Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Track races

Last night the racing went well for Nate. He took a 2nd place in the unknown distance. There was a nice field size for the Jr race for once. The biggest of the season with 10 on the fence. Then in the miss and out Nate took a 1st place. In the Sr category 3 races Nate got a 5th in the unknown and was in the wrong spot in the miss and out and was one of the first to go. Just a dumb thing as he could had been in the top 5 easily. Then in the 20 lap scratch he took a 5th place and then the guy who won was relegated to last as he passed the field under the blue line, all the officials seen it and for once enforced the rule. So in the end he came home with a fist full of money. Tonight is the Crystal Ridge races and then tomorrow the beat down. Later..


The Shed Master said...

The officials had to see the blue line violation after I yelled it. To ignore would've been unacceptable.

Dude neeeds to spread a little of that green my way...

Jay said...

The guy then was all upset saying show me the rule book. What a Goof. I will let Nate know you are looking for some payback, all though he did the move right in front of Dave and I and we watched it happen.

Pretty cool when the kids got a handicap start and then that Jake got all upset and tossing his stuff crying. His father needs to lay some smack on that kid as he is just a fool a lot of the times.