Thursday, August 06, 2009

Wednesday Night Race

Last night was another fun night at the Crystal Ridge race. We did another 3 lap race minus the full Alpha and the ride to the top of the cap. It is a fun race as where can you get a hard ride in the middle of the week and suffer like this? I just go to ride at the rivet for a little and then back it off a little and try to ride with Steve Jeske the entire ride. I like riding with Steve as we are at the same speed and push each other and have a great time while doing it. Came and race with us if you get a chance as it always a blast to get a hard ride in the middle of the week, plus it beats riding by yourself. Now I'm getting the kids up and getting ready to go to 6 Flags again, can't wait to stand in line for hours to go on a 30 second ride. Later..

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Anonymous said...

Nice race on Sunday. It was impressive watching you climb to the top of the hill, sure wish I could do that. Jeff S.