Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lake Front View

The family on the pavement by the lake.
Cece and Maddie are way gone so Nate, Jess and myself enjoyed the view and ride together.
Maddie on the Felt SS.
Jess loves Nate's old SS.
The 3 of us taking in the view of Downtown.

After getting the list that appeared over night done The family went for a bike ride along the lake front. Cece, Maddie and Jess all rode the single speeds as Nate and I rode the road bikes. Nate and I rode to the lake front as the girls put the bikes on the rack and meet us there so Jess didn't have to have to ride in the road as it was her first time on that bike. I was a cool ride as the breeze was off the lake. We ended up riding for a little over and hour together and then added and 1/2 hour for Nate and I. It was nice to ride together all on our own bikes.

When I got up I had to run to Home Depot to get a new relief valve for the water heater as the other one took a piss on me. The good was it was only $15.00 total for the valve, tape and drain pipe. Got that done, watered the flowers and tomato plants, dishwasher emptied and the car and truck washed. I looked and I have to call on Coop again and get some new rear brake pads, and rotors for the car. Man I just did the front a few months ago. I wish I would had known then. But I have to get to them real soon as they are getting low and I hear a slight metal on metal. It never seems to end as I get one thing done on the truck or car and another needs my attention. Oh well at least it is the easy stuff for now. Well I better get the grill started as grill some meat for the family. Later..

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