Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Ring my Bell

Last night Cece and I went to a beer tasting dinner party with John and Laurie at Tess's. Laurie's brother Mitchell owns the restaurant and has beer and wine tastings every now and then and they are awesome. Last night Bell's brewery was the brewery providing us with the great beers. It was a nice night to sit on the patio and have a dinner served to you and beers that kept coming to your hearts consent. To bad I had to work today as the beers were going down mighty easy. Nice time and looking forward to the next one as the brewery is Goose Island. Tonight is more racing at the track and then the Crystal Ridge race on Wednesday. Thursday I'm taking off from work and Cece and I are taking the kids to 6 Flags for the day, that should be a fun day. Later..

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