Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I don't hate Mondays, but after a race and really after a really long drive home after a race it is a long day at work. The legs are stiff, back is stiff and well the mind is stiff. I got through the day and it was actually not to bad except for the rain. Then it was home and lift weights and meet some friends out at a new place for some food and beers. Stack'd is a new restaurant that is mostly about burgers and some great beers. I had a awesome Hangover Burger that was 1/3 # Angus beef, a fried egg, Bacon, cheese, fried onion, lettuce and tomato. It was so good that I wish I had room for another one, but the huge potato wedges filled the rest. I washed it down with some Schlitz beers to top it off oh what a great night to sit on the patio and enjoy some beers. Great food and great fun laughing with the friends outside of the work place. Then it was home and finish the night of relaxing watching some TV.

Tonight it is track racing at the Washington bowl in Kenosha. Tonight is unknown distance and miss and out racing. Then there is a team race at the end known as the a Madison where the racers exchange with hand slings into the race. Come and see some awesome bike racing tonight. All the fun starts at 7pm. Next week is the last week of track racing so come and see some. Later..

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