Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ramble news

Nate took a 4th today as Myles took 2nd and Caleb took the top step.
Fast guy Joe took the SS open and Jerry took the 3rd step and Greg the 4th.

The race was as always fun and fast, but man is 36 miles a long day in the saddle. We hit the road at 7am for the early start and got the in an hour and 45 minutes. Had plenty of time to get things read and ride before the race. The rain over the last few days made the course perfect and fast. Nate took off and got on some good wheels and held that through the race and had to dig a little deeper at the end to hold Kyle off for his 3rd place finish.

I had a good start but seemed to always get behind a guy that couldn't ride single track and the groups would ride away and the gaps were to big to close. So I just pedaled and enjoyed the race with the group I stayed in till the end. Great race and great venue. Time to get a super huge banana malt from Cece. Later..


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...they don't have to try to get past the women...

Jay - is this PC (something I know you are sensitive about)?

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