will have to do this year. After the race tomorrow we are going to crash by Wade's place in Woodville which is only 25 minutes from the WORS race so that will be nice. He is living in Stevens Point now and has this house up for sale but still has some of his stuff in it while his other place is being built so it is nice that we have a place to crash. Thanks Wade. Right now I'm trying to figure out how to fit 2 bmx cruisers in and a 29er and a 26er in the car. I figure it won't happen so 2 will be on the top, thinking the bmx will be the ones that ride in the wind and eat the bugs. The bags are packed and now just have to load the bikes and hit the road at 7am. See you at the races. Later..

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Look who showed up

Jack making his stomach look like John's.
Jack making his stomach look like Coops.
The gang gathering to listen to Jack's stories of riding years past and the ones to come. It was nice to see him and hope that he joins us for many more. The ride was a little goofy in the start but it settled down and was pretty quick at the end. Now I need to eat my 5 bags of Ramen noodles. Later..

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lost and Found

Tonight Nate, Gage and myself headed over to the Wednesday night races at Crystal Ridge. After getting the bikes off and talking to the other peeps before the race I took a pre lap in the O'Malley woods and just was feeling like I just wanted to ride and not race tonight. But like always once Al yelled go I hit the pedals but there just wasn't the pop there. I think the races over the weekend took more then I thought. I didn't force myself to go any harder then the legs wanted and just rolled through the 3 backwards laps tonight. I rode behind Gage for the first lap and then caught up to Nate and rode the rest of lap 2 with him then the last one was on my own. Just fine with me as I was just riding along and hitting the gas when I felt like it. In all when finished it was nice not to have the feeling of being totally dead. The trails run backwards is totally different after riding then the direction we have for so long. Nice change though. Got home and Cece had a nice fajita dinner ready and also tossed in some mango smoothies for us. Now I fell like I'm going to blow up so I need to lay down. Later..

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

ABR National Champ

Tonight we got the National Champion jersey and the medals at the races. Got mine and Nate ended up 3rd overall in a tie breaker. He had a great night of racing as he took 4th in the Kenosha News Jr race and then a 3rd in the Tempo, Danish and the 20 lap points race. Then got paid at the end of the night and took $18.00 bucks with him. Now We have Gage as he is going to do the Wed night race and the beat down Thursday. Should be fun. Time for bed. Later..

Monday, August 10, 2009


Today I got up and was tired as hell. I know it has to do with the racing and the thunder and lighting that was going on all night. For the first 3 hours of work all I did was yawn and wish I was back in bed sleeping inside of being at work. Well after finally getting out of the office and getting the $350.00 citation written and delivered I was back to pumping and dumping of gas. It was a nice short day and then it was home and getting some things done that were pushed aside to do the racing this weekend. I washed the car and truck grilled some steaks and then tossed some weights around for some fun. No ride just tonight as it is just relaxing and getting the feet up for a night. Tomorrow it is back to the track for some more racing. I don't think I will race, I will just warm up and then make sure Nate has his stuff in order for his night of racing again. Then the usual Wed night of racing at Crystal Ridge and Thursday night Beat Down before the weekend WORS race. Time for a bowl of ice cream and caramel syrup. Later..

Sunday, August 09, 2009

ABR Track National Championships

Gordy coaching Nate at the start of the kilo, actually yelling go go go go.
Nate in the sprint qualifier, he had to be in the top 2 to advance, he did.
Nate going against Kaleb in the semi's in the match sprint. Kaleb got him at the line.
Nate in the points race today, he got worked over by the 4 Kenosha Velo guys.
Nate doing the team sprint, his team took 2nd.

The last 2 days Nate and I have been at the track in Kenosha racing the ABR track Nationals. Nate took 2nd in the kilo, 3k, 3rd in the match sprints, 4th in the 200 meter, and 4th in the points, Then Nate, Kaz, and I raced the team sprint and won that giving Nate a National Championship.

I also raced the masters 30 plus and won the 200 meter took a 2nd in the matched sprints against Kaz, won the kilo, 3k and took a 3rd or 4th in the points to win the omnium and the National Championship for my category. Plus Nate Kaz and I won the Sr team sprint National Championship. So that was the weekend plus a ton of chores before racing the last 2 days.

Yesterday had us wondering if the Nationals would be postponed but it stopped and we got the racing in under sunny skies and temps in the high 80's and felling like 95. I had not done any of these races since before I was in the accident. They were hard and I forgot the pain cave you have to put yourself in for many of the races and nothing like doing 4 of them in a day.

Then today it was 95 and felt like 100 plus and as the racing started in the afternoon under sunny skies. We could see the rain clouds were getting closer by the minute as the races were going on, just the opposite of what we went through yesterday. We got our races in and then tossed the bikes in the back seat to head it home in the rain. Glad I did the racing but also glad they are done as so is the suffering. Back to the grind tomorrow and then the track on Tuesday. To top it off there is football on tonight and I have a water bottle full of water and a big bag of Jelly Belly's while sit in the recliner. Living the dream. Later..

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Yeah it stopped.

The beautiful bright pink to add to the bright room already that my Mom made for the girls.
The nice thingy's Cece ordered from Plow and Hearth for the kitchen that needed some trimming. Yeah Nate checking out his Oakley order that came in the mail today.

Yeah the rain that is. Nate and I got some good riding in and now I'm tired. I will post some pictures of the riding tomorrow as I'm to tired to do now. But while we were out having fun Cece was busy cutting and hanging some window thingy's that she ordered for the kitchen windows and some that my Mom made for the girls room. They look rather nice I do have to say. I need to get some rest as there is more riding tomorrow to be had. Later..

Rain and Pictures from Alterra race

Pictures from Amy D.

Sitting in and listening to the rain hit the house drinking a nice strong cup of Alterra French Roast. 2nd pot already and feeling the effects meaning I need to get out and do something. Hopefully the rain stops soon and we can get doing some of the planned outdoor stuff. I guess till then I will fold the clean laundry. Later..

Friday, August 07, 2009

A Few Pictures from 6 Flags

Jessica on the Merry Go Round.
Where do we go next?
Maddie and the girls just before the start of the ride.

Jessica, Claudio and Rebeca on the hot air balloons.
Still smiling after 12 hours at the park.

Here are a few pictures from the day at 6 Flags yesterday. Nice to just be a big kid for a day again with the little kids. But the truth is I don't need to go but every few years as the crowds and waits are a bit long to take sometimes. On another note the rain put a damper on a ride after work so I hope to get a few in the next few days. Later..

6 Flags

What a great day to be waiting in lines for 60 plus minutes for a 30 second ride. Really it was a nice day and the kids all had a blast. Our neighbors also went down so that was nice as Jessie got to ride the rides with Claudio, Maddie got to hang with Isabella and Nate had his friend Josh to take off with. Cece, Rebeca and myself hung with Jessica and Claudio for the most part of all day.

To break things up we went to the water park in the afternoon to cool off with Jessica and Claudio while the girls went on other rides and Nate and Josh went into the wave pool. I do have to say that there are some people that should never I mean never put on a bathing suit. It was like when driving and you see a car accident and you know you should look straight ahead, well it was like that you know and tell yourself not to look but you do and then wish you didn't.

After dinner Maddie and I hit the Iron Wolf and a few of the other rides as the lines were gone and you could walk right up and get on or in some facts we never got off the rides as there was now one else to get on. It was a fun time and way better then any day at work. Tonight I hope to get a ride in if the rain will be nice and wait till I get out on the roads. Also good luck to all those who are heading to the O2S. Going to try to get a bunch of things done this weekend and maybe even a ride. Got to run and get some work done. Later..

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Wednesday Night Race

Last night was another fun night at the Crystal Ridge race. We did another 3 lap race minus the full Alpha and the ride to the top of the cap. It is a fun race as where can you get a hard ride in the middle of the week and suffer like this? I just go to ride at the rivet for a little and then back it off a little and try to ride with Steve Jeske the entire ride. I like riding with Steve as we are at the same speed and push each other and have a great time while doing it. Came and race with us if you get a chance as it always a blast to get a hard ride in the middle of the week, plus it beats riding by yourself. Now I'm getting the kids up and getting ready to go to 6 Flags again, can't wait to stand in line for hours to go on a 30 second ride. Later..

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Birthday a day late for Maddie

Yesterday was Maddie's Birthday and I forgot to post one for her. Here she is showing Deb her stuff in the tackle box while we were up north on vacation. She turned 14 and is starting her freshman year in high school. Happy Birthday Maddie. Later..

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Needed to be done.

Picture from Guy of me climbing the hill that made me so thirsty.
Picture of the sweet dreaming of how good the Pabst was tasting after a trip up the hill. Picture from John.

After climbing the hill at the race on Sunday a silo of Pabst was needed. Thanks to Russell for the hand up and sorry Cece for not taking the the water from you but the beer was calling. The cold one handed to me from Mike after crossing the finish line was awesome to. Maybe I need more of those hand ups at the races and the finishes. Later..

Ring my Bell

Last night Cece and I went to a beer tasting dinner party with John and Laurie at Tess's. Laurie's brother Mitchell owns the restaurant and has beer and wine tastings every now and then and they are awesome. Last night Bell's brewery was the brewery providing us with the great beers. It was a nice night to sit on the patio and have a dinner served to you and beers that kept coming to your hearts consent. To bad I had to work today as the beers were going down mighty easy. Nice time and looking forward to the next one as the brewery is Goose Island. Tonight is more racing at the track and then the Crystal Ridge race on Wednesday. Thursday I'm taking off from work and Cece and I are taking the kids to 6 Flags for the day, that should be a fun day. Later..

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Great day for a race.

The race was great today. The weather was perfect and the course the BEST of the entire series, well a hair to much climbing for my taste as 3 guys passed me during the last lap but that was OK as I still got a 5th. Nate had a good race as he finished 3rd in age and 4th overall. Had great fans and thanks for the cheering while I was racing and thanks to the family and friends that came to support Nate and I during the race. Got home and Nate and the kids jumped in the pool as I cooked some awesome ribs on the grill. Now I need to get the legs up and relax. Later..