Saturday, December 31, 2005

Bye 2005

Well the year went as good as I could have wished. I set some goals and did as good as I could to reach them. I hoped to be in the top 3 in age in WORS and ended up 2nd overall. Done. I wanted to win a race and won 2. Done. I wanted the Crystal Ridge race to be the win and I got that as a win and it was the most gratifying win of the year. Done. I also was 3rd overall in a race in sport at the Sunburst race, maybe the mud had something to do with it but that was a great race also. I won the race at the line taking it by a missed turn and myself paying attention and racing hard until the finish. Also raced the track and had more fun this year then in the past. I enjoy the track but it is getting harder and may have to play Dad and get the kids ready more then race myself. I did the Parkside races in the spring but not every weekend as we were racing the BMX also. I raced the BMX and really like it. I plan to race the BMX for a long time as it isn't as demanding as the other types of racing.

Nate had a great year on the bike again. He won every race in the WORS cit youth and locked it up and moved up to cit after 7 races. He also did well after moving up. He won the Crystal Ridge race also and was like 17th overall. He raced the BMX also and won the first 5 out of 6 races he did. We bought a cruiser and he raced that to get the skills better and then this year he raced both and moved to intermediate after the first 3 weeks. Thanks Ron for helping us at the BMX track. He raced cross, road and the track again and did well in all. The Boy can ride a bike and he loves it.

Maddie raced the WORS series this year and finished 3rd in age. That was great and she enjoyed hanging out with the other girls after the races. She also raced the road and track. By the end of the track season she was doing great. I hope that she keeps getting better and stays in the saddle.

Cece raced the WORS series and finished 2nd overall. That is amazing that the fact that she never road her bike except at the races. I hope that she continues to ride more and even move up. But what ever she wants to do.

Tonight we are going to Indy to race at the track in Hobart at Midnight. It now will be myself, Nate, Russell, Samantha, Skyler, Dave, Katlyn and maybe Jeff getting into the truck. A little tight be should make it. Then after the racing it will be come home and nap then out to Walworth for New Years day racing. It will be a fun day of racing and trying to stay awake for a couple of hours Sunday night.

As for the plans this year I really don't have any set in stone yet. But will do some thinking in the next couple of weeks and let you all know. Have fun and hope everyone had a good year and even a better New Year. Later..

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Lot's O Fun

We went to the 4 season's skate park and rode the bikes for a couple of hours. I was more fun this time and there was less people so more time to ride all the areas. Nate had a lot of fun and I thought he would had be a little more crazy but he tried a lot of the different areas as the night went on. I tried a lot more this time and got some of the turns and jumps down. I will try more things the next time as Jay said he is planning on renting the park at least once a week. Maybe we can get Russell to try it.

Today we are going to see a movie with the Kids. The movie is The Chronicle of Narnia. We are taking Travis and Liz with us also. I hope that they are quit during the movie. They are usually pretty good if we can separate the girls and boys.

Have to get some things lined up for the races in Indy on New Years eve at midnight. As of now Russell, Nate, Samantha and Skyler are coming. We will have to leave around 6pm and then hope to miss the traffic in Chicago. Later..

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Wow I posted that Nate and I are going to the bmx track and I got phone calls that others were thinking Walworth. But my bad as I did mean the 4 seasons indoor bmx and skate park. I didn't think people read my blog. But I do mean the 4 season's and we are going there from 10 to midnight tonight. I t was fun last time and I'm looking forward to Nate trying bmx Xgame style.

We went bowling last night and it was fun. Russell and I were neck and neck each game and Bubba was the bowler though. He was consistent and had some good games. I had the high one of 181. Not bad for a bunch of bikers. We couldn't match the 10 year old 200# kid and his old man bowling strikes. They both were fat and had the Milwaukee tumor going. The kids were having fun and Jessie was funny. She sat on the alley and pushed the ball so slow that it almost stop before the pins. One time it did and I smashed the ball with another one. Only one ball still made it down there and Nate had to go get the other ball anyhow. Jessie did get a strike in one of the games. Nate, Dylan and Megan bowled all night as the others had to run to the game room and were in there for the rest of the night. We will have to try it again. Have to go and eat. Later..

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Still breathing

Yes it has been awhile since I sat and updated the blog. It has been busy around the house the last couple of days. We have been visiting with the family and having a great time. My brother and parents have left and headed home today so maybe more to normal here. Just been training in the basement with the kids. Tonight we are going bowling and tomorrow going to the indoor bmx track. This weekend Nate Russell and myself are going to Indy for midnight bmx races. Nothing else new so later..

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas. Hope you al got all your parts and bikes. I got nothing as I buy what ever I want. See you all soon.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Da ride's

Well last night we went to the indoor skate park. I have to say the guys who ride there are real good bike handlers. They were flying and jumping every thing. I myself kept the bike way closer to the ground. I took one tumble and that was it. Bubba got out the spare cruiser and was hitting it with me. He got some skillz going and was doing everything. He was riding up the little stair set up and managed to get a pinch flat. Hmm a cylde and a pinch flat? Russell had a spare tube and Bubba was back at it. Russell took the night off as he had a bad head ache and didn't feel up to it. I liked the pool as I could handle the banks and didn't have to make high tight turns. It was fun and I would do it again.

Today I got the grocery shopping done and stoped a the shop and paid my bill. Then I went to meet the guys for the ride. Bubba, Jim, Mikey, Dr. Evil, Greg, Randy and myself hit the trails. We went into the woods and the snow made the riding tough and we decided to hit the road. I know Russell would have made the riding in the snow look easy but we didn't want to work that hard. Well then as we hit the road. I think I got the vibes of Dr. Evil's plan. I think it was to get rid of anybody that doesn't agree with him. We were going up Watertown Plank road and I figured that if I stayed in front of him his plan wouldn't affect me. It worked as his plan was to get rid of the single speeders on a Rig. First was Randy and then Bubba turned his Rig around and said he would see us back at the start. We never caught Bubba again so he must of been Hhhhhhaaaauuuuulllll'n because he was back before us. Actually Randy and Bubba I 'm sorry as I was attacking the hills and waiting at the top so the pace may have screwed because of that. I play better the next ride. The weather was great and I hope that the family plans allow me to catch the ride tomorrow. Just have to wait and see. Later...

Thursday, December 22, 2005

New addition

Today I got the Specialized Hemi expert that we ordered for Nate. It is a cool white color. I did get that look and we all know the look when brought it home. Cece knew that I was getting the bike but still another bike in the basement will always make her give me that look. Nate is by my brothers house today and he is spending the night as he is helping my parents and brother insulate the 3rd floor of the house. So he doesn't know that I brought the bike home. He will race it at the New Years race in Indiana It is a little longer then the Jr that he is racing now so the position should help. Maddie is looking forward to riding the other 20 inch bike at the next open gate practice.

Tonight I finished wrapping about half of the presents and will finish the rest later. My back was getting sore from sitting on the floor. I don't mind the shopping and all but I hate the wrapping. If I had it my way I would put all the presents in a bag. Now all I have to buy is the bottle of gin for my 87 year old Grandma. She likes her booze so I get a bottle for Christmas every year. I know you all think I'm bad but that is what she likes so why not make her happy.

Tonight we are going to the skate park and riding our BMX bike with the guys from the shop. It will be fun and I hope that I don't hurt myself or others. I'm gong to try some of the jumps and see if I can get the skills to try at the BMX track. Hope to make it home in one piece.

Tomorrow I have to head it out early and do some grocery shopping and get the final stuff for the dinner Sat. Then get home and get to the 1pm ride with the guys. Well have to get my stuff and head to the skate park. Later...

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Christmas concert

We went to the school and watched the kids sing their Christmas songs. Jessica's class was so cute. The 4 year olds sang so loud or should I say screamed their songs. Jessie was smiling so much I don't know how she could sing. Nate was singing with the 6th, 7th and 8th graders. I think only the girls and the well you know dork guys were singing. I think I saw Nate move his lips a few times. Maddie was in the front row and I think she was singing. It was a nice Christmas concert. Now it feels like Christmas is almost here.

Not much else is happening and I have off after tomorrow until Jan 3rd. I plan on doing some riding so if anyone else is off give me a call as maybe we can hook up for ride. I hope that everyone has a safe and enjoyable Christmas. Later..

Sunday, December 18, 2005

8 degrees

That is right we rode today and it was fricking cold. I did dress properly and I was warm but the toes did get a little cold at the end of the ride. I went to Russells and we rode to Hoyt Park, Bubba and Rob weren't there when Russell and I did a lap to stay warm. We got back to the parking lot and Bubba was there and Rob's truck but no Rob. We rode to the dog park and finally after about 40 minutes until we ran into Rob. We rode around for about 2 hours and then headed in. We got about 2 1/2 hours in. Just enough to be warm and not freeze like the water in my bottle. If you got your front tire off the trails you hit the ground. I found this out a few times today. But riding at the speed that Randy races at, when you fall you don't hurt yourself so that was nice. A little scrape on the skin graft but that was it. It was a perfect day to ride the dog trails as the road ride there and back was a little cool.

Well I ordered a new BMX for Nate. I got a Specailized Hemi expert 20 inch. The top tube is the same length as his cruiser. I did notice that he is kind of cramped on his other 20 incher so this should help him. He should be able to ride it next year also. It should be here early this week. Maddie will be riding the other 20 inch bike. Now I have to get her some body armor and a helmet. I hope that she picks it up and does a race or 2 later. No pushing, just a lot of hope that she will try it. Hey maybe she will race before Russell does.

I have to think of a thing or 2 for Cece to put under the tree. We also have to get something for my parents. They are always hard as they have everything and do not really need a thing. But we will find something different as we do every year. Have to go fold all the clothes that I washed yesterday. I hate folding the clothes maybe I have to get the kids on track with this job. Then maybe just maybe they won't get in each others faces. Have a good one. Later..

Friday, December 16, 2005

Pounding the dirt

We loaded the loser crusier to the max last night with the Mad Dog, Little Dog and The Boy, Russell and myself. Russell had the crusier at the comfortble speed of 80mph and not a wiggle in the beast. As we were going the kids were very quite and I looked back and The Boy and Little Dog were sleeping. That is a nice sign as no fighting was going on. We got to the track as the snow was begining to fall. I like it when it snows. There was about 40 people there so open gates all night again. Russell was doing some gate starts clipped in and he is looking better each week. Torgler should be afraid to show as I think Russell would only school in another form of bike riding. The newly crowned National Cross Champ Samantha joined us for some gates also. Her Uncle Danny brought her. Skyler didn't want to come and the rumor is she was afraid of Russell? Nate is looking about an inch from jumping the double. He tried a few times but pulled it short. He will have in a couple of more practices. At the end we were able to get my Maddie and Pat's Maddie to try the BMX bikes. They both liked it and now I my be adding another bike to the basement. Cece just looked at me and rolled her eyes like that is all we need. If Maddie enjoys it we will add another bike to the collection. The best was Pat forgot little Sam's riding shoes so he was out there in his moon boots. He was rocking the house in those boots. Ron it can be done, racing in moon boots I have seen it. Diane brought Bradon out to the practice and he enjoyed it and I think he will be back for more. The ride home was alittle slow as there was like 4 inches of snow out there. Russell got us home safe again.

Tonight we are getting together for a dinner with the guys who race on the road team. It should be a nice dinner and a good time to talk about the last season and all. I can't believe it that the year is almost over and the Parkside races are in 3 months. I haven't decided if I want to race more WEMS races and less WORS and be a parent at the WORS for the kids. I may go that route as trying to get 4 racers bikes and all ready is stressful at times. But if I race the WORS it will be my single speed to do something different for a change. I have Russell building up a set of race wheels this winter and I will be looking to get a few different things for the bike. I will have to get the spare track bike on the rollers and ride it on the road this spring with Danny to get ready.We will have to wait and see.

Let it snow let it snow. Later..

Thursday, December 15, 2005


Today was a disapointment in the amount of snow we got. Oh we are going to get 4 to 6 inches and what? We get 2 maybe 3 inches of heavy sloppy snow. I got to drive to nort side of milw and then drive home in that snow. I drive the speed limit and watchout for others, but the a$$holes that live and drive on the nort side like to drive like shit. Passing in the right at the stop light's and going 50 in a 25mph area. I don't know why the man pulls them over. It must be DWB not the fact that they drive like shit.

Made it home in like 45 minutes and got the kids and headed out to shovel the heavy sloppy snow. The Boy, Mad Dog, and Little Dog got dressed in the snow clothes and made a 8 foot snowman. We got up this morning and the 8 foot snowman turned into a 3 foot snowman. I guess that I'll have to teach the kids the proper way to build a snowman that will last.

Tonight we are heading to the last gate practice of the year. I hope that the little bit of snow will keep some of the others away and then we have open gates all night again. Tonight we have to take Maddie and Jessie with us as Cece has a Christmas dinner with some of her old co-workers. It shall be fun with the loser cruiser loaded and flying to the BMX track. The entertainment shall be endless witht the kids and Russell together. Later..

Monday, December 12, 2005


I got the honor of being Russell's Loser of the week. Now I'm in the same league as Bubba's girl's, what a honor. I have a question for you Bubba. Why do we let Russell in the same room or in that fact the same anything with us? Well when I figure how to post pictures I'll post a few good one's of Russell. Not a thing new going on. Have to still find a few gifts for Cece and the parents but other then that same old same old. See you all for a ride this weekend maybe. Later..

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Move'n on up

The boy and I went to the BMX track again today. The Boy won his age group and now has been moved up to intermediate. He won his age with no problem today. He rode away from the other kids. I think he will do alright in the intermediate class. He will rise to the level in no time. He will make the mains and hold his ground. In the open he made the main and was sitting in 3rd and the guys go down in front of him and he had to run around the guys on the ground. He got up and was in 3rd but another couple had the speed and he had to settle for 5th. He missed the cruiser open as he was racing 3 real fast 12 year olds. I missed the main as I had 3 former pros and another real fast racer in my moto's also. I was a little timid from the crash yesterday. I could have pushed one of the other racers over the burm or made something bad happen to make the main but us old guys don't race that way. We have to get up and go to work the next day. Now we wait to see what numbers we get for next year. I hope you are feeling better Ron. Joey got a few places today like a 2nd and a 3rd so we need you back there. He will get a big head.

Russell, Jim, and Mike went for a ride in the snow and it sounded fun. Now that we are done for the next couple of weeks I'll be doing the rides with the guys. Our next BMX race will New Years eve in Indiana. The gate will drops at Midnight. We will then drive to Walworth for the races there. So outdoor riding the next couple of weekends.

Time to get the trimings for the tree out and let the fun begin. Later..

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Hitt'n the deck

Cece and I shopped this morning and got most of the gifts for everyone bought. I hate the mall's but it has to be done. Got home and Nate and I made it to the BMX track. I love when it is snowing out as the parents who like to sauce it up all day don't bring the kiddies to the races. Only 34 moto's. Nate took a planned 2nd in age and missed the cruiser main. I got into the main and was in solid 2nd and pulled my right foot out and hit the deck. I brushed myself off and rolled in for 3rd. Bummer. Tomorrow is a double pointer and we are going back for more.

Putting the lights on the tree tonight and then we are going to decorate it when the Boy and I get back from the races. A big congratulations the Samantha as she is the National Cyclecross champ. Way to go Samantha you rock. Also a great job done by Katie A. as she won also. Well have to get the BMX clothes out of the dryer and get the rest of the lights on that tree.

Friday, December 09, 2005

More Snow

We went to the BMX track and did gate practice last night. I love going there when it is snowing outside as the parents who I smell the beer on as I pass are afraid to drive and have been drinking. That means that the little kiddies are at home getting Pop's another cold one instead of riding their bikes. It gives a chance to run open gates all night. Last night Jake even let us run about 15 to 20 minutes extra so that is cool. So gates for 2 plus hours meands you are tired at the end and sleep real good.

Russell drove in the road bastard and the pure weight of that thing just kept us on the road as on the way there the snow was coming down and Russ's speed was a steady 80 plus. The way back you know Russell is concentrating when the Boy is offering him candy and Russell is saying I have to keep 2 hands on the steering wheel you have to unwrap that for me. We made it back in one piece and Russell is a fine driver at that. Thanks for the ride.

Russell broke in the new BMX bike that he put together last night. I felt bad by the look on his face as the Boy rode by it for the maiden voyage on the track. I have to say if he were 18 and not 11 Russell may have jumped the wall and tore his sorry ass off the bike. Russell is looking better each time he is out there. A few more weeks and then he can maybe try a race with us. Last night Russ did have the mad skillz to not ride over a 5 year old girl who rode him up the side of turn 2. I think that if Russell hit her she would never ride a bike again. Also Russell had to avoid the speed bump that appeared on the course. Ray, Dan and myself were going into turn 1 stacked 3 high and Ray hit the pebbles and got sideways and Dan hit Ray's rear wheel and hit the ground and I rode high to not hit him and Russell missed to. It was a fun night at the track. The Boy is getting better and he has to as one more win and he moves up.

This weekend we have races Sat and Sun. It is the last time to get points for the year and it was a good year since we only race the winter and the rest race year round. Nate and I both have a good amount of points and should get low numbers for next year. I hope that Ron and his bumb wheel are healing and that he is up and peddling soon. If you can get around Ron maybe you can come and watch the races. I hope that the Sat ride with the gang is fun, I will be thinking of them at the races. Later..

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Hey Taxi

Nothing new. I have been running the kids here and there. Not that I'm complaining but it does mess with the training alittle. I do get 2 days at the BMX track every week. This weekend there are races Sat and Sun. I still get on the bike 2 or 3 days while not at the track for a easy spin. Tonight it is another day at the BMX track and Russell already has a BMX bike built up for himself. That should be cool to watch again. I hope that Ron is up and moving and his broken wheel is feeling better. Well out to get some work done. Later..

Sunday, December 04, 2005


Nate and I went to the BMX track today and had a fun day at the races. We ran into Ron and hung out with him for the day. Things where going real good and then a crash, I'll get to that later. Nate made some great moves in his races and made the mains in his age, open and cruiser. He won his age and the took 3rd in the cruiser and a 5th in the open. He looked way better after the pointers that Ron gave him. I wish that I had the skillz to pick up the things Ron tells us. One more win and Nate moves up you intermediate. I think he will do alright but he will have to get the manuals and the jumping better or he will be toast. I think he will do fine though. I took another 3rd place. I'm racing 2 former pro racers but it is still a blast.

Now to that crash. Ron made the mains in both age and open. He was a little PO'd about a dude that rode like shit during gates and qualifiers. So Ron is riding great and in 2nd and jumping the double and the dude comes under Ron and hit's his bars. Ron plants his foot in the ground and goes down and his ankle is goofed up. No place in open class for Ron and he was doing great. He ices it and goes to the gate and rides to the line and gets a 3rd. It really sucked because he was doing great. Hope every thing is good and he is able to get up and going fast.

Russell said that he and Pat had a good cross race in Chicago. Pat got a 10th and Russ a 16th. Way to go guys. I have to say that I was a little tight in the shoulders after the ride yesterday. But in BMX the races are fast and the soreness was no problem. The work party was ok and I won a gas card. I don't know how much but I don't think it was enough to fill the Excursion. Well time to read the paper and relax before putting out a few Christmas items. Later..

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Single again

No I didn't get tossed from the house. I broke out the Single speed again. Today I joined the gang for a ride along the lake front in Crud a hey. It was a little chilly in the morning so I put on clothes until I was warm. As we rode I got to warm. I had too much on. I was sweating my ass of. Russell, Coop, Jerry, Goat, Lori, Mikey, Jim, Rick, Kevin, Bender and myself were on the trails for a nice spin. Nobody went for a swim off the side and I think I'm the only one that took a nice spill. We rode for about 2 1/2 hours. It was a good ride.

Tonight I have a work Christmas party. I'm going for the free food and drinks. Tomorrow it's time to hit the BMX track. Nate and I are going and then come home and get the Christmas stuff out and put some of that up. Later..

Friday, December 02, 2005


Went to the BMX track last night. Boy could I tell that I had a cold and haven't been riding for a couple of weeks. The break was nice but the gate practice was hard at times. I'm goig to have to train a few times a week on the rollers to get the lungs back. I was gasping for air a few times last night. I'm thinking what Ron said about the gearing. That 41-17 is alittle to big to get out of the gate and all. I'm going to go back to the 41 -18 and look at getting a 39- 18 maybe and see how that goes. My knees were alittle sore this morning so I think the gear was alittle big.

Ray was there last night and looks smooth as hell on the bike and ready to rock the barn this winter again. Nate was getting real good gates last night and looked the best he has this year yet. He is getting his form back and the break that he had the last 2 weeks did him good. And the best of all I beat Samantha out of the gates and around the track so she has to pay her Dad some money how funny is that.

Russell came to the track last night and did some laps. He got his license and all and enjoyed it. He was funny to watch out of the gate the first few times. He got the track down alittle and got the hang of it by the end of the night. I think he figured it out that it's harder then it looks. After a few practices he may try a race down the road. He needs to get the gate starts down without waiting until everyone leaves and with one foot on the ground. I think after a practice or 2 he will be fine. So again if you all have nothing to do races are Sunday at about 12:45. You all think you have mad skillz come see these 10 and 11 year old kids fly around. And a few of the old guys do to.

Tomorrow night is the union Christmas party. I say Christmas they say Holiday because we are Gov't workers. How lame is that, just suck it up it's refered to Christmas and you get paid for the day off and you don't complain. Any how it should be OK and all. Go to the party and talk work all night, I'll be standing at the bar as the beer is free to avoid that shit. I'll head home by 1am as we race BMX on Sunday. Later..

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Drilling teeth

Today had to take Maddie to the dentist to get 2 cavities drilled and filled. Do you believe that a 10 year old could have 2 cavities? Well they said that Maddie had soft teeth and that was the cause of the cavities. The Dentist said a little better brushing would help also.

Russell said that there was a night ride tonight and I got home and Cece didn't home to after 6:30 so the ride was a no go. I wouldn't have gone any how because it was to cold anyways. I'll ride on Sat but the night rides unless it is a little warmer I won't do. I will ride in the basement and not get sick. To say that I rode my bike outside and have a cold for a couple of weeks is not good for any thing. Sorry I'm a wuss and don't like to get sick.

Tomorrow we are going to the bmx track for gate practice. That should be fun as I haven't ridden the bike in like 2 weeks. Get a couple in and then it is racing on Sunday. Russell said that he might try to come out there this week and give it a try. That should be fun. I wonder where Ray and Torgler have been. They said that they were going to be coming there but we haven't seen them there yet. Maybe one of these weeks they will show up. Time to get the kids home work checked and get them into bed. Later..

Monday, November 28, 2005

Home sweet home

Well after the week of sitting in the woods and getting no deer I'm back at home. Like I said not getting a deer is not all bad news because I saved money to spend at the races and on the bikes. Don't get me wrong but any day in the woods is better then a day at work. And a week off the bike is always good for the body.

This week will be another day at the bmx track on Thursday for gate starts and racing this Sunday at about 12:30pm. So if you all have nothing to do ride early and come see some cool action at the bmx track.

Got the Christmas tree tonight and will put it up over the weekend. I have to say I'm not like the goat about the holiday I enjoy it but his tree does kick ass. We don't go way over board but the uncle's and grandparents do. That way I don't have to. Nothing else to say except that being back at work sucks. I only have 6 weeks of vacation and 13 paid holidays a year. I wish I had more time off like the Mitch Man. But the kids need to eat and the bills need to be paid. Anyhow working for the government is all that hard. Later..

Friday, November 25, 2005

Still no dead deer

Yesterday we had a nice Thanksgiving as Cece and the kids got here as did my brother. We didn't hunt as it was like 7 degrees outside and had wind gusts of like 40 plus. We sat and talked and had a great meal that my mother had prepared. We ate and the watched a DVD that my parents had made of pictures of us growing up. Boy 40 years of funny pictures and of great times we all had. Boy life was so simple and we had a blast growing up. Fell asleep at 9pm and then got up at 3 am and Jessica throwing up. Well I didn't do much Cece took care of all that and I went back to bed. Got up at 8 am and have a cold today and feel like shit.

Today I sat in the woods with the boy. We went out in the tree stand and sat there for a couple of hours and we didn't see any deer. I'm kind of thinking that my dad walking with the woods with Maddie and Jessica might have had something to do with it. We could hear Jessica a mile away talking as she was walking and falling. It was snowing the entire time we were sitting in the woods and by the time we came back in we had about 2 inches on our coats and hats. I went back this afternoon and I did see a deer but it was to far away to get a shot at it. I think it was a doe anyhow. Now just killing a 12 pack hoping that will help kill the cold.

Tomorrow we are driving to Minnesota to visit Cece's brothers house and visiting with them for the day. The only good thing is that the price of gas is 20 cents a gallon cheaper in Minnesota. There is a special if you buy a 12 pack of Coke tomorrow you get 5 cents of a gallon up to 5 12 pack purchase. I figure we are buying 5 12 packs of Coke and save the 25 cents a gallon and the truck has a 1/4 tank of gas left. So we are driving to Woodbury and getting the Coke and filling the 44 gallon tank. Figure to save about9 to 10 dollars on the fill up. We should be paying about 1.70 a gallon. Boy the little things that make you happy. Well time to go and pretend that I care. Later..

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

No deer

I went to the deer stand last night and this morning. I didn't see any deer either time. I kind of hope that I get a deer but if I don't it saves alot of time and money. I'm the only one in my family that will eat the meat. If I choose to get it made in to sausage that cost about $250.00. So if no deer no problem. More bike parts and race fee's if no deer.

Last night we went to a bar in Spring Valley and had all you can eat chicken wings for $6.25. Russell would have been proud as I ate enough for a small clyde. He could have put away double what I did but I got our monies worth. On top of it my brother had free drink coupons so the beer was free to. Nice little bar and not smokey at all. Full of good wings and beer and home by 7:00pm.

Tomorrow morning Cece and the kids are driving up to spend Thanksgiving here at Wades. We are also celebrating Jessica's 4th B-day. It should be fun and I'm going to take Nate out to the deer stand and if a deer comes close I'll shoot it even if it is not a bigger buck. It should be cool if we get one while he is there with me. Going back to the stand this afternoon and in the morning but I will take a deer if it is big before Nate get's here. Nothing else but hunting deer and drinking beer. Later..

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Big buck seen

Today while I was in the woods in the morning a big buck came into my area but not into shooting range. I'm hoping that when I go to the area this afternoon that the buck shows it's head in my sites. Nothing else is happening just relaxing. Hope everyone is having fun at work and has a good T day. Later..

Sunday, November 20, 2005

In the woods

Well have been sitting in the woods for the last 2 days and haven't seen a deer. Well I have seen them at the back door of my brothers house after the hours of shooting ends. But that isn't the time to shoot a deer without getting your ass in trouble. We still have 7 days to go and maybe our luck will change and we will get one yet.

Nate went to the cross race with Russell and took 3rd in age so he had a good race. Russell had a good race also as did Pat. Now we will do the bmx races and that will be a fun time for the winter. It has been a nice break from the bike and as always I take this time to recover and start training after the hunting break. Nothing else but to hunt and sit in the hot tub. Oh yea also have a few beers to.

Today is Jessica's 4th Birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Later..

Thursday, November 17, 2005


We went to the bmx barn tonight and I tried a new gear for the starts. Boy going up a couple of inches makes a big difference out of the gate. I felt better and now I have to get the skills down. It was a good night of practice. Nate was getting faster and better each gate start. He should be ready to go when we get back from Thanksgiving. It's to bad that we miss 2 race dates at the barn but we will be ready to go when we get back. Nate is doing the state cross race this Sunday and I hope he does well. Russell is going to take him there I hope Nate keeps him in line again.

I'm going to go killing this next week by my bros house upnorth. I hope that I see some deer and one that is worth shooting at. I usually only shot 8 point or bigger but in a new area we will have to see. I'll keep you all posted. Have a good turkey day and see ya later. Later..

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Cold and Rain

Well it's getting colder by the day and the rain will soon be snow. It has to happen sooner or later that the weather will change to winter. As we don't do any of the winter cross training as in skiing or anything we will be training on the rollers in the basement again this year. Last night Nate and I did a easy roller workout before the home and school meeting. We will do another workout tonight and then it's practice at the bmx track tomorrow. This weekend is the state cross championships in Sun Prairie. Russell is going to take Nate there as I will be hunting. It will be a nice break from the bike for a week, then when we get back it will be ramping it up to be training for the next year of racing. Well nothing else new. Later..

Sunday, November 13, 2005


Today was double points at the barn.. Nate took second in age and missed the main in cruiser. I took 3rd again in the old guy cruiser. Thank's Ron for the start tip. I'm still not that fast out of the gate but I was half a wheel from 2nd in the final. After a few Thurdays I may get it down and push for better finishes. See you around as we are going to miss the next 2 BMX races and Nate is doing the cross states next weekend. Also I'm going hunting as laws don't let me shoot idiots I have to go shoot deer. Plus we are having Thanksgiving at my bro's house in Woodville ( this is by Hudson Wi.). Time to eat I'm starving. Later..

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Car = $

I had to take the car to the shop yesterday as the intake manifold gasket was pissing antifreeze. I could smell some anti freeze after parking the car. I looked under the hood and noticed a area where the leak was and took it to a friend who runs a shop and he put her in the rack today and was hoping to get it done by 1pm. It didn't get done till 3pm so I had to skip the BMX racing tonight. So it will be BMX racing tomorrow. Just what I need to spend a few extra hundred dollars right now. But I guess this is a thing going on with the engine that my car has but I'm over the warranty and had to suck it up.

Nate did a cross race this morning in Sheboygan Falls. He was tired looking and not really in it. He took 4th but there was only 4 guys in his age group. But all the guys in his age group were 14 years old and being 11 he is doing alright. Russell went with us also but he finished out of the top 20 and Rick Walls went and broke his seat and just rode to finish. Pat finished I think in the top 10 as I counted and he was in 13th the first lap and was picking off riders each lap. And big thank you to Liz for playing with the kids while at the race, that was great and the kids loved it. Have to go watch are we there yet with Jessica now. Later..

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Rider's Ready

The gate starts at the BMX track always start with the saying rider's ready. Then the fun begins racing elbow to elbow. Tonight Nate and I are going the barn for some gate starts and to get to know the track layout better. This weekend Nate is doing the cross race Sat. morning in Sheboygan and then we are going to the BMX track for racing for some Sat night and racing. Then it's back to the BMX track again for double point Sunday. It should be a fun weekend in the car driving from race to race. I'm sure glad the price of gas is down in the $2.30 range.

The last 2 night's I have done some night rides with the gang. They have been a little greasy because of the rain and the leaves on the ground. This always makes for some great wipe outs on the ride. I enjoy the night rides as it is so different riding the trails in diferent directions then you do in the day. You can do that at night because there isn't other people on the trails to run into. Both were uneventful and just 2 hour rides. I hope the weather holds out and we are able to do a few more before the snow falls. Later..

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Sunday barn action

Last night Nate said he wanted to go to the BMX track instead of the cross race. After driving home in the rain and unloading in the cold I think he was happy to be inside this morning. I talked to Russell and he said that the cross race was in good shape but the BMX'n was a blast. Nate and I made all the mains and placed. Nate took a 1st in age group. He had a great hole shot and it was over right from the start. In cruiser he was in a total points against 2 expert racers and was right on their tails right from the start. He is going to be in the mix with those guys soon. I made the main and had the same guys as last night. I was a lot closer today and I think in a few weeks after Thursday practices and getting the track dialed in I may make a good showing in the races.

I hope that everyone had a good race this weekend. Nate may skip the next cross and race the weekend again at the BMX races. We will wait and see how he feels at the weeks end. Time to go and eat dinner. Later..

Saturday, November 05, 2005


We loaded the bikes and headed to the barn in Elkorn and raced today. It was a fun day of racing. On the way there we got to East Troy and was hailing the size of golf balls so we pulled over to the side of the road to not dent the car. There were some FIB's that were driving in it at like 70 mph and all I can think these shit heads are going have some big dents in the cars and vans. It sounded like the windows were going to blow out at 15 mph. But after a few seconds the hail passed and we were on our way again. It looked like it had snowed on the road there was so much hail.

Well a race recap is that Nate took a 2nd in age. They had him racing 11 inter and he is a novice but he doesn't care he just raced and did great. In the first moto he was battling the lead guy and over the last table he was about to pass him and the guy took Nate out real hard on he hit the dirt. After a few seconds I got him up and got the cruiser and he was right back at it. He got the first in the next moto and made the main. He fought it hard and just missed and got his 2nd place in age. In his open he missed the main as all the others were experts but he wasn't far behind. In cruiser he got 3rd place and that was a good finish also.

I got a 3rd place in age group cruiser. It was a total point but it was against 2 experts but I had fun. Skyler took 3rd in age and I don't recall how in the open. And Jay from Ben's took first in age inter. And Alan didn't race because he didn't have the money to get a license and race so he may try tomorrow or Thursday.

The track is way different and I think Ron will be flying on it. Right out of the gate there is a small table type bump. After that there is a 3 to 4 foot rhythm bump not a table just a roll over and then the 1st turn. After the turn there is a step up. After that there is another higher step up and then a rhythm right in front of the 2nd turn. Then there is a rhythm and then a little table and then 3 or 4 rhythm and then the last turn before another table then the line. I hope that will help you Ron. Come out and have some fun.

As for tomorrow with the rain and all Nate and I don't know if we are racing cross. We may just go to the bmx instead. We will make that decision in the morning. Later..

The Barn

The bike's have been looked over and now it's time to go to the barn. If time will give the details later. Later..

Friday, November 04, 2005


Last night we went to The Rusty Tool Shed and did a night ride. I made some calls during the day and got Russell, Bubba and Magan to join Nate and I for a night ride. It was a nice mellow ride on the trails in Tosa. Magan was on Rick Wall's single speed as Bubba took her bike apart and Rick lent her a bike to do some riding on. Magan was riding real smooth on that thing. I think that she is riding great now and should be ready to hammer in sport next year. Nate was doing ok as he was tired. He rode well and all but didn't have the pop he normaly does. The weather was perfect and I could have weather like this all the time and be happy. It will be soon enough and we will be on the roller s in the basement and looking forward for any time we can get out for a ride. So it's time to ride as much as possible now.

This weekend we will be going to the bmx track and a cross race. On Sat is the first day for bmx racing. It is the first day for racing but no points are awarded as we need to get the feel of the new track layout. The track points start on Sun but we are doing a cross race. We will have to see and check the weather and if it is real bad maybe go to the bmx track instead of the cross race. I will leave that up to Nate. A bunch of the guys went to the Iceman race. I hope that they all have a good race and the weather is snowy to make the race a real Ice man. Good Luck to all in the race. Later..

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Cry Baby

I posted a reply on the WORS board to epicmadness and crying about a pulled muscle in his leg. I see that he may have pulled it on the way to the buffet. I was replying that sorenss is a minor thing that happens when you exercise. He posted on his blog that I'm a prick. Well enough said, I hope he comes on a ride or when I'm passing him in a race he can kiss my half ass on the way past him. He is a little fish in abig bowl that I can see may last in racing for a year or 2 and then find a hobby that he doesn't have to committ so much energy to. I guess the newbies don't know how to handle minor discomfort and all. I hope epicfatness had a good work out as he was pissed at my reply. I see that I'll be making a new friend real soon. Later..

New family member

A addition was just delivered to the family. It was so nice clean and shinny. It was as tight as I have ever seen ( when I figure posting pictures I'll get one up). It is a 24 inch cruiser for the bmx track. I put a great GT frame with a Answer carbon pro fork some primo cranks, xtr brakes and now waiting on a set of Sun race wheels. The bike is clean tight and fast feeling. I'm hoping that the bike will help my poor skills get alittle better this year. It is about half the weight of the bike I raced last year. You have to love it as putting together a great light race bike is less then 4 or 5 bones. I'm going to get out of work alittle early today and go bombing around on it as bmx racing starts this sat.

Did a night ride last night and it was a faster one which was fine but the leaders never waited long enough for the ones that fell off the back or had to wait for the others to get over the logs they wanted to ride over. The minute they got over they would just take off screwing the ones behind. But hey Jack was there so I knew that would happen. I had no problem keeping up a but I didn't want Sammy or a few others to be dropped and not know where to go. It was a good ride and enjoyed every minute of it. I can do night rides every night instead of training any time.

Russell didn't make the ride as he has a real bad eye infection. His eye looks so bad that it looks like a red golf ball. He went to the Dr. yesterday and I haven't heard from him yet to what happened. He may have lost a contact lens in his eye or something. I told him to wash his hands after taking a dump and rubbing his eyes. This happens to him every year. Have to try to talk to him today and see what's up.

Tonight is parent teacher confritation. I get to hear your kids are great but..... I go to the first one and let Cece go to the rest as I tell the teachers that they can deal witht the issuses as that is what they are paid to do. This is when Cece tells me to be quiet. So after that it's better that I don't go any more then the first time ( 2 more later in the year). The teachers get the drift and don't say much after that as I point out the fact that they embarass my kids in front of me to make them behave better and I do the same to them and make them feel like crap in front of the kids. You have to keep the upper hand at all times. We will have to see how they are doing as of right now it all seems ok. Got's to go. Later...

Sunday, October 30, 2005


We did a night ride on Friday and was haaaauuuullliiing along with a few miss directions here and there. We were going along decided to ride up to Bubba's woods and on the ride up there Randy gets a nail in the back tire of his steed. We stop and after waiting for about 20 minutes for him to try to change the tube a few of us rode on and the rest waited and rode back to Russell's. We went back and the shit was flying at Russell's and the PBR's were flowing. We finished all of Russell's food in his house ( Chips and pretzels ) and headed home at 1 in the morning.

We went the WORS banquet on Sat night and it was a fun time. It is hard to believe that another season is in the books. We had a fun time and sat by the team Wisconsin guys and the Darcy team and Jesse Lalonde. We all went up to get the awards and Maddie won a bag of Cliff bars and a new helmet. Barb won the new Gary Fischer bike and I will have look and see if Jerry has it on Ebay yet. After the awards the set up a kareoke machine and Ray, Nate and Miles were up the singing songs. It was really cool to watch. They gave pries and Ray kept getting his Name called and was letting Nate pick prizes. Nate kept picking and giving them to others and not keeping one for himself. When we were leaving Toni gave Nate a hat because he kept giving the others away. That was cool of her. We got home at about 1:3am with the time change. So that was 2 late night's for Nate. But he seems fine today.

Today was a cross race and all the costumes were out at the race. There was a couple of real good ones. Nate took second today in the 14 and under. He looked good and was fading in the last of the race but was ok as for he had 2 late night's. Pat won the C's race for his first ever 1st in a bike race, way to goo Pat. Russell took 20th and Danny was some where right after that. Ron took a 9th in the A's on a fixie. The guy is nut's. Matt was jumping the barriers and that was fun to watch as he also won 2 races today. There was a lot of other racers and they were all looking tired during the race. Anyhow good job to all who raced. Oh most of all thanks Russell for the PBR's again.

Gomez update:
The poor little guy has to thinks his room mates friends are nuts as he was out of his cage quite a bit Friday. I think he was macking on Jamie as he was trying to climb in her shirt. After Jamie pulled him away he shit on her arm, I think pay back for not scoring. He was in his wheel all night and he must have been going 20mph. I think that if he was on a bike he would be haaaauuullliiinnnng and Randy would be of the back asap. Good thing he is not on the night rides as for Randy may be dropped. I think Gomez is going to have a talk with Russell and put end to the late parties in the crib. More good things to come but can not spill the pot all at once.

Friday, October 28, 2005


Haven't been doing anything lately. Just have been a bum. I'm going to do a night ride tonight with Russell and the gang. It is going to be a late one as it is starting at 8:30pm. I guess Russell wants to get a fish fry before he rides. Not something I would do but Russell is a clyde and a pro eater. I'm bringing Nate along even though it will be a long night. He loves the night rides and he can sleep in tomorrow before the banquet.

I think I hooked myself up with a new bmx cruiser frame and I'm going to build up a new race bike. It's a GT with box stays. It is polished aluminum and Russell had it at the shop. I'm going to add some nice stuff to it and have a primo race bike. The bike won't be ready by next week when bmx starts but it won't be long after that. I will look through the parts catalog's and order the part's and get it going. I'm looking forward to getting it ready and riding and race the new bike.

See you at the ride tonight or at the banquet. Later..

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Important update.

I have important stuff happening that I have to post. Well not really. Jim has said that I haven't been doing anything. He is right I haven't. I have been spinning on the rollers in the basement because the weather is crappy. I just ride for a hour spinning to keep the legs in the motion as bmx is coming up. So I'm just trying to keep a little ahead of the game.

Cece is doing something tonight so I couldn't do a night ride with Russell and a few others. I did drop Nate off at the shop and he is riding with Russell. Russell said he would bring Nate home after the ride so Nate went. I had to stay home with the girls as there was no one to watch them. We are going to do a night ride tomorrow so call Russell if you want to go.

Nothing happening that is worth the time on the blog. Going to the banquet this weekend. Nate doing a cross race on Sunday. So if anything good comes along I'll give it to you. I'll get the update on Gomez on the night ride and post the humor for you. Later..

Monday, October 24, 2005


I did the social ride on Saturday. There was 11 of us at the start and we hit the trails after having a beer that Marty provided. We weren't even 2 minutes into the ride and John Baruan falls off the bridge in the creek below. After we laughed at him the other John comes across the bridge and also falls off into the creek. So 9 hours of riding and drinking and 2 are wet from the start. We start riding and the rain is steady and it rains for pretty much the entire ride. We hit some cool single track and with the rain and wet leaves my slicks on the single speed weren't hooking up the way I was hoping. I wet down a few times and once down a hill and slid for about 25 yards into the edge of the woods. After drinking and trying to ride single track it is not as easy as it looks. The bike handling is way off and now I know how Randy feels in the single track. We hit some nice bars off the beaten path and had a good time. Need to do more of these rides but have to hope it's not raining and 45 degree's out side.

Nate did a few cross races this weekend. On Sat he took a 3rd place in the 14 and under and on Sun in chi town he took a 7th in the 18 and under. He enjoyed the races and I thank Russell and Pat for taking him to the races. Nate will do the next cross race at Washington Park in Milwaukee and that will be his last one. He now has 2 weeks and bmx starts.

This weekend is the WORS banquet and we are looking forward to going. We are going up and coming down the same day as the riding is closed for hunting and it costs money to ride your bike there. I don't mind paying to ride but after paying to stay and all why pay more. May ride in the morning. It will be a ride around the house or the Sat morning group ride. Will have to see. I think Cece was talking about stopping in Johnson Creek on the way there. What ever I'll ride early and head there. See you all at the banquet.

It looks loke the single speeders hogged the podium at the Big Ring race this weekend. Good job you guys and the Icce man is the last racce so these guys have some time to go yet. Have fun training stay warm. Later..

Friday, October 21, 2005

Killin Pumpkins

I just killed 7 pumpkins with the kids. It is always a fun time stabbing a few pumpkins and cutting them up. Jessica was fun to watch as she was up to her shoulders digging the guts out. She gave up after awhile and I had to finish hers. Then Nate, Maddie and I cleaned the others. We carved some pretty cool faces and now the seeds are roasting in the oven. The kids are in the living room with the lights out and candles in the pumpkins they look great.

Tomorrow is the cross race that Nate is going with Russell and Pat. I hope that the rain holds out until after they race. Also I'm doing the pub crawl so I hope that the rain holds out until after we ride. Then on Sunday Russell is taking Nate to the cross race in hi-town. I'm going to get things done around the house and help Cece do some school paper correcting and what ever else she has for me since I'm doing the pub crawl. Well time to get Nate's stuff ready. Later..

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Poor Gomez

We did another night ride last night. We had a group of about 12 of us. The pace isn't real fast with a group that size but that is ok because we are done with the hard efforts. Nate came on the ride again and his is just loving the night rides. We ended waiting a few times and lost a few for awhile. Nate dropped the single speeders on the road back to the bar. I know it won't be long and he will drop me to. I can't wait for that day. I have to thank Marty for the beer after the ride. I tasted great. Nate had a few root beers. I live for night rides.

Nate is going to go to the cross races with Russell this weekend. He wants to do the races and I have plans so Russ said he would take him to the race in Verona and in Chi town. He wants to race I'll pay and get him there some how. The kid loves to race a bike. I don't have the ability to do the cross races but he wants to do it so I can't say no.

I have a request to update a story of Russell's room mate the hampster known as Gomez. Well on the ride Russ said he had Gomez out for awhile in the back yard. I didn't ask if it was his back yard or the back yard, well you get what I mean. And I stopped by the shop and Russell told me that he was cleaning Gomez's crib so put the little guy on the top of the cabinet while he cleaned the crib. Well he turned his back for a few seconds and Gomez took a short walk off the end of the cabinet and hit the deck. He said it sounded like a hacky sack hitting the floor. He picked Gomez up and looked at him and said what the hell do I do now? Do I flush him or put him in the trash. Well all of a sudden Gomez shakes and wakes up. He finishes cleaning the crib and put Gomez back in and he hit the wheel and ran all night again. Good thing Russell doesn't have any kids with him all to often man he is just a dangerous guy. Hey wait I'm letting him take Nate to the races, oh yea Nate will probably take care of Russell.

Well tonight or tomorrow we are going to carve the pumpkins and roast the seeds. Have to go and eat. No ride tonight and a social ride on Sat so that is why Russ is taking Nate. Later..

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Pumpkin farm

I will do anything to take a day off at work. Today I went to the pumpkin farm with Jessica's 4 year old kindergarten class. It was a fun time to watch the kids feed the animals and go through the hay wagon ride. They got to pick a pumpkin and Jessica picked a rather large one but that was cool as I could carry it out for her. I get to go to the pumpkin farm for another 5 years with her class so that is cool.

Tonight going to do a night ride and Nate is going to come again. He had a large school project to get done before Friday and has been working on it like 3 or 4 hours a night so he could do the night ride. I'm glad that he is enjoying the rides as it won't be long and he will be pulling my ass around on training rides. I can't wait for that to happen, until then it's pull him and enjoy every minute of it.

Haven't been doing anything lately as I had a school board meeting last night and did things around the house. This weekend is the fall social ride and going to do that as the racing is done for me until the bmx season starts. I'm just enjoying the rides with no pressure to train. The body needs a break and the cross races don't give you a break. Plus to travel and race the cross races and finish in the back half of the pack is not worth the time and money. Plus for Nate to race older kids isn't worth the time either. He has bmx coming up so that is what he is looking forward to anyhow. We can get good training in on the weekends for no money and time spent. When Nate gets older then we will reconsider if cross is something to do. There really isn't any thing in it to do the races anyhow. With the small fields and all I'll let Nate decide if he wants to do them.

Time to go rake the leaves and cut the grass. Then I'm going to lift weights and get the kids. I could get used to this no working stuff but with my hobbies and family it won't work. Later..

Sunday, October 16, 2005


Friday Russell asked me if I wanted to do a night ride as the weather has been so nice. What are you to say? Hell yea I'm there. So I got the lights and the boy and we did a night ride with about 10 of us. Nate did his first night ride and he did real well. We rode for 2 1/2 hours on the river trails in Tosa. Nate got a thorn in his tire so we had to stop and do a quick tube change and then the tube I put in had been in my seat bag for a while and had a rub hole in it. Russell gave me a new tube and we fixed again and headed off again. Nate loved the ride and wants to go on the rest of the rides when we do more of them.

On Sat Nate and I did the group ride from Hales Corners and he was a little tired after the night ride and it showed. The wind was strong and there was about 15 of us and we tired to keep Nate and Magan out of the wind as much as possible. They made the ride about 36 miles and a average of almost 17 mph. We had to push Nate a few times up some hills and keep him on wheels for the ride but he has taken the last couple of weeks easy because bmx training and racing starts. We will do a few more of the Sat rides until the bmx starts.

Easy ride maybe today but I have to get a few things done around here. I washed and waxed the car and truck yesterday but have to clean the insides out today. I may cut down the old junk in the gardens and do what ever else Cece has for me to do. I will try to sneak a ride in some time though. I passed on the cross race as Nate rode a lot the last couple of days and like I said bmx starts and he didn't feel like driving and all to the race. Plus I wouldn't race it anyhow as my running with my leg isn't worth it. I'll have to try to find out from Russell how everyone did later. The weather was perfect for racing but also perfect for just riding. So I hope everyone enjoyed and did well at the races. Later..

Friday, October 14, 2005


It is great to see that some of the gang have got the call up to do the Ice Man. I hope that they all have a good showing at the race. I hope that it will be snowing and cold as hell for them. I think last year that the race was kind of messed up because they got like 6 or 8 inches of snow the night before. That would be cool if it happened again. Good Luck.

The weather has been great and can't wait to get out for a ride after work today. I'm liking the extended summer this year but I have a feeling that this winter we may be paying with extra snow. But now is the time to get the extra rides in and enjoy the warm weather.

I'm thinking that mabe a night ride tomorrow night with Nate might be in order. Just a easy one so he can get a ride with lights on his bike. Tomorrow Nate and I are going to do the group ride in the morning as the cross race is to far to do and he isn't going to do them all because the bmx race season starts in Nov. Plus they group the little guys with the big little guys.

Tomorrow is Sweetest day so I have to come up with a gift for Cece. I have some ideas and will have to see if I get close to one of the places and get the gift tomorrow. As much as I think that Sweetest Day is a foolish celebration I hate to forget it as if I do I get a little hassle and just a small token saves alot of grief. Enjoy the warm weather and get alittle something for the sweet heart. Later..

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


We did another night ride and Russell didn't find a new friend on the ride. I asked Russell how his hampster which he named Gomez was doing. He said Gomez was fine and that he spent like $35.00 dollars on the little guy to put him up real pimp style. That is way more then he spent on the old lady when he took her out on a date. Go figure what a friend that doesn't yell at you or tell you what to do will get you. Hint hint ladies and look at what you could get.

The ride was a good ride. We had 12 riders and it was moving good when we where rolling and not waiting. But at this time of year it is time to enjoy the bike not just hammer away. We stopped as Russell put his spare light on Jamie's bike and we pointed our lights on Russell's bike and he then rode it into the dark and as it does glow in the dark it was real cool to watch. It looked like the frame was dancing in the air as Russell was riding it. Have to get a picture and figure how to post it. We rode for almost 3 hours and at the end we got caught in the rain so it may be awhile before a off rode ride if the sun doesn't come out to dry it out. Maybe a road ride with Russell this weekend if the family doesn't have plans for the day. May go by Dave's house Sunday night and play soccer with him and shawn.

Good luck to Jerry, the Goat and Amy for the Iceman race. And Bdog you my want to try and post a want ad and find a good feed person. Although Barb is one of if not the best feed person out there. So for a small fee she may pass you your bottles. And I know she will not hit the sauce while on the clock with your juice. I'm glad that everyone liked our skin suits we wore at the race. I know that they looked great and could be seen from a mile away. Maybe if it was a short sleeve I would wear it at all the races. Time to go and make dinner. later..

Monday, October 10, 2005

Season over

Well we did all the races this year. All 4 of us in the family were able make them all. I don't want even figure how much entry fee's, gas, and all costed. But that doesn't matter if everyone was having fun and we are able to do it as a family. Can't wait until next year to start.

We the race was fun and perfect weather for a race. Maddie started it off and she was riding well and made all the hill climbs and rode down the hill to the log jump but she did ride around it. She finished 2nd on the day and 3rd overall for the year. She got better as the year went on and said she really enjoyed racing this year. I'm glad because if she didn't I would not make her race but she would have to go out for a sport at school.

Cece raced well and said she didn't have it in her today to go any harder in the race. Well if she would train alittle not just ride her bike on the days the races are she could do better. She took 3rd at the race and 2nd overall for the year. I'm going to get her to ride some this winter and get into a little better shape for racing next year.

Nate had a good race and he finished 6th. I seen him in the race and had to tell him that he needed to spin more as he was pushing a big gear. He finished first in his age group for cit youth 11-12 and did well in a few of the cit races winning one and taking a second in the other. Not bad for a 11 year old. Bmx starts in a few weeks and he will do a few cross races yet so he will be ready for next year.

For my race it started off good as I got the hole shot and got the 20 bones. I sat up and rode the most part of the first lap in first place. I was feeling real good and didn't mind any pace that was beening set for the race. On the second lap we caught some riders and some idiot tries to take the little gravel jump inbetween a few of us and goes down and I lock up my legs and they started cramping for the rest of the race. I loose contact with the leaders on the hill and try to chase them down but no go. One more racers passes me as I limp up the hill for the last time and I don't feel like sprinting him for 3rd I roll in a second or 2 behind him. I finished 2nd overall for the season.

Well next is the awards banquet and everyone is getting a season overall in the top 3 so that should be a great night. I heard that there are a few changes in line for next year so we will have to wait and see. I will drive 6 hours for the fat tire 40 but not to race up a ski hill in Minn. so the WORS head may not be repeated. Have to wait and see. Great job to all who raced and had good years in the overalls. Have to make the training plans and get the stuff in order to try to do alittle better next year. See you all at the banquet and at training rides this fall and spring. Later..

Friday, October 07, 2005

Riding in the dark

Last night we went for a night ride along the river. It was nice to ride with helmet light and a bar light. The trails were easy to see and the ride went great. Of all things while we were riding Russell yells out look at that white mouse. It wasn't moving like a field muose. I told him pick it up, he did. It was a hampster. We put it in his back jersey pocket but that lated for a mile or so. We emptied a water bottle and put in there and rode on. We stopped by Bubba's crib and gave it to them to bring to Russell's crib later. Russell now has a new room mate.

Just one more race and the WORS season is done. I'm kind of bummin but then the indoor bmx goes on and that is alot of fun. So at least there is something to do all winter not just sit on the trainer and all. See you all at the last race and good luck. Later..

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Fog alert gone

The fog has lifted from the head. I actually feel almost back to normal. I now know why I don't drink that much anymore. Plus most the guys are married now with kids and that gets in the way with trying to act single. But there are a few of the times that require to much liquor.

I haven't had the time to do any riding since the ride on Saturday but that should be ok. I'll get on the trainer if I have in the next couple of day to keep the legs loose for the race this weekend. I'm looking forward to the race as it is one of the better ones. Going to the banquet and then coming home so we can make it to the cross race. Then the first week of Nov BMX racing starts. Nothing is going on just chillin and getting the chores done. See you at the race. Later..

Sunday, October 02, 2005


Well after the ride yesterday and all the alcohol there was no racing for me today. Took Nate to the race and he did good and enjoyed the race. I think he took like 4th or something in the jr's race. They group all the kids 18 and under in the race. So he did alright and wasn't that far back from the leaders. Pat and Russell raced the c's and Pat got 6th and Russ got 30th. I saw Ron out there and he was racing the race in the fixed gear state. Russ said Ron got 3rd wow racing the fixie he is a freak. I don't know how Jerry finished but that was cool the he was racing the cross bike again. Will have to check the web site and all the results later.

Only one more WORS race and then it's bmx time. Going to take it easy this week and have fun at the last race. Going to try to get a night ride in this week and try the new light for the helmet. It will be nice because the stadium is great but it's always nice to have some light for the eyes. It was always hard to get one that was as bright as the stadium but I picked up a HID that has a 4 hour battery so it should be nice for the long rides. I really can't wait to use it.

Have to get my butt to the couch and get this foggy feeling behind the eyes to go away. Needless to say no ride today as the beer is still leaking from the pores. Later..

Friday, September 30, 2005


Went for a easy ride with Nate today. We hit some local trails by the house and we found big puff ball mushrooms and Nate was picking them and throwing them at the trees. It was hilarious to watch them explode and fly everywhere. I put some new tires on the single speed and they were fun to ride. They are the Kenda flames and are 2.125. They make the bike about 5#'s heavier. The tires are slicks and leave a flame pattern in the ground as you ride. It should be fun on the ride tomorrow.

I have been riding easy all week and now after the recovery I'm ready to ride again. I'm doing the Lake Geneva ride and taking Nate to the cross race on Sunday. If I don't drink to much maybe I'll race the cross race. I know I can do it on a hangover as last year Russell and I drank a gallon of Mogan David concord grape wine at Bonnies crib and did a cross race the next day. It was a little of a struggle at the start but as the race went on I felt better. So we will have to see how it goes tomorrow. Have a great race to all those racing and good rides to those who are riding. Later..

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Well it's been a couple of days on the trainer. I took off Monday and got things done around the house and cleaned bikes. Tuesday was a spin ride on the rollers and getting the legs loosened up from the Sunday race. Then Nate, John, Russell and myself went to the Brewwers game. It was a great game and the Brewers won. Nate came ahome with 2 balls from the game so that was real cool. The Reds players would toss the baseballs to the kids in the seats and Nate was lucky and got 2 balls tossed to him. Today was a night ride but it was raining so again it was a workout on the rollers in the basement. This weekend we are going to do the ride around Lake Geneva and have some beers. Nate wants to do the cross race sunday so we will try to make it to the race so he can race. Well have to get the kids to bed and get myself to bed. Later..

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Sunburst Raindown

Well what can I say? The first 3/4 of the family had perfect racing conditions. Maddie we think has strep throat again but she raced and pulled in a 3rd place again. She was smiling coming past for her second lap, what a great feeling that she is enjoying the racing as much as she is. Nate dropped the bomb again and finished 2nd in the cit boys 10-14. He did well and it was fun to watch he come by after the first bottom half and he caught the wave in front of him and they were flying. In the end he finished I think 13th overall for the cit class. All I think is boy, the kid is flying for a little squirt. I hope that he just keeps up the training and enjoying the racing. Cece again was 3rd in her age group and 8th overall for the cit ladies. Man she only races her bike I wish she would train and try a few of the sport or the WEMS races. But hey she is racing and I'm not complaining.

Now for the fun part of the day. I was in a real different type of feeling before the race started. Knowing that I couldn't get the series overall and had 2nd locked up it was a different feeling. Not the typical dozens of times to the blue coffins to leave a deposit or a nervous feeling or anything. I just had to ride the race and enjoy it and let it end the way it did. I started the usual way the 3 or 4 of us in the lead and riding along. After the first bottom swing I was in 2nd and Paul was off the front but as we got to the hill climb Todd and I caught him and the 3 of us rode together for a while and then we rode that way until the end of the first lap. Then we rode up the hill and a few of the other racers caught as we were just riding not pushing it. And then fun started. It started raining during our climb and we ended up walking our bikes some because of the rain. I was sitting in 4th and I picked up my bike and it was easier because all the mud that the others were getting in their bikes. I went in to the field and it was raining so hard and all I had to ride with my eyes closed at times and came out of the field in 2nd. I caught the rider in front of me and rode with him for a while. When we got to the top it was thundering and lighting and all and I'm thinking holy crap. But rode on and the Mike caught us and it was the 3 of us riding together. We heard that the race was shortened and I hit the gas to try to drop the others and it worked. Coming into the last long mud uphill I slipped and had to run up the last part and Mike caught and passed me. I'm thinking crap that's it and the race is his but he caught me at the top and I got on the gas and tried to chase him down. I was gaining on him and was right there and I'm thinking close but not this time and he misses the chute and I wave to him and come across as the winner. But bummer for Mike as he worked hard but I pulled the rug at the end for the win. But as it goes know the course and the finish or you may pay. I got the win for my age today and was 3rd overall for sport.

I didn't stick around for the results of others as it was raining again and I had 3 kids to bath and 4 bikes to clean when I got home. So I will check the results later and great job to all who raced and finished in the mud and rain. Only one more race and 3 or 4 pub crawls to finish this year. Next weekend there are 3 races and a pub crawl. Enough said for racing it's time to ride and drink. Later..

Saturday, September 24, 2005

2 more

Nate, Maddie and myself just got back from pre riding the course for the sunburst showdown. It is running a little different this year then in the past. We are doing some of it backwards but much of it is the same. The climbs seem to be better this year and the course has a little better flow but come race time it will still be the fact that we are racing on ski hill and the hills will take a toll on me. If it rains the course should be a hoot as there are a lot of spots that are in the mud. I think I may take the single speed and race it if it is real bad out there. Just have to wait and see.
So we have only 2 more races and then the season is over and we may do a cross race or 2 then it is bmx racing. We are looking to maybe skip a lot of the cross ones because NATO has to race with the 18 and under and he is only 11 so that makes it kind of a waste of money. Also the barriers are up to his knees and he has to really work to get over them. We could get some good training in and once the bmx starts we will skip the rest of the cross any ways. So I will let it up to NATO and if he says he really doesn't want to race cross e won't. Well have to get my hair cut and get the bike race stuff ready. Later..

Thursday, September 22, 2005


Just been riding the ss and did a night ride last night with Russ, Coop and Bubba. I like riding the night rides more then any training or riding that I do. It is more fun riding and having to make last minute turns and stips. Hitting a few trees along the way are par for the night riding.

This weekend is the race at Sunburst and the last ski hill mtn bike race. It looks like it may rain the day before and the day of the race so that is never fun and there are areas where there could be alot of mud and make the race real dificult to do. I have never done well at this race but I hope to change the tables this year. It is also the award presentation for the youth team so the kids will be having some swag to take home so they are looking forward to the race also.

As all of you have heard pray for our friend and racer Jeff Littman as he is recovering in ICU from a bad road race crash. He is a good friend and sponsors a team that rides the road and mtn bike. I hope to see him back on the bike soon. Later..

Monday, September 19, 2005

Fat Tire Weekend

Well we made it back from the Cheq Fat Tire race. I did the short and fat this year and that was fun. It is a sprint from the start. I finished under an hour and 36 over all. But as always our age group was the fast one and I was 7th in age. Dan did a great job as he was 2nd overall on single speed in the short and fat. Lenny did great and finished shortly after Dan. As for the others they all had fast 40's this year. As for Jack he was pre riding and took a spill and wreaked himself so bad that he couldn't even walk. He didn't race and I know that the race being as dry and fast as it was he would have been right up at the top. Bdog and Jerry both had top 100 finishes so that is great and the others all were happy. Have to go now. Later..

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Fat Tire

Well nothing to say except that we are off to the Fat Tire race tonight. Easy week before the race and hope to do well. Great job to all who raced over the weekend. Happy B-day to Russell that the fact as the dirty old man is 40 on Thursday. Have a good weekend and see you all at the next race. I will post when and if possible or when we get back. Of course what happens up there stays up there so you may not get all the facts. Well maybe if Jack has as much fun as in the past we may let you know. Later..

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Boiling point

How hot can it get in the field before you pop? Wow it was another hot one in Kewaunee in the fields. The first to race was Maddie and she pulled another 3rd place. She did well and said she is enjoying the races. In the beginning it was a little of a bummer because she was so nervous and really didn't want to race. Now she just goes and races and gets it done. I'm very proud of her. Next was Nate and Cece. Nate was in the lead group but said he just didn't have it and came in 7th place today. He races well and never complains about his finishes and I hope that at the next 2 races that he pulls it together and maybe places in the top 3 again. As for Cece she got another 3rd place today and that is good since school has started and she gets little sleep trying to get the school work done.

As for me I got in a group of 3 of us and we got a good gap by the time we hit the dirt. We were able to drop Todd and that left only Paul and myself. Paul pulled and we got a lead that none of the others could close. During the first lap I just hit the heat in the fields and bam I popped. I got to the point that I threw up and felt like quitting. Paul yelled at me and said let's keep it rolling. I did and the when we hit the last single track I got caught behind the slow women and on was walking over the little rock garden and Paul got a gap before the road. I rode it in as I was in 2nd and was making sure that no one in my age group got me. That was the worst I have ever felt from the heat and just pushed it on and kept on rolling. This 2nd place now makes it a large enough gap that I have 2nd locked up.

As for the others there was some great finishes. Sara got the elite ladies over win which is way cool. I can't wait to see her finish in the Fat Tire 40. And Holly got a 3rd overall to. Ron got a 10th place and the goat got 11th. And Jerry rolling to a 2nd in age. And Jack Hammer getting in the top 20 also. To all the others good job. See some of you at the Fat Tire 40.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Last CR race

Well the races at CR are done for the year. As fitting as it was we don't ride in the rain but tonight we raced in the rain. We started off in a light rain and it was a little slick in the corners on the Alpha trail. I was on the Alpha on the 2nd lap and heard a load lighting strike that was close. It started to rain real hard but I was already on the single track on the other side of the road so I kept riding. There was a lot of puddles in the corners and you had to ride pretty slow or you would be on the ground before you know what hit you. I finished my lap and they said we are only counting 1 lap so I ended up in 4th and 1st age group. I figured if you have top race in it you might as well do the training race in the rain as we haven't raced in the rain yet. I finished 2nd in age group for the year which isn't to bad as I only was able to make half of the races. Ron won the most races and will get his prize money to. Great job Ron.

Nate raced real well today also as he finished 1st age group and did his 2 laps also. He came up the hill full of mud and was loving it. He beat many of the adults today as they were afraid of the mud and turns in the water. He just rode right through them. He finished 2nd in age for the year also and he only made half of the races also.

Today before the races I ran to the shop and put a new head set in my bike and Cece's bike. Wouldn't you know I would have to end up in the rain on the first ride. Cece's bike needed a new one for a while and Russell order me 2 Tange because he said for half the cost of the King you get one just as good with a life time warranty. I figured I would give them a try. They look nice and felt good today.

Well tomorrow is the last group ride for the road bikes also. We are looking that maybe in 2 weeks that we are starting the night rides on Wed. So get the light's ready and see you on the night rides. Well have to go get some ice cream and hit the bed soon. Later..

Monday, September 05, 2005

Labor Day

Well what a great weekend. I did a ride on Sat with Dan, Jerry, Jeff, Russ, Copper, and John. We meet at 60th and Oakwood and rode around windlake. It was a nice tempo 55 mile ride. I needed a ride that wasn't a hammer ride as last week it was a race Sun then Tues and Wed and then the group ride on Thur. My legs were still tired and I needed a ride that I didn't hammer on. I was lucky because the guys didn't mind that I sat in for most of the ride. I got home and washed the car and truck and then waxed both of them.

I didn't ride on Sunday as we went to Ottawa lake in Waukesha county somewhere. I was a great day at the lake as the kids just played in the water and we all had a blast. The kids needed a time to just run around and play after the first week of school. After every other weekend of racing it was what we needed to just break up the training and racing.

Today we went to CR and rode with Jerry and Al. We did a bunch of runs on the single track and then went to the top. We rode for about 1.5 hours. It was a fun ride and just what the body needed no real hammer. I love riding the single track there and can ride it for hours and never get tired of it. On the way home we saw Ron and Toni and they were at St. Martins fair which is a circus in the streets. Maybe next year if we are home and not racing we will go there to so the kids a different culture.

Well Not much but the family time together and a little riding to get ready off the next race. Have to get off the computer so the kids can play some games. Later..

Friday, September 02, 2005

Holiday weekend

Well there is one more race at CR next week. This week was a shorter race because it get's dark way to soon for all the racers to finish. I felt tired and raced that way the last time up the hill as Steve caught me and Al almost did to. Nate and Danny rode together as I told Nate to just ride at a good pace because he was tired from Sunday and Tuesday at the track. He rode to get the legs spun out and work on his single track. Maddie rode her 3 laps around the cap and played with Liz and hit a bucket of golf balls. I enjoy the trails at CR and may got there over the weekend if I don't feel like riding the road.

The Tursday ride was a fast one as Billy Jones and a few of the fast guys from Endeaver were on the ride. I went to the front down woods road and took my pull. Then the guys took their pulls and the next thing I know we are going 30 mph into the wind. Needless to say I sat in and then when we hit the hills they all just took off and we were off the back. Jeff and Dan worked real good and we could always see them but everytime they got to a stop light it would change when we were like 20 yards away. We caught them down woods road and rode in with them. Next week may be the last ride or we may need to shorten up the course we take. Today is a day off the bike.

Tonight Cece is going to sit on a phone bank for one of the tv stations to take money for the people who ar e now homeless down south. That means the kids and I are on our own for the night. Maybe some take out pizza and a movie is in order. Tomorrow we are doing a group ride with a bunch around wind lake at 8:45am and then maybe I'll cookout with the family. Go to go. Later..

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Message board

I'm sitting here and thinking why do I ever read the WORS message board. The flaming that is going on the message board is just about the worst that I have ever seen. I have posted like 2 or 3 times on it and I do use my name JAY on the board. I think that I was refered to on the message board because I posted that Matt my have taken a short cut during the race and then pulled it from a post on my blog. I was saying that because I had heard that remark from a team mate of Matt's say "Hey Matt I seen you go straight at the turn off did you come back?". This was all after Greg called me over and asked me do you think Matt could have gone that fast? I said yes Matt is a fast rider and does beat us at the time trials by 3 or 5 minutes and Greg said enough for me it stands. I talked to Al Brunner and he said that the single speeders were a couple of waves behind me. That makes it kind of a funny feeling that Matt never passed me and finished 7 or 8 minutes in front of me. I came up to the same turn in question but after doing about 15 laps in the 2 days before I knew the turn was there. I talked to Greg and Tony before the start because Marty was telling us were skipping all the single track the first lap. I got to the single track and the course marshall was not there so that could have been a problem as when I got to the area where the trails come together there was riders coming from the trail that skips the single track. The problem is that some don't pre-ride and that theere was no tape or person there so that could have happened to anyone. I'm bringing it up because I was called a trouble maker for putting in my post about the possible sipped single track. You all know what I don't give a SHIT because I don't race Matt or anyone else. I have my own matters to focus on and my own races to take care of. So if I'm a trouble maker or a Punk come talk to me don't e-mail anything because I won't reply. This is the last that you will hear anything about it from me unless you have something to say to me in person. Good luck in your races.

The track is over so now the track bikes got to the back row and the bmx bikes move to the front row. The last night was ok but I was real slow and off the back faster then I knew what hit me. Maybe next year. The kis did ok Nate was tired but looked better and got 2 3rds. I guess only riding the track a couple times a week he does ok as he likes the mtn bike and the bmx. Maddie looked the best she has all summer and I hope that she gets better each year. Track is over and it was a fun summer seeing the kids get better each week. Maybe next year I'll go warm up and then just be a parent and take care of the kids at the races. Got to shower and go to bed. Later..

Sunday, August 28, 2005

CR WORS race

WOW what a great day for racing. To start the day I helped for about 2 hours in the morning parking cars for the Alttera team. Then I had to get the family ready for their races. Maddie had a great start but she hit wheels witht the racer in front of her and went down on the gravel up hill right in front of us. I helped her up and she was off racing again. I went to the bottom of the hill and she had made up alot of the spots she lost. I got to the top and she was back to 3rd and finished in third. That was a great finish for her after her spill. She has really made great progress since her first race this year. I think if she keeps it up she can be a great racer some day.

Nate was next and he was 2nd up the hill right behind a 14 to 16 year old. He was going good and went down hard over the bars and had to get up and chase back to the guys ahead. By the hill on the back of the ski hill he ws back on the group. He pushed to the front by the next lap and worked with Travis and then it was a sprint up the final hill and he won the sprint and the 10 to 14 age group and was 16th over all of all the citizen racers. Not bad since he did the 28 mile ore to shore last weekend, track on Tues and raced the CR time trial on Wed. He also rode CR on Fri with Jerry and me and then pre-rode it on Sat. I guess he recovers pretty good. He rode great today.

Cece had a good race today and took a 2nd in her age group and was 6th overall in the lady cit class. She was strong up the hill and kept her spot the entire time that she raced the race. She lost a few spots when she fell today also and had to pass a few up the hills to get her place back. She passed Suzy Weigel and the last up hill. She raced great too.

Today I finaly hit on all cylinders and was flying. I had a great start up the hill and was sitting in about 7th by the top which is good for me. I passed 3 in the grass before the first turn and then got on the wheel in front of me and started to think when open up the jets. I got to the gravel pile and looked back and saw the guys I need to beat right behind me. When we hit the wood chips I waited until the little dips and hit it hard and got the 3 infront of me and never looked back. I had a good gap by the time I rounded the dump and passed 3 guys right before the single track along the river. I knew if I did that it would make it harder for those behind. I passed a few in the single track when they slowed to much and hit the open area at full speed and passed another few slower riders and just kept doing that and pushed when I could and recovered when I was stuck behind the others. At the end I won my age group and 12th overall. I said to myself during the race not on my play ground I will fight to win this race as I love this course and know every turn so well that I could drop anyone on my wheel.

Cudo's to all the other racers. Amy rocking all the ladies in sport on her single speed and getting 1st overall for all. Matt Brandt taking first overall also on single speed. Then to the others Jack 11th overall in elite on his single speed after racing the state crit yesterday. Goat pulling in a 14th on his single speed. Ron a 19th on his single speed( dropping his chain). Hey those single speeders were rocking today. Jerry was looking good but he decided to hit the deck a few times and kiss a few trees today. We will get him to keep it rubber side up soon. Oh yea Alan took 2nd and Danny took 3rd in the sport single speed also. Lenny took a 1st in the clyde sport today, not bad for a trackie. And Lori taking the 2nd in the elite women way to go. And the cookies were great by the way. Barb was looking good and I think a few more rides at CR we could have her flying in the single track and climbing hills faster. We will have to get her and Cece there and let them ride work on their skills. If I forgot anyone sorry and grat job today.

Have to get the kids in bed as tomorrow is the first day of school. Later..

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Race ready

Well after riding the race course 3 times in the lst 4 days I think that I'm ready for the race on Sunday. The single track is in the best shape I have ever seen it in the last couple of years. The guys from the Alttera team have done a great job on getting the course ready to race. They have included the Alpha for all the racers and I think that they will enjoy it. The cit youth and the cit will enjoy the Alpha trail that they ride and the sport, comp and elite will enjoy the added more difficult trails. The temps should be nice and hot and the sun should add some fun to heat up the hills for the racers.

I hope the guys who felt the need to race the state crit today don't burn to many matches and that they can recover for the race tomorrow. I know that they like to go to the state crit and that it is a flat fast race but the race does take some of the gas from the tank and the climbs at the race tomorrow you will feel the efforts used today. Good luck to all you guys who raced today.

Tonight we are going to the Brewers game with the kids for the Bob Uecker (spelling?) nesting heads. We have a group of about 12 of us going so that should be fun. It sure is nice having a race that is only 10 minutes from the house and sleeping and playing at your home course. Have to go and start cooking the dogs and run to the store for some peanuts and candy. Now go get some sleep and see you at the race. Later..

Friday, August 26, 2005

Easy Ride

The group ride was a good ride for once. With state crit and the WORS race this weekend everyone was riding at a good tempo. The group stayed together for the first 2/3's of the ride and then Chuck and Jack jumped the front as they can't sit in and ride tempo. We rode tempo and chased and caught them in Big bend. At the end they took off again down Woods road but we just rode tempo in and when they rolled a stop sign we slowed and some put a foot down as there was a police car there. I guess last week a cop stopped the guys and told them that if they keep rolling the stop signs he would give tickets. He told them it would go against their drivers license but he was wrong about that but who needs a $156.00 dollar ticket. So for the start of the ride we will have to stop at the stops and maybe change the start to avoid them. The ride was a good 22 plus average with all the stops this ride so it was a good ride before the race.

Well congrats to Rita Kacala and Rob Springer. Rita took a silver in the 500 meter at the Masters track nationals and Rob took a silver in the 3000 meter and a bronze in the points race. And Gordy did well in his 200 meter but I don't know how the other races have faired yet so I will post when I find out. Good luck in the other races left.

The course for the race should be fun but they are saying it may rain so we will have to see how that will effect the race. The course hould be fun for all the racers and I think many will think that this is one of the most fun races in the series. I think alittle rain would help as the climbs are very loose and dusty. The rain would help the tires get alittle more grip for the climbs. If the rain holds out we are going to go pre-ride today after work and maybe tomorrow if they have a pre-ride. I know the trails but I want Maddie to not worry and to race well and more time on the trails will help her. Got to get going. Later..

Thursday, August 25, 2005

CR report

Well I'll give a little low down from CR for Ron. So Ron where were you? What could have been so important that you didn't ride the Wed before the WORS race? Well that's Ok as some things need to be done before you ride. Jack won the race on his SS so that was covered since you weren't there. Jack liked it so much he is going to ride the SS for the race this weekend also. We did the comp expert single track from the Alpha trail for the race as Greg still is deciding if he wants the sport to do it. Greg is worried about the time that it my increase for all the riders to ride it so we don't know yet if sport will ride it. I think put it in but there will be a lot of people walking over the rocks or falling as yesterday I saw 5 riders drill there head into the ground as they were trying to ride that area. There was a large group at the races this week as the big race is this weekend.

I was tired at the start from racing the track and over the weekend so I was in the back row for the start and rolled up the hill in like 50th place. I really didn't care what place I was in for the race. I passed in the grass and a few right before dropping in the single track. As I was riding I could see the racers in the front already way ahead of us through the trees but I was just riding waiting to pass where I could and did alot of that during the race. The 2nd lap was faster as I passed all the goofs who leave there ass's on the hill start trying to get a good start and still finish like 10 minutes slower the 2nd lap because they pop in the first lap of the cap. Some day they will learn, ahh no they won't. I finished in a hour and some change so that is all I wanted as I didn't want to burn to many matches before the weekend plus I have the group ride tonight. Nate rode well and I hope he is ready for the race this weekend as he is racing cit again. Maddie rode a few laps on the cap as we are going to ride there on Fri and Sat so she knows her course. Later..

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Vacation is over

Well it was back to work after 10 days off. It was the easy day of work as I had to pick up samples of soft serve for the city lab. What a great job I have. I then had to cut the lawn before we went to track as it was over 6 inches long. We went to the track for a perfect night for racing. Maddie had a great night of racing as she took 3rd in both of her races and got paid. That is always cool as she races but doesn't really take it serious. Nate had a good night but still made some bone head moves as he tried to make some moves and the others just hung on and went around him. He will learn one day I hope. He got 2 4th place finishes. I got in the $ for one of my races also so that always makes it worth the night of racing. Russell also made it in the money so that was a bonus as we all got some $ to take home. Tonight we are going to the CR races and it should be alittled crowded as the race is this weekend so some new faces wil be in the field. After 3 weekends of racing again I'm looking forward to the weekend with no races just rides and relaxing. Later..

Sunday, August 21, 2005

O 2 S wrap up

Well got back to the cabin from the O 2 S at about 11:00pm. It was the most fun I had at a race in the longest time. Russell and I rode the entire race with Nate. He took 1st in his age group and was 126 out of over 892 riders. He was riding as hard as I have ever seen him ride and never let up. He did the 28 miles at a averag speed of 15.8mph. Not bad for a 11 year old kid. Russell and I finished at the exact same time of 1:46:12.7 so that was really cool. Oh yea Nate beat us both by .3 seconds. I was really fun to ride the race in zone 2 or 3 for the entire race and be able to look around while racing. We rode with Katie Antonneau and her dad for the first have of the race and she took first in her age group also. Cece and Barb raced to and both did well and had alot of fun also. Jerry was having a great race and then he broke his chain and then just finished the race but he was in good spirits. It was alot of fun as there was racers from every team and they all had good races. Next year I'm riding with Nate again and I hope that it is just as fun as it was this year.

We are up at the cabin for one more day and then it's back to Milwaukee for the start of school for the kids and back to work. I can't believe that the summer is over and that it's almost the end of the race season. We have 2 more nights of track and the CR time trials are almost over and the the night rides are going to start and those are the best rides that we do. I enjoy the night rides the most as they are laid back and just plain old fun. Also the pub crawls are going to start some and what can I say bikes and beer are alot of fun to. I have to get the kids to bed and start getting things ready to go home. Later..