Saturday, August 22, 2009


This morning is getting the honey do list done so Nate and I can play in the kettles with team EXPO @ 2pm. Have to get the lawn cut apples picked up for the 2nd time today pick some fresh tomatoes and vacuum the pool. And if time get a hair cut and wash the car and truck. Can always get the last 2 done tomorrow. Just nice not to be running to a race this weekend. All though we could have race bmx at Franklin, did the WEMS at Blue Mounds or the ABR National Time Trial, all good fun but nice not to be running to one. The kettles should be a fun ride, don't know what we are riding yet but it should be a blast to watch the kids hammer each other. Cece and the girls are going to Racine for her Mom's block party so the girls can play while Cece cuts all her laminated things out for her class room. Sounds like fun to me.... Time to start getting a few things done if I want to go. Later..

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