Monday, August 10, 2009


Today I got up and was tired as hell. I know it has to do with the racing and the thunder and lighting that was going on all night. For the first 3 hours of work all I did was yawn and wish I was back in bed sleeping inside of being at work. Well after finally getting out of the office and getting the $350.00 citation written and delivered I was back to pumping and dumping of gas. It was a nice short day and then it was home and getting some things done that were pushed aside to do the racing this weekend. I washed the car and truck grilled some steaks and then tossed some weights around for some fun. No ride just tonight as it is just relaxing and getting the feet up for a night. Tomorrow it is back to the track for some more racing. I don't think I will race, I will just warm up and then make sure Nate has his stuff in order for his night of racing again. Then the usual Wed night of racing at Crystal Ridge and Thursday night Beat Down before the weekend WORS race. Time for a bowl of ice cream and caramel syrup. Later..

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