Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lost and Found

Tonight Nate, Gage and myself headed over to the Wednesday night races at Crystal Ridge. After getting the bikes off and talking to the other peeps before the race I took a pre lap in the O'Malley woods and just was feeling like I just wanted to ride and not race tonight. But like always once Al yelled go I hit the pedals but there just wasn't the pop there. I think the races over the weekend took more then I thought. I didn't force myself to go any harder then the legs wanted and just rolled through the 3 backwards laps tonight. I rode behind Gage for the first lap and then caught up to Nate and rode the rest of lap 2 with him then the last one was on my own. Just fine with me as I was just riding along and hitting the gas when I felt like it. In all when finished it was nice not to have the feeling of being totally dead. The trails run backwards is totally different after riding then the direction we have for so long. Nice change though. Got home and Cece had a nice fajita dinner ready and also tossed in some mango smoothies for us. Now I fell like I'm going to blow up so I need to lay down. Later..

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