Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Pictures of the neck

Today I went to the chiropractor and told him of the crash I took over the weekend and he was concerned. He moved the neck and evaluated the areas that were sore and then insisted on taking X-rays of the neck. He then did his magic and told me to set up a appt for Sat morning so he could check the neck out again and look at the X-rays before then. I don't think that there is anything to wrong as the burning in the arms has pretty much gone away and that the pain is there only when I look to the right. Sleeping is still the time when it is really uncomfortable but I can live with it. Word is to try to not land on your head when riding your bike.
Going to try to get on the bike after dinner and then if time allows stop over by grandma. If can't make it there I will try to get there during my lunch break tomorrow. Today Cece had to stay home as Jessica was not feeling good and couldn't go to school. I hope she feels better as I may need to take the next day. I just hope it doesn't make a run through the house. Time to go and lift weights. See ya at the bmx track.Later..

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

New Brain Bucket

I stopped by Ben's Cycle yesterday and Danny ordered a new helmet for me. I settled for the Fly Maverick helmet. I knew when I got it home I would loose it to The Boy. That in fact happened and now I have a new helmet that used to be Nate's. No problem as I always liked that helmet. The guys at the shop also told me to bring the cracked Bell helmet in and that they would see if it could be warrantied, if so I would keep it for the spare for the next time I land on my head.
The pains in the neck and arm are getting a little better each day. Last night I got up at about 2 in the morning and I was in so much pain I almost took some of the pain killers I have left from when I smashed the fingers. I didn't give in and take any of the pain meds and I walked around until the pain was better and slept on the heating pad for the rest of the night and that made it feel better. The pain is not going to stop me from the gate practice on Thursday and racing this weekend, any how it's only going to be like -9 degrees outside. So come and race or come and watch. Let's get ready for some elbows and bumping in the corners. Later..

Monday, January 29, 2007

Russell's Super Mate of the Week

Russell has been dropping the pounds lately and may have to race age instead of the fat man group (lucky for Bubba). I think his super mate/room mate is taking all of Russell's food. Fight back Russell.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

A bunch of 3's

Today I woke up and let me tell ya the body was really sore. I could hardly lift my head as the neck was sore as hell and the arms still felt weird as the burning and needles felling was still there. I still took a few aspirins and got the stuff ready for some racing. I went and shoveled the snow and then the neck and arms felt fine. So racing is what I planned for the afternoon. we loaded the rest of the equipment and went to the races.

Nate had the toughest cruiser moto's so far this year. He had a couple of the fastest racers in the nation in his group. In the first moto Nate had a great gate and was right on the wheels of the leaders and was pushing them into turn 3 and they hooked up and Nate went by and made it to the main. The guy with the National 7 plate didn't even make it to the main. In the main Nate again had a good gate start and almost pushed Bodie over the 1st turn but didn't and then Bodie got ahead and Nate had to settle for 3rd. That was a great finish with those others in there. In age he got through in the first moto and then in the final he was leading and the guy in 2nd took him out in turn 3 and he had to settle for 3rd again. It is to bad that these guys are going after Nate and taking him out in the turns. He is taking it good and just says that part of the racing and his time will come and he will take each out or over the top of the turns.

I had a full rack of 8 in my 1st moto and the first 3 across made it but I wasn't one of those racers. I had a good gate in the 2nd moto and just held my position and made it to the main. That was my goal and wasn't really thinking that a top finish was possible with how my body was feeling and the guys I had to race. In the main I had gate 8 and just plain old sucks. I got a good start and moved into 5th in the 1st turn and was thinking maybe 1 more spot in the 2nd turn as I was right on John's wheel. No need as the 2 guys in 2nd and 3rd took each other out in the turn and I rolled across in 3rd. Nice way to end the day.

I looked at my helmet today and I have to have Danny order me a new one as I cracked it. Hell I didn't think you could crack a full face helmet. Thank heaven they do what they are intended to and the brains are still inside the head and the wife and kids aren't changing my diaper for the rest of my life.

There were alot of others racing today and the top one of the day was Fast girl Sam as she won again today. In her main she had to tangle with one of the other racers in turn 2 and Sammi just pedaled out and the other girl went down and Sam got the win easily. Nice race Sam. Mitch was back today for his second day of racing, I mean he stayed over night here so I took him and he raced well again. He took a 3rd as he was bumped up to the 13 novice group and a few of the others have been racing for a while. Great racing Mitch. And then the Ronsta was back and today the guys in his age were getting anxious in the gates and running into them and Ron was clean. He made it to the main and took 4th. Again great racing Ron. Time to go down and eat. Later..

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Race update.

Nate took 2nd in both races and should have won age. I took 3rd again after crashing hard in moto 2. Ron made main in open and missed age. Kenny took 2nd and Josh took 3rd. Sammy won cruiser and Skyler I think took 3rd in open and age. My body hurts I must go and lay down. Later..

Double weekend

Nate and I are heading to the bmx track for some racing today and tomorrow. As always it is a fun time to race the 2 days in a row. I'm hoping to make the mains each day and as for Nate it is that he wins the mains. Nate is looking better each week and that is thanks to Ronsta for all the pointers that he is giving him. I try to listen in and pick up the pointers that Ron gives Nate but my body won't let me do the things that they are doing. Maybe down the road I can coax my body into trying the manuals and jumps. Well see you at the track or on the road. Later..

Friday, January 26, 2007

Mouse update

The dump that was trying to push these little critters along with the food and maxi-pads was still closed yesterday. We went back today and the place was all better and the big boss that came along with me after a little coaxing by me gave the thumbs up and let the dump open. Also on the way out of the parking lot we had to stop a few of Milwaukee's finest homeless trying to take the damaged and bleached up food from the dumpster. I told them that it was adulterated and that they will get sick. They wanted to call more friends and take care of me so they could take the food. I laughed and started to take the trash back and told them to leave or they would be sitting in the back of a police car. We mad the owner call for a special garbage pick up and have a worker stay out there until it was picked up. The homeless left and I called it a day and went home. I love my job.
Last night was another blast at the bmx track and the kids are getting faster. The Goat and I are thinking of a jr. team to put together for the 24 hour race this summer. Just in the planning stage but we have a group of 4 kids in mind already and they are all in agreement. Hope it pans out for the race. I got home last night and the computer was signed up for the night as Cece was first in line doing her grades and other school things and then Nate had to do a book report so I gave it up until today.
I we to the interview to run the Oak Creek health dept and I think it went well. It was just a eliminator interview as there will another interview next week if I get the call. I think I had a good interview and I'm hoping that I made the final cut and get to try to sell myself a little more and have a chance at the job. Just have to wait and see. Time to get ready for the Hayes team meeting. Later..

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Not Finished

I still left this sign hanging in the window of the dump I closed yesterday. I really wonder what the Hell these operators are thinking. Just the smell alone of the piss yesterday was unreal. Today it smelt like a pine forest and they must have gone through 10 bottles of Pine Sol trying to mask the mouse piss smell. Now the Pine Sol smell is just as obnoxious as the smell of the mouse piss. Well today I moved some of the shelving and there was still mouse shit every where and a few bags of the chips had holes from the mice eating into them. WTF are these guys thinking? Oh Mr. Jay we cleaned up and can you let us open now? NO I say to you. Not one of the doors gaps or the holes in the cracks along the exterior of the building was taking care of. I mean the list could go on but they aren't ready so needless to say they are not selling any food yet. Maybe tomorrow.

I just got done throwing a resume together as I have a interview on Friday for a job in Oak Creek. This would be the same job as I was doing in Milwaukee. Inspecting the restaurants, school and hotels and other food establishments. But there are added jobs such as pools, lead in homes, animal control and a few other smaller jobs tossed in. Not that I'm not happy where I'm working but it is a chance to make a few more dollars and even maybe now I could move out of the city of Milwaukee. But the kick is Cece is working for the city so if she wants to keep working at the school she is at we have to stay in Milwaukee. But I think that she could get a job teaching anywhere so we just have to worry about step 1, get the job offer in Oak Creek first. enough for now and I need a big bowl of ice cream. See you at the bmx practice tomorrow. Later..

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

You are closed sucka

Today I thought I was going to have a nice and easy day. It started off with a meeting in the morning and then I could coast through the rest of the afternoon. Wrong. I get to the office and answer the messages and emails and then it turned to shit from there. I get a message that a gas station in a district that the inspector is off in Vegas has a bad problem. MICE eating everything. So at 2pm I get in the van and head on over and as I walk in you can smell the mouse piss in the air right inside the door. I get the papers and tell the workers that they are closed. The guy behind the glass makes a call and hands the phone to me. I tell the owner that I just closed your store and that the workers need to toss all damaged food as I'm standing there and clean and sanitize everything. The owner gets there in a few minutes and from where he came from that fast still has me amazed. He tried talking me out of closing him for like 2o minutes and I just kept telling him this place is in real bad shape and he needs to get cleaning and tossing the damaged food or he may never open. As I was watching them dispose of the half eatin bags of chips I move a bunch of bags of maxi pads by my feet and a mouse runs over the top of my shoe. I do a quick move and stomp on it, 1 down. I have a worker move the rest of the maxi pad packages and I stomp on 4 more and the owner and worker get a couple more. I look at the owner and now you can see it is clicking that his place is filthy and has a problem and this is why I'm there. So after watching the food get tossed I have the owner start cleaning and then I leave to give the police a copy so they can watch the store over night to make sure that it stays closed while I'm not working. $500.00 ticket if they operate after I close them so I hope that they clean and not try to sell after I left. So by the end I had to work 2.5 hours overtime dealing with this dump. Time to go lift weights. Later..

Monday, January 22, 2007

Russell's Supermate of the Week

Even on mine and Cece's 13th wedding anniversary I found the time to post Russell's super mate. This is a fine beauty that really knows her swim suits. Maybe she should start her own line. Enjoy the rolls Russell. Later..

Sunday, January 21, 2007

32 drops

Today Nate and I loaded the little bikes into the car and took the nice slow ride to the barn. On the way to the races there was 7 cars in the ditches because of the few inches of snow on the ground. We kept it safe and did about 60mph all the way there and keep the wheels on the pavement. Once we got to the races we were one of the first few people there. It was nice as there was room to sit and get to the gates for practice and for the moto's with out bumping into people. Today Ronsta got Nate, myself, Kenny and Josh onto the Alpha wings bmx team. That will be nice as the team is a nice relaxed team, so this gives us a chance to get points from racing for a team. Thanks Ron. Today was a good day of racing as there was only 32 moto's. Nate took a 2nd in age and in cruiser. I took a 3rd as I slipped a pedal before turn 1 and that messed me up. Kenny took a 2nd place today and Ronsta took a 5th place also. So it was a good day of racing for us at the barn. Got home and had to shovel all the snow and clear out the older neighbor's for good measure also. Now time to sit back and relax. Later..

Saturday, January 20, 2007


When I finally got my sorry ass out of bed this morning I got it on the spin bike for a work out. I did a time trail workout today to just keep the legs OK for the bmx races tomorrow. After working out I got busy going through the piles of old crap I had laying around the basement from building and repairing the bikes over the last few months. I tossed a stripped crank arm, bent brake levers, cables, housing, chains, tires, tubes and ton's of other unneeded crap. I couldn't believe how much junk I had laying on the base of the work stand. Now the area is clean and ready for the next round of collecting. When I got done with the basement I went and visited Grandma as she is home now and doing pretty darn good for a 88 year old that is still living on her own.

Just now I just finished my science project ( I mean Nathan did ). These teachers give these big ass projects that none of these kids do themselves as there would be no way that they could. I have been doing science projects for (with) the kids for the last 4 years and I think that is will continue for the next 12 years until Jess is out of high school. We did a electrical current and total foot candle brightness of the light bulbs with the total distance with different lengths of wire. No change for any foot candle brightness as the 3 were all the same. I knew that would be the case but it was a good project for Nate and hopefully a grade A project. Now we are going to sit down and watch The Great Outdoors with the punks. Later..

Friday, January 19, 2007

New bike

Here is a shot of the new cruiser that I built up for Nate. It is a bike in the waiting as he is a season or 2 away but the deals to get the parts came so I picked them up and before I knew it I had enough for the complete bike. So I put it together and now it awaits for him. I may take it to the track and ride it a bunch of times or maybe even race it myself a time or 2.
I also ordered a new mtn bike frame for Nate and it should be here in a couple of days. When it gets here we are going to put nothing but the top of the line equipment on it so it will be a sweet ride. It should be flying by many ( Randy for sure ) when the race season starts so when you hear on you left take a look at it, you will definitely like it.
Have to get moving as I think I may take the Punks to a movie this afternoon. I will cook a 7 course meal for lunch today. Hot dogs, beans chips, fruit, candy, soda and cookies. I hope that I don't disappoint them with the lunch. Time to get my butt moving. Later..

Thursday, January 18, 2007

No Mas

Today at the end of the bmx practice I was spent. I could not do any more gates and there was still 10 minutes left. That is rare when I can't take anymore gates. I did do a workout in the morning and then ran some errands and then took the punks to the hill for s0me sledding before hitting the bmx track. At the track The Boy is getting better and faster and just flying around the track thanks to Ron giving him all the pointers. We had a few full gates of all WORS racers and it was a blast. Fast Girl Sam is getting faster and beginning to take us all including Ron in the 1st corner. It was a blast and at the end I just couldn't take anymore gates. Maddie is looking better and I'm trying to get her to pull up into the doubles and pump over the rhythm areas. It may take some time to get her going the right way though. Tomorrow I will try to post a picture of the new Felt cruiser I put together for Nate with he needs a bigger bike. I may race it a few times to make sure it rides well. I know I can't ride it as fast as he will but I will try. Later..

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A OK Today

I feel like a million dollars today. After how I felt yesterday I was wondering if I was going to be ok for the bmx practice tomorrow. But no worries all ok now.
Tonight we have to go and get in a few faces tonight as we are meeting with a few of the kids teachers. Cece always loves when I go as I always make the teachers sit on the edge as I get into it as how they grade and discipline the kids. I just like making them squirm. After the conferences then it's time to get in the face of the kids when we get home. I love parenting. Later..

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A rotten night and day

This how the tissue roll looked at 6pm last night and after way to many visits to the can.

This is how it looked at 9pm. I didn't sleep at all last night and was getting up every 10 minutes to go to the can. This morning I got out of bed showered and laid back down. I was a step away from calling in and not going to work but I had a appointment at the airport that I didn't want to break. So off to work I went as I have only called in to work ill 1 time in 13 years. The other times I couldn't get to work was because of infections in the leg or my hand last summer. I had a few hours of flex time so I just left an hour early to rest the rest of the night. Time for rest. Later..

Monday, January 15, 2007

Russell's supermate of the Week

Here is a nice girl that Russell took for a ride on the bike and after the ride she lost her lunch. Russ you need to take your time and get her into shape before you bust a tough ride with her. Enjoy your fine girl on Kings Birthday.
Oh I have the day off with pay today. Nice. Later..

Sunday, January 14, 2007

OK Day

Today Nate and I hit the barn for some more bmx'n. It was a an ok day at the track. Nate took 2 3rd places and I got a 2nd. Nate had a tough cruiser as he had to race Bodie and the 7th ranked cruiser in his age. Nate was right there in the first turn and right on their heals into the 3rd turn but had to settle for 3rd in the end. In his age he had some real good gate starts but in the 2nd moto he was taken out in the 1st turn and he had to settle for 3rd at the end. The white trash kid was supposed to move up this week but he didn't so the ABA will not award his points this week. We don't care but the piece of crap is trying to take Nate out because he beats him out of the gate. Hopefully this is the end of this kid until they meet in Expert sometime this summer.

I had a good day today as I made it to the main in the first moto and then had gate7 for the main so that was not that good so I had to do a nice low high in turn 1 and then make it stick for the rest of the race. I knew in turn 2 Rich would be looking to return the favor by trying to get into the turn below me and force me over the top. I didn't let it happen and then in turn 3 he was going straight for me and I was able to get in the turn before him and he had to tap the brakes so I got the 2nd place.

It was also a good day for Kenny and Josh as they both got 2nd place finishes today. It was great to see Josh get the 2nd as he has been making steady improvements and now this should help him motivate to keep pushing to do well. Kenny had a good day as he got into the turns before Joey and had to hang on as Joey goes for the low high and runs people over all the time ( just ask Ron). You have to see it as Joey goes about 340 pounds but he can handle a bmx bike ok. Great job guys. And Ronsta was there and he was looking good and made both mains today. The tough thing is that he has to race some of the fastest guys. Ron then got a 4th and 7th. Good job Ron.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

A little of this and that

Nate and I went to the swap meet today and we didn't see that much. I do think that we seen this bike there and they wanted $800.00 for it and then I seen someone walking out with it. We did find a couple of pair of Sidi shoes for him but nothing else that we needed. As always we did see a lot of crap and people were buying it. We didn't see any mtn bike frames that would have worked for Nate so have to talk to a few people and then decide what we want. Russell seemed to be busy unloading his stuff at a quick pace and went home with less then he brought for once. Danny got ride of his spare track frame so maybe he can pay off his new one. Other then spending a cold crappy day in Madison nothing else to do but sit back watch some football and then his the races tomorrow at the barn. Later..

Friday, January 12, 2007

Bring out your dead

Tomorrow The Boy and I are heading to the swap meet in Madison looking for a few items. We are mainly looking for a nice mtn bike frame about the 15 inch size. So if any one has a frame in good shape and you know one that some one would actually want to have give me a call and we will take a look at it. Then we a have a short list of things we are looking for also. Then as always it is fun to look at all the shit that some people think is good and that some one would actually give them money for it. Hopefully Russ or Ron will bring their cameras and get a few pictures of this shit. Other then that not a thing going on here. So see you at the swap meet. Later..

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Thursday Throw Down

Well today we all went to the track and it was a who could get out of the gate the fastest every time. It was a blast and I'm tired as hell right now. It was fun to see Fast Guy Joe there throwing it down after not being on a bmx bike in like 5 years. He has some mad skills as does Dan Tav's. Again Ron thanks for working with Nate as I he is getting faster each week that you are helping him. Hell he is destroying all of us like nothing. Watch out Ron he has you in his site. Today Mitch and Katie were there also so that was nice to see. The Goat was working with them today so pretty soon they will be beating us to. I think that there are more mountain bikers there every week and pretty soon I think we can get like 50 of them there. I think this summer maybe that will be happening at the track in Franklin. Time to get The Boy doing the rest of his homework.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Oh Crap

I signed in on my computer and the damn thing logged me in and all my settings were gone. I mean all my pictures and all my favorites everything. So now I have to start over collecting both. Oh well. I'll have to start getting my collection of pictures of the punks racing again and a couple of me again. I then have to down load the pictures from California and Christmas and try to find the others again. I checked everyone elses settings and they didn't loose their setting or pictures so that was a good thing. Tomorrow we have the bmx practice and I can't wait to mix it up with the gang again. Now it is time to find my favorites and add them to the list again. Later..


Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Here is another fine picture that Ronsta took of Nate at the bmx track this past weekend. Thanks Ron. I wish that I had half of the skills that this Punk has on his bmx bike. Maybe this Thursday Ron can work with me too and I will get the manuals like The Boy. See you all at the track Thursday.
With the weather turning alittle cold I wonder if there will be a night ride this Thursday? I would maybe go but I have to see it the weather is to cold and if I feel like waiting for things like flats and broken bikes in the cold weather and try to get started again after sooling down.
The swap meet is Saturday in Madison. Got a short list of things that we are looking for there so hopefully I can find a few of the items and then get the bikes ready for the race season. Speaking of race season a few changes are coming and we can't wait for the season to start. Later..

Monday, January 08, 2007

Russell's Supermate of the Week

Now that Russell is giggling at the $ he is making on Ebay this fine lady want s to giggle with him. Maybe Russell can find a few of her prizes to sell and they can share a few laughs together. Later..

Sunday, January 07, 2007


Today Nate and I hit the barn for some fun Bmx racing. It was a crowded day at the track as all the kids got their new bikes and parts so they had to show up and race. We had a ok day as Nate got 3rd in age and 4th in cruiser. I got another 3rd in my cruiser race. Not a great day of racing but still always fun. I think the riding yesterday may have taken some of the energy from Nate but he still rode fine. I felt fine but I need a few gate practices to get the flow back. Ron was there today to race also but now that he is in the older expert class the guys he is racing are fast and I think most of them go to all the Nationals so he has his work cut out at every race. At least Ron doesn't have to worry about the young guys trying to crash you out because you are ahead of them and they take the lines that aren't there. So in short Ron missed the main today but after a few practices I'm sure he will be right in the middle of it all again. well see you all the practice Thursday. Later..

Saturday, January 06, 2007


This morning the Boy and I headed to Pet's down in Kenosha to ride with the Goat. It was a nice small group of Goat, Donny, Jerry, Lori, Chris, The Boy and myself. The Goat was leading the ride and The Boy was putting the pressure on him for most of the ride. The Goat was trying to ride over all these narly roots , drops, climbs and log roll overs and The Boy was matching him. The rest of us had to put our feet down or walk up many areas but not the Goat and The Boy, they made it up most of the more difficult areas. Poor Chris decided to drop his chain right before a bridge and then he proceeded to plant his chest right into a root. He was a trooper and was ready to hang it up and go home but he toughed it out and rode with us for most of the ride. Donny tried and miss judged a few log rollers and laid it down so thanks for the show Donny. Lori was riding good but she did chicken out a few times, but maybe she will try a few more when she watches The Boy show her up a few more times.

I got a flat and had to walk back to the car thinking that I didn't have my 3/4 inch wrench to take the nut off my rear wheel. I got to the car and was thinking what the hell am I going to do. I opened the trunk and checked the bag and I didn't have it. I looked under the bag to see if anything would magically appear and I noticed that I had my 4 star wheel lug nut remover for the car tires and I checked and one of the lug removers fit the nut perfect. I got the flat changed and called Donny's phone and they came back and got me to finish the ride. I'm glad that I was able to fix the flat as the riding was awesome and I would have hated to miss it. In all the ride was awesome and I will definitely make it back for another ride. Thanks Goat for the great ride.

Got home and washed the bikes as they did get a little dirty and I didn't want to get yelled at for always bringing dirty bikes in to the basement. I also washed Cece's bike as it was still dirty from the Thursday ride. I did find a derailleur hanger at Ben's and was able to have my spare bike back together again after taking the hanger off it to get Cece's back together after The boy broke it. I ordered 4 extra ones as I will put one in the seat bags and carry a few in the tool bag also. I love the single speed as I don't have to worry about any of that crap.

Tomorrow The Boy and I are going to the bmx races so I have to get a few things done. Later..

Friday, January 05, 2007

1 week down

I'm glad that the first week of work for the 2007 year is over and boy only 50 more weeks till Christmas. I talked to Nate today and if the rain and possible snow hold off we are going to join the Goat for a ride at Pets. So if you are not joining the Sat road ride at 9:30am come and join the ride in Kenosha at 9:00am. Nate is at a dance tonight and the girls are rearranging their room, oh what fun at our house on a Friday. This Sunday is also the first races at the bmx track so if you have some time or maybe nothing going on after a ride stop by and see some races. The races start at 1 pm and are over by about 3pm so you do get time to ride before or get home for dinner after. Time to get out of the way of the mad movers. Later..

Night ride'n in Jan

Last night we did a night ride since there was no riding at the bmx track. It was a beautiful night to take a ride since it was 50 degrees in January and there was crap on TV. The ride brought out many of the local crazy people that we haven't seen for a while or at least some that I haven't seen for a while. We got there and had to wait for a few as they ventured up from Waterford and Burlington so we cut them a break. Once we got the crew rolling it went pretty good even though Russell was leading the ride. He put a few pauses on a slight incline or on in a turn to mess everyone else's rhythm up but that is a Russell move. We were moving along and The Boy was putting the moves on the Goat and keeping at Bay and then we had to take a break so Donny could fix a flat and the Goat got a chance to catch his breath. The Goat then just got into the single track that Bubba just put in ahead of The Boy and a stick jumped up and ripped off his derailleur. That was just what I needed as he was riding Cece's mtn bike so I could see how the size was as I need to pick up a new frame or bike for him this year. We stopped and then took the derailleur off removed a few links and made it into a single speed so The Boy could finish the ride. Thanks to Donny and Rick for the help in the woods. Oh yea and the rest for waiting. That meant that the bike wasn't the same for The Boy and the Goat got a break, next time he will be bust'n him up. Well The Boy will dust the Goat at the bmx track and get even there first and then the next ride. The trails were in good shape considering the rain we got and well worth the trip for the ride. I got home and was able to get the hanger off a spare bike and got Cece's mtn bike fixed up it is ready for the next ride. See you at the Sat road ride. Back to work. Later..

Wednesday, January 03, 2007



Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Russell's Supermate od the Week

Being that it is a nice new year here are a few nice girls for ya Russell. Be nice to the ladies as they have a lot to offer. Later..

Monday, January 01, 2007

Whale on the beach

I rode at the lake front today at the early ride and there was 4 of us at the start. John B., Dan Tav's, Tom Shuler and myself. We rode up to Atwater park and the group ride there was a gun fight and we had our knifes so we said later and headed to the river trails. The trails we ok except for a few places that were muddy, so we rode the trails back to the lakefront to watch the idiots jump in the lake. It was an entertaining show and well worth the trip. I was thinking about riding from Russell's but I was thinking that I live closer to the lake and went for the closer ride, well a few us did show up and it was a nice ride anyhow.
Tomorrow it is back top work and the same old grind. Start a new year and new goals for the season. Have to think them and check out the race's that I want to hit and get myself moving. There is BMX practice this Thursday so that should be fun bumping and hitting the dirt with the gang again. Time to start taking the tree down. Later..