Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wednesday at the Ridge

Well after the rain we got Tuesday night I was thinking for sure that the races would be called off. To my surprise Marty posted that they were still on. So Nate and I loaded the bikes and headed on over to the hill for the race. Nate said he was tired form the 5 races the night before and was going to ride and tempo it on the Gunnar SS. I was on the final lap and in O'Mally woods I picked up a nail in the rear tire and got a flat. As I was walking out to the parking lot I seen Nate watching the racers come off the ridge and I yelled for the SS. I got the bike and raced back to the woods were I walked out and finished the race. I caught the guys that came around but rolled up the hill and let 2 pace me back. Just glad to finish the race instead of leaving with a flat. Tonight is the beat down and if raining a open house at the kids high school. I'm getting out of that as Nate wants to go to ride so Cece is letting me go to get Nate to the ride. Thanks Cece for letting me out of the open house and Nate for wanting to go to the ride. Later..


Mad Trix said...

prolly the same nail that shredded my tires. See you @ SF

Jay said...

Yeah I guess that is why they call it garbage hill.