Tuesday, February 28, 2006

2's Day

Had a bullshit meeting on the other side of town this morning in the hood. I think right down from where Russell is going to be working. As always the saying from the bosses were you are all doing a great job but you need but do more as we are going to give you less and cut the budget by 33%. To hell with them all I say. I asked a few questions that I knew would piss them off but the fact that I'm like the 5th in seniority and best of all a union worker they can't do shit. Plus I do my job and more work then 99% of the other workers so they leave me alone. Plus if you act crazy every now and then the bosses keep their distance to.

Got a spin on the rollers with the kids and then it was off to the school board meeting. I'm the president of the school board and I have been for the last 4 out of 5 years. I enjoy being on the board as I get to make the decisions of the school that will affect my kids. So I have another 9 years of this as that is when Jessica will be out of that school. I started when Nate was in k-5 now it has been 7 years so it will be a long tour but a fun one.

Don't forget that there is a last gate pratice this Thursday so it should be a fun one. Also as it will be the last one maybe this week we can all go to a place to eat again. Sorry about last week but had to get Nate home to take care of his leg. So see you all Thursday and maybe out to grab something to eat after. Later...

Monday, February 27, 2006

Russell's new job.

The rumor is that this is Russell's new job for the man. He is going to train the new supermates of the week in this fine fashion. Here is a guy from Bumfuck Indiana showing Russell' the proper way to train the supermates.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Time for rest

Well after the weekend of racing it is time to take a break and rest and catch the rest of the NASCAR race. THERE WILL ONE MORE GATE PRACTICE THIS THURSDAY, IT WILL BE THE LAST ONE FOR THE YEAR. Jake got one more because of the one that was snowed out. So if you want one more gate at the barn this year this will be the last for the year. Be there or be Randy.

We went to the races on Sat and it was a smaller turn out and it went by pretty quick. I didn't make the main. I had some real shit gate starts and missed the main. I tried a few real daring low highs in each turn but none worked. I didn't want to stick the guy on the wall so I tapped the brakes and that was it. Got to take a seat and watch Nate race. Nate was on and made the main in the 1st moto. Nate just shot out of the gate in the main and the others didn't have a chance. He won the race in fine fashion. Not bad for a kid that wrecked bad on Thursday and has a bruise on the thigh and knee. Sam J. The Rocket took a 1st again in age and now needs one more win and he will move up to inter. Pat put him on a pair of Time clipless and Sam had no problem in the gates and was just destroying the others. He will have no problem when he moves up.

Today was the Race For Life making it a double point race so there was a big turn out and a few of the other Thursday guys were there. I made the main today to make up for the race yesterday and took a 3rd place. Nate raced age and cruiser today as his leg felt better today. He didn't make the main on cruiser as that is one of the faster age groups in cruiser. In age he took another 1st place today. He won the 1st moto again and then in the main he again took off and then won the age class with no problem. Ray showed up and raced today also. He missed the open main but made the age main. In Ray's age main there was a pile up in the 1st turn and he had to untangle his bike and ended up 4th or 5th. Ron was there also and had some good racing but not good results. He also missed the open main but made the age main. In the main Ron had a poor gate and ended up coming in 7h place. In all it was a good day at the races and now it is time to rest and go and eat. Later..

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Sat morning

I got up early and got a few things done before we pack the family and head to the races. Made a couple of trays of cookies and then sat and read the paper and had a bowl of oatmeal. I then went to the basement to check the bikes before the races. As I figured with all the crashes the kids took on Thursday that something may need my attention. I was right as the brake lever on Nate's 20 inch bike was bent bad and not working to good at all. I don't know how the Magatron was riding as the brake was rubbing and barely working. I had a spare brake lever so I didn't have to run to the shop and get a new one. I fixed that and trued the wheels as they where whacked out a bit also. I checked Nate's cruiser and had to do a little work on the wheels and tighten up the head set and now it is good to go. My bike was fine so the bikes are all ready to go.

Maddie had karate class this morning and is now ready to kick some major butt. So Russell better watch it as Maddie now will be able to kick his butt when he starts to mess with her. I will not stop her until Russell is begging for mercy. So Russ this is a fair warning to not tease her. Today we are taking Maddies bike to the track and let her warm up and Cece will also get a chance to see her ride the bmx bike. Both Cece and Maddie are looking forward to going today.

One of Cece's friends Kathy and her husband George are also coming to watch the races today. Should be a good day of racing. They have never seen bmx racing and I think that they will enjoy the races. Nate says his leg is feeling fine and he is ready for the races. We are taking both bikes as he can take gates on the 20 inch and then in the cruiser time for a few extra. He said he will see how he feels and maybe he will race both bikes today also. He wants to race both tomorrow for sure. He is a tough kid and I think he will be fine once he gets to the track. Well have to get a few aother things done so have to get going. Later..

Friday, February 24, 2006

Spinning the night away

Today we went down to Racine to do the Friday spin class with Gordy. I called Russell to see if he was going to come and do the spin class also. He declined saying something of his ( pussy) was hurting. He is still sick from the trip to Bumfuck town to work for the man. I agree with Cooop that eating that raw fish and then in Russell's case mixing it with some work has his body all messed up. After a few weeks of work I think the rejection of the work should settle in and his body should be back to it's sick old self.

At the class I had Nate just spin on the bike to loosen his leg up. He has a good size bruise on his thigh and the knee has a bruise on the side also. He must have felt ok as he played football at school. He still is a little stiff and moving slower then usual but looks way better today then last night. He said he will be ready for the races this weekend and looking for a couple of age class wins. Boy what a time for a crash, nothing like a kick in the junk and then having to ride and race the next couple of days. For a 11 year old kid he sure is as tough as nails and he just sucks it up and goes on. A couple of racers we all know ( Wheezer) would be crying and taking time off. I know Nate will be just fine at the races this weekend and pushing it to the finish and never giving up. What a good kid.

We are racing both Sat and San at the bmx track so if bored come and watch. Sat racing is at about 4pm and Sun it is at about 12:30. The registration is 2 hours before with gate practice and racing after.

Maddie had a good spin class tonight also. She has been working on her form and kept her knees in and the heels down. That is something we have been focusing on in the workouts in the basement each day. She is looking better each week. She is also looking better at the bmx track each week also. She can't wait to get there and ride. Now I have to get her to try a race, but I'm not pushing her to that yet. I will just let her tell me when she is ready and I hope to get her top try on at least once before e the end of the year. I will take her bike to the races tomorrow as Cece is coming to watch and have Maddie take a few laps for Cece to see her ride. Time to go and watch the rest of the Olympics and go to bed. Later..

Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Barn

Had a blast at at the bmx track tonight. Nate took a digger and hurt the leg but said he will be ready for the weekend of racing. The entire gang was out there and it looked like everyone was having a blast. I talked to Jake and it looks like there will be a ptractice next week. If the weather stays like it is we can talk him into maybe 2 more. Will get more up later as I have to make something to eat. I will post on the site after the races on Sunday if there will be a practice as Jake will let us know then. So check back then. Later...

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Today my parents came to town for some doctor appt's. and a meeting for security at Summerfest. My Dad has trained the security people for Summerdest for the last 15 years. They are also workers there at the ampitheater as head security for the main groups that perform there. They like doing it so that is cool. They are like 63 and still doing that to make the extra money to use to take trips during the winters.

So are you all ready to go to the BMX track tomorrow? We are going to load the bikes and head there at 4pm. Russell started his job with Sun Ringle and is in Indiana and is going to try to get back to my house and make it to the track. I have his bike and gear ready to go and will wait to the last minute and head there. I will bring a extra helmet and will have Russell's bike so if any of you other guys want to try it come on out. If Russell can't make it one of you can us his bike. His bike has spd pedals on it so bring shoes or bring your own pedals and shoes. So caome on down and give it a shot around the track. Practice is from 5-7.

Took the truck in to the shop and got the new mirror put on it. It cost $290.00 because it is a power and heated mirror. What Bubba move that was Sunday. Well at least I didn't damage the garage or more of the truck as that would have been the real bomb. It still pissed me off that I had to waste the money on a bone head move that broke the mirror. I think that if the temp wasn't -10 that the plastic would not have broken. Well moved on and now time to watch myself better when pulling in and out of the garage. Later..

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Bubba Beating Wheezer

This what Bubba looked looked before he shaved his body. Here Bubba is taking a few shots at Wheezer just to warm up before the WORS season starts. Now Bubba you must treat everyone kindly at the races. So get your shots in before the race season starts.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Russell's Supermate of the week

Now that Russell took another 3rd place at the bmx track he has 2 trophy's the ladies are after him. Just like Randy getting another plate at the all u can eat. So here is a fine lady for you Russell. Just think of the lady you might get if you won a race...

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Racing in the Barn

I skipped the ride yesterday as it was icy and cold. I didn't want take a fall and hurt the ribs again before the races today. I did a roller workout and that is fine as when the temps are up I will enjoy the weather all the more. I'm a rider that doesn't mind doing a workout in the warm confinds of my basement. I did a mountain bike video workout. I like the videos as it is a easy way to keep your mind on the training and the time goes by quick. After the workout I lifted weights and then did some of the chores I had to get done. Then it was a easy relaxing night watching the Olympics as Cece and her mother played more monopoly with the kids. Then it was to bed early to get a good night of rest before the races.

Today Russell, The Boy and myself loaded the truck and then hit the Barn for some BMX racing. It was a low turnout at the track as I think the parents didn't want to drive their rug rats to the races and miss the Daytona 500. That was nice as there wasn't kids and parents running all over the place. The boy had a good day and took a 2nd in age and a 4th in cruiser. He had to qualify in both and rode well to get to the mains. In age he just missed by about 2 inches for the win. In cruiser he always has to race experts and made the main and rode a smart race. Russell had a total pointer and took a 3rd place. Russell had to race some really good racers and held his ground and was only a few feet off from the winner. I took a second place in my cruiser today also. I had to qualify also and made it to the main in the first moto. In the final I got a good gate and got right on Bryan's wheel and took a ride to the second place finish. It was a fun day at the barn as we all had good races. Kenny D. came with the kids and watched us race today so maybe another WORS racer may try it. Who knows maybe another new BMX racer to be.

Now Russell and I are watching the rest of the Daytona 500 as Cece is making us a nice chicken fajita dinner. After dinner it will be more couch time and watching the Olympics. Tomorrow I have to go the Ford dealer and order a new driver mirror housing as I broke it pulling the truck into the garage. Boy what a Bubba move pulling that thing in the garage. Oh well just have to figure it out and try to put it on myself or maybe pay for them to do it. Later..

Saturday, February 18, 2006

What to do?

I'm sitting here looking at the temp out side and thinking no I'm not going to ride outside today. I went outside and tossed some salt down on the front walk as the water that melted off the roof and went down the gutter froze on the walk. The ground was frozen and the water had to freeze right in front of the stairs. As I was tossing some salt down my face was freezing and the ears got cold. Yes I had gloves and a hat on. So if it doesn't get warmer I'm heading to the basement for a spin. I hope that the ones that do ride don't freeze and get hurt from the cold. Enjoy...

Got up and made some oatmeal butterscotch cookies this morning. I hope that I don't eat them all before lunch. I did eat about 4 raw cookies before they even hit the cookie sheet. I could have eaten more but had to keep turning my head to catch the most boring sport in the Olympics. Curling. WTF does anyone see in tossing a rock down a sheet of ice? I turned it off and watched the hockey.

Cece had to take Maddie and Isabella to a karate class this morning so they are still gone. Nate is sleeping in to get his rest as he and I are racing tomorrow at the BMX track. Like I said come and race or come and watch as the weather is cold and nasty out. You can always catch a ride when it warms up in the afternoon. The gate practice starts at 10 and racing starts at about 1pm. Well time to go lift weights and see what the temp is in a hour and maybe hit the ride. Although right now I'm looking at riding the rollers and stay warm. Later..

Friday, February 17, 2006

Oh Yea

I have to say that if you can't handle the heat get the fuck out of the pan. I live next to the biggest loser ( 2nd to only to wheezer). This guy is a real piece of shit. He is a fat ass that doesn't do a thing around his house or yard. He mows his lawn after it is tall and leaves the grass clumps lay there and rot. He never rakes his leaves or picks up the papers that are tossed in the front or on your porch. The best is that he shovels or snow blows the snow after it is hard and late making the job harder. Well last night I got the job done and the asshole blows all his snow over on the area I shoveled. So the nice guy that I am I tossed all the snow on his side walk and in front of his garage so he would get the hint. I went to the basement with the kids and did a roller work out. The kids finished and I did a longer workout. Nate comes to the basement and says Dad there is a Policeman at the door. My neighbor called the police because I tossed the snow back by his garage. I tell the nice Policeman the story and the other things ( I'll get back to that in a minute). He laughs and leaves to go talk to piece of shit. End of story as I don't talk to the guy anyhow.

Well the other shit he does is a gas. One night Coop and I are walking my bike and gear to the door after a ride or something and we walk past the windows and he is laying the wood to something he picked up at the bar. He was going at it as Coop and are laughing so loud past the window and as Coop and myself are making remarks. This is a issue that Cece has told him to stop as we hear this and he hasn't stopped. Also some woman he brought home pulled down the shade with no top on and the tits hanging out. This happened as my mother in law is sitting at the table, she just gasped and told Cece who closed the blinds. He also brings these different girls over and does exercises on mat's in the back yard as the kids are playing in the yard. He doesn't wear a shirt and has a big gut and is out of shape, just something you have to see. Mind you the things he brings home are nothing you would let your dog look at. They are the ugly and fat girls all the beer in the world you wouldn't touch. So in short I have the neighbor from hell. The good thing is I don't have to see him in the winter and we are gone almost every night and weekend at races during the summer.

He also told me I wasted my money on my Harley Fat Boy because he bought a Jap bike for a lot less and it likes like a harley. Well it doesn't even look like a Harley or most important doesn't sound like one. He also told me why did you buy that big truck when you could buy a truck like mine? He owns a fucking Dodge Durango, they made that truck for women to drive. The guy is a real piece of shit. I have nothing to say to the guy and never will. I'll keep you posted on the life of living next the neighbor from hell.

I still don't know if I will ride tomorrow because as I don't want to fall and hurt my ribs on the frozen snow. But right now I'm leaning towards riding as Russell said he will be there so I know the ride will be slow and easy even if Randy won't be there. I will check the temps and see how cold it is and maybe hit the ride. Gotta go as Cece is ready to cut my hair. Later..

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Called Off

The BMX practice was called off tonight because of the damn snow. Bryan Dickerson called me at 3pm and told me it was cancelled so I could call the rest of the guys that come from our group. It was the first time I can remember that they called it as in the past they always had practice even when it was snowing bad. I guess with the snow coming down and the rain mixed in they thought it would be best to keep us crazy idiot's off the road. Like I said before with a little snow the gate practice is nice because fewer people show up. I guess it was the best it was called as it would have taken forever to get there and back. Well we will have to wait and race on Sunday now. If you are bored come and watch the races and or maybe even give the racing a try. The weather is supposed to be cold and crappy so come on down. The sign up starts is 10 till noon and then racing about 1pm.

Well I had to work until 4:15 and drive in the mess all day. I got home and went out and shoveled that crap. It was heavy and let me tell you the ribs are still pounding from lifting that crap for a hour and a half. It has been 3 weeks since I broke 3 of my ribs and I felt better until I had to shovel. I think that the ribs should be fine after a few aspirin and the heating pad, and a couple of beers. I got it done and now the blowing snow is freezing on the top of the wet concrete. Great now I will have to salt the shit out of the sidewalks and all to get the thin layer of ice to melt so I don't fall on my ass. I would have had the Boy come out and help but it was heavy and I don't need him hurting himself lifting that crap so I did it by myself.

Well now that the spin class has been cancelled we will do a roller workout tomorrow and then finish the game of Monopoly that we started a few weeks ago. Then have to see the weather and try to make it to the ride on Sat. I will go but now that Randy won't be there I don't know who will go slow enough for me to not hurt myself or get to tired for the races on Sunday. Have to protect the ribs and all so I'll have to see how it looks outside and then decide. As of now I'm looking to be doing the ride though. Time to go and get dinner ready. Later..

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Let it Snow

That is the way I like it for the Thursday practice at the barn. When there is a little or in this case a lot of snow to come, the practice is nice. There are fewer kids and people at the track. You get to keep going to the gates and there is not any age group break downs. You get like 2 plus hours of heart pounding practice. So I say let it snow and come out to practice as the crowds are always small.

There is no spin class for the youth team this Friday so we will have to have a training night at home on our own. We will have to do a roller workout and work on form with Maddie. I hope that she gets the pedal stroke down and keeps her heels down and knees in soon. Nate has good form so no worries there. We will do a video that covers all the aspects of form, speed and strength so that should cook them. I will try to make the ride on Sat that is being held at the Tosa trails. Have to see what the wife has me doing and where I have to where I have to run the kids first. Nothing else going down. Later. .

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Today was a dull day at work. Just picked up the soft serve samples for the lab. Got the kids and then hit the rollers with Nate and Maddie for a hill repeat workout. Cece just walked in the house and now it is time to take the family out for dinner. Later..

Monday, February 13, 2006

Russell's Supermate of the week

Well the fact that it is Valetines day tomorrow and Russell now says he has a job with the Gov't. I think he can keep this fine lady happy with a full plate.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Indy Update..

Well we got back from the trip to the track in Hobart Indiana. It was a fun weekend. We got there on Friday and were able to practice for about 3 hours. That allowed us to get used to the bumpy track and larger step ups and tables. After the practice we got to the hotel and checked in only to find out that the pool supposedly broke on Friday. Looking at the fact that some Middle eastern guy owned it I bet that the pool is not on because the hotel was only about 1/4 full on both Friday and Saturday. Well we told them if they would have told us we would have found another place to stay that had a pool. Brandon told them that they were going to have to take a discount off our stay if they wanted us to stay there. They took $20.00 off the bill. Done deal we stayed as we knew the we wouldn't have been there that much anyhow.

We got the the races on Saturday at 10 to register and then the day just got long from there on. They had old school BMX bike show and that made it a lot of people there that were walking in the way of the racers and the area to get to the moto line up. That didn't cause the biggest issue as it was the no BS no clip bike races. That had 28 people in it and had to run 3 motos each and the top 26 went into the semi finals and then the finals and that was all messed up. Brandon made it to the mains and then had the hole shot and he got taken out by a former pro and ended up 5th. He could have won the race. We got out of the races at about 6:30 and spent like 8 plus hours there just waiting around to race and all.

Well for the rest of the Saturday racing. It was the Race For Life race so it was a double point race. Nate only did age and cruiser. He took a 1st place in the age race and a second in cruiser. He had to ride hard from the start and hold off a rider that always tried to do a low high in turn 2 and run him over the berm. Nate just peddled and rode away from the guy and won the age and then took a 2nd in the cruiser. I had to ride a couple of moto's to make ot the main and then I took a 3rd place. I was happy as my goals are to make the main in each race and hope for the best from there. Brandon won his cruiser and Taylor took a 2nd in his age class.

Today was a better run day at the track and the results were good also. It was the Redline Cup qualifying race and a triple point day. This meant that there was extra racers there to try to get the points and qualify for the Redline race in the fall. Nate took a 5th in the open and then a 3rd in the cruiser. In his age he got a poor gate for the main and got into the first turn in 3rd and then made up one spot but couldn't get the final guy by the finish line. He just missed buy about 1/2 bike length. He ended up in 2nd place. Nate had a great weekend of racing and did awesome. I had a full gate for my age in cruiser and there was some big guns there from what I was told by the guys who were in the race. I had to race both of the moto's to make the main. I made the main and took a 5th. Again I had a goal of making the mains and did that both days. I woke up this morning and my ribs were really sore and I didn't feel all that great but as I warmed up I felt better raced ok. I was glad with the finish I got on both days.

Brandon had a good start again and in turn 2 another racer ran into him and both were taken down and Brandon got up and finished 4th. He was disappointed with that other racer but was ok. Taylor took another 2nd place today and had a chance for the win but the other racer ran Taylor over the berm in the final turn and he ended up in 3rd but second as it was a total pointer.

As for the weekend we were happy with the results and the racing each of us did over the weekend. I'm glad that we were able to make the trip and race there. I like racing at a different track every now and then and make a road trip out of it. The kids had a great time and enjoyed the racing and time together, Brandon and I had fun watching the kids and racing ourselves. It is nice to be home and relaxing as staying in a hotel is not fun. Now watching the Olympics and time to read the paper. Later..

Friday, February 10, 2006

Game On

I got a hold of Brandon and we are leaving today to go to Indiana. We will get there to hit the pratice that is on Fridays. Then it's racing on Sat and Sun. I hope that Nate is ready to hit it hard both days. I know he wants to race age, open and cruiser both days and that is tough. I think that he will do fine and all but I hope that he doesn't get to tired. I'm just racing cruiser and hope to make the mains.

Brandon I think is racing both age and cruiser and Taylor just races age. It should be fun as Brandon is bringing his inverter and the kids can play PS2 on the way there and back in the truck. Then we are staying at a place with a pool and a hot tub 2.5 miles from the track. The trip and racing should be a blast and can't wait to see the kids race.

Have get going and get Nate's wheel (I hope that they got it done) and do some work. I will update if a computer is at the Hotel. If not maybe Sunday night. Later..

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Animals at the Barn...

Well we loaded up the truck and set it southwest the the barn. We got there and were able to get everything ready and the kids hit the track right away. As we got our stuff ready, then Ron, Ray, Randy, Rob, Sammy the Rocket, Cody and the rest of the gang got there. It is like the WORS season inside now with all the riders that are now trying BMX. Also fast girls Samantha, Skyler, Mad Dog, Maddie J., Magatron, Andrea were burning up the track tonight. It was one of the more fun nights we had at the track this season with all the guys there.

Nate again was jumping the step up and most of the double and just casing the rear wheel on the edge. He is close but the rear wheel is hitting hard and he is just messing the wheel up. Russell looked at when we got home and fine tuned it and it is ready for the weekend. Just need to pick up his rear race wheel he destroyed last week. Then it's off to Hobart Indiana for a weekend of racing. I tried calling Brandon but he was not home and left a message, I hope he calls and is still going with us. If not we will are still going and racing the 2 days ourselves

I was able to get the bike for Zoe and get it together over lunch and Danny brought it to the track with him. It was great that Danny brought it as I didn't have to try to squeeze it into the truck with the other 5 bikes. It was nice that Gage and now Zoe are riding along with the Goat. The Goat is getting faster and once he gets the gates and the gears down he will fun to run up and over in the corners. Just kidding but we will have to rub handle bars and wheels a few times. Well time to pack for the weekend and wash some clothes. Later..

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Get a Life Loser

That's all I have to say as Nate and I sit here watching Big Fat Loser. These goofs are all lazy and fat then get on a show and win money. What a great country we have. Reward these fat ass people for losing some fat. I think it is funny as hell as they cry on how they love to eat and now losing this weight has made them better people. Well I guess if they continue to keep the weight off and make it a few extra breathes at the end of their life it was worth it. They have lost a ton of weight and got better eating habits. I just hope that I never get to the point that I need to be on a show like that. Make a show on how to rebuild the body that has been lost in a accident.

Not much going on right now. Have to get a few things done over lunch tomorrow. Jeremey called and needs a bike for his daughter Zoe to ride at the BMX track also. So have to get to Ben's and get one tomorrow and get it to the track when we go there. I will get it done. I have to go there and get Nates cruiser wheel also since he trashed it last week.

It should be a good day to come to the track as there will be a few new faces there. Randy is coming to try it for the first time so that should be fun. Danny is coming back after his niece knocked him over and he hurt his wrist. Zoe will be there for the first time with the Goat and Gage. Tosacrosser will have the Little Rocket, and the Mad Dog there. The fast girls Samantha and Skyler. Bubba's kids the Megatron and Andrea. Matt Gissable's fast little kid Cody. Russell the muscle and maybe even Ron and Ray will show up. Oh yea Nate, Maddie and myself will be there. So if you are interested come and join the gang. Practice is Thursdays 5pm - 7pm. Tony G. Try it you might like it. Well nothing else new have to get a few things ready for the weekend. Later..

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Feb. 7

This morning we woke up and Jessica was sick so we had to get her to the baby sitters instead of dropping her off at school. You never know when the day starts if one of the kids is going to be sick. Maddie was feeling a little sick on Monday but she made it to school and all. Nate has not missed a day of school for being sick. He only missed for a couple of funerals and NORBA Nationals a year ago. He is never sick but the girls are sick a couple times a year. Oh well she is feeling better now and up to bothering us as always. I love the fun that comes with parenting.

I witnessed it today as Randy bought a cruiser today from Alan at Ben's. Alan does have a Specialized cruiser he wants to sell yet so if you are looking for one call him. I don't know the price or anything but if interested I will try to pin him done. Well back to Randy he got a Diamond Back and is going to come out on Thursday. Like I said come check it out and we can try to get a bike for you and you can pick up some mad skills for the race season. So check out the ABA racing license and come and practice. It is well worth the time and money.

The ribs are feeling better today and I took the wrap off as the back was getting sore from pulling the shoulder blades together. The side only hurts when I cough or sneeze so I try to avoid both as much as possible. The sneezes I avoid at all means possible as they send a sharp pain down the side. I cough only to clear the throat as it doesn't hurt as much. The pain that the deep breathes that I take I have gotten used to and like it in a sick way. The pain is different from the other pains that experience everyday with the leg and all so I take a deep breath and cause the pain because I like it. I'm sick I know it.

The ribs felt ok on the rollers tonight as Nate and I did a sprint workout. They only hurt right at the end of the workout so that is way better then last week. I'm hoping that they feel better each day and by the weekend they are almost pain free for the races at the Steel Wheels track. It is a Race for Life on Saturday and the Redline Cup Qualifier race on Sunday. We are going on Friday and spending the weekend with Brandon and Taylor. That should be fun as we are staying a hotel with a pool and whirl pool and the kids should have a blast. I think Nate can do well and has a chance to win age and place in the top of the open class. He won age last year there and can do it again in Intermediate class. In open it may be tougher and in cruiser he can also do well. Maybe Nate can place in all 3. I hope to make the mains and place that is the only goal for me.

Well time to go and get the new number plates on the bikes and get the kids ready for bed. Nate got number 17 for his cruiser and 39 for the 20 inch bike. And I got number 19 for the number on my cruiser. Later..

Monday, February 06, 2006

Russell's supermate's of the week.

I think with the time that he has on his hands that maybe he can handle 2 mates at a time for a while.


Well I watched the entire Superbowl game with Nate. The reason being was that he made a bet with my Mother for a $1.00 that the Seahawks would win. Not. Now he has to give Grandma a $1.00 then next time they visit. I think a 100 pennies will be in order. I hope that she doesn't put them in a sock and whack us in the head. I was hoping for the Steelers as Holgrem left the Packers a few years ago as he wanted a bigger piece of the pie. Glad that the Seahawks lost.

Well I went to the Orthopedic Dr. today and he said that there are several cracked and a broken rib. Big deal I can live with the pain and have to be careful not to crash was the advise that the Dr. gave me. Ya know for once I agreed and said that I will keep that in mind every time that I race. I told him that I will try not crash anymore as I will maybe get hurt. I will repeat for a while so I don't forget that advise. Wow that was a $300.00 visit that netted me some good info I never thought of. He said see you in a month and I said yea right if I don't crash and need to be here. Gone and will not be back if I have anything to do about it. Of course the bike may have the final say.

I bet that Jeremey was on the BMX bike today trying to fine tune the mad skills for the track on Thursday. Maybe Ron will be there to give him the finer pointers on riding. As he has helped me and can give more pointers then I can count. So if any of you other racers want to have some fun and learn some new skills come to the track and give it a try. Time to get Jessie ready for her gymnastic class. Later..

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Another day at the barn

Today was another day of bmx racing. I had to pick up Nate from a friends house as he spent the night there. I figured he would be tired and he said no I'm not, he took a nap on the way out there. We got there and got things ready as usual and I go out for a few gates and the front of my bike feels funky. I'm thinking great I brought spare wheels for Nate not me. I go check it out I tightened the front wheels on his bikes and not mine. That should have told me the kind of day I would be having. I can't remember ever doing that on any of my bikes before the race. Oh well no damage done.

Well as the gate practice goes on I felt pretty good and thought I should make the mains. Well in the first moto some guy is next to me and in the wrong moto. Not a real problem I told him twice dude you are in the wrong moto but the trailer trash look I figured oh well. After the moto I told him and showed where he needed to be, he made it to the right moto next round. In the 2nd moto I tried to go low high and it always worked but after the crash a week and a half ago I just didn't make it stick and missed the main for the first time this year. I will make it work again and not be a chicken and make the rest of the mains.

Oh back to dumb dude. He didn't make it to the mains in the next moto but went up to the gates for the mains. The track officials asked what are you doing up here? He just gave the same look he gave me when I told him you are in the wrong moto. They told him to just ride after the gate drops and finish way off the back. The guy was riding a mtn bike and fell 3 or 4 times today in the gate practices once out of the gates. Nothing wrong with the mtn bike, but this dude was a real piece there today.Glad to see him doing the races but just know what you are doing at the races.

Nate had another good day at the track. He made the mains in both age and open. In the open he took a 5th and in the age he took a 2nd again. In the first moto of age the same asshole that keeps running into him did it again but Nate got away and qualified 1st moto. In the final Nate had a great gate but the guy came low high and Nate stopped peddling for one second and the guy got him. Nate still raced a great race and is doing good. He was happy and he knows that he is just one move from winning every race.

In the other's that raced Little Sam won his age group by a mile. Maddie J. in her 1st day racing took 3rd. Skyler schooled the others again and took a 1st. Samantha had no girls racing cruiser so had to race the 21-34 age men. She made it to the mains and finished right on the back of the guys. A way cool finish to see as a 14 year old girl was hanging with the guys. Today again there was a lot of crashes in the mains and it made me glad to maybe not make it as I didn't feel like going down. But I hate not making the mains but not crashing on the ribs so soon is a good thing.

Jeremey came out to the barn and caught the action again today. The main reason he came is that he picked up his ride today. I think he didn't want his bike to sleep at my house for a couple of days. Unlike others I would not have violated his bike, but it has a spot already at home and needed to bond with it's new owner. It is a nice shiny black DK cruiser. Jeremey should do just fine on it as it is about 5 pounds lighter then the bike he rode last week. It was cool as he was also taking some video of the races and I hope t see them later.

Well the Super Bowl is going to start I guess I'll start to watch it but may look for something else as the game gets boring after a while. I checked and PBA bowling and figure skating is on ESPN. Maybe I'll check that out. Later..

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Finding time

You know that work gets in the way of a lot things. Russell would know about that as he now has the time to do a lot of things and still not enough time to do them all. Trying to get from work and get the kids and then get ready to get to the spin class and get home eat and get them in bed. Way to much happening in a few hours but well worth it. Dropped the boys wheel off at the shop as when Russell looked at it after the night at the track he laughed and said that it needs some serious work and for once he was right. Nate destroyed the wheel and Alan is going to have to replace the spokes and nipples to make it right again. Oh well as long as Nate is using it to improve the skills at the track I will accept it. If it was just messing in the park with the friends I would make him pay for it. I will put the spares on and he may race cruiser this Sunday to get ready for the races in Indy next weekend. I will again as the ribs feel better each day.

We went to spin class in Racine and Gordy puts a great class together for the Hayes Youth kids who show up. I wish more kids would come there but as it is it does allow bikes for Russell, Alan and myself to ride along with the class. Nate and Maddie both have a few things to work on and on the spin bike it shows. Nate likes to spin fast and needs to put more pressure on the fly wheel to get the power higher. Maddie needs to work on her legs and knees staying straight. Both need to drop the heels and pull up with their hamstring. It will work out by the end of the spin classes and they will be fine again this summer. The class was fun and worked on the sprint and endurance last night. The ribs were pounding on the sprints and had to skip the standing ones as that just wasn't going to happen. Well worth the trip.

Jerry stopped by and dropped off the Fox fork I'm going to put on the Single speed for the race season this summer. Thanks for the selling me the fork Jerry as I will put it to good use in the races. I need a little break from the full rigid with my back and leg so this fork should do the trick. Being that the fork has the float system and will be more rigid and take the bumps away will be great. I may even race a few of the 6 hour races on single this summer if the bike feels good. Up for a few 12 hour duo races again this year again Jerry? I'm going to race single speed class this year in WORS and see how that goes. It should be a lot of fun as I used to race the Wed night time trials on the single speed a couple of years ago. Going to get to work on the single to get it ready for some training rides . It's ready now but new cranks and some new wheeels for the race season are in order to make it real race ready. It could go as is but you know you need to pimp it a little.

Didn't do the ride this morning as I didn't want to be riding with the sore ribs in the cold weather. Plus I'm racing tomorrow and don't want to be to sore for that. Going to the shop to get Nate a new pair of Mtn bike shoes as his are really beat up after the WORS and bmx season. Plus I think Maddie may need a pair also as she is out growing hers. Good thing Vince has all those Lake shoes and they are cheap. Well time to get some things done and a ride on the rollers and then off to the shop. Laterr..

Friday, February 03, 2006

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Fun for all

We hit the BMX track and the Goat and Gage showed up today. I was able to get Gage's bike today and he was having fun riding it. Nate was trying to help in between some of his gates. The bike that Goat is buying didn't make it as Todd who was going to bring it was real sick and didn't make it there. I will get it Sunday for him and If the Goat has nothing to do maybe he will show and google it himself. If not it will sleep in my basement for a few days. We had a spare cruiser and Bubba brought it and the Goat was tearing it up on that bike. He will be getting faster and better each week and I can't wait to see him after a few weeks. He wil be flying.

Bubba signed up Andrea tonight and now the Megatron his the little sis riding to. The Megatron is looking real good and loves riding Nates 20 expert so that be it and we will bring it each week for her to ride. Maddie is now in the gates and balancing and needs no help anymore. She is looking better each week and having fun with all the kids that are riding now. Little Sam had a rough night but was looking fast as ever. Maddie J is looking better as she just needs to turn on the aggressiveness a little more and that will help her. Samantha and Skyler are riding faster each week and I think could win every race if they raced each week.

Russell was a little tired from sleeping in everyday and trying to get the extra miles in on his legs. He was sharp for a few gates and then shut her down. My ribs felt OK but I only hit the gates hard about every 4 or 5times. I was just testing the pain level as I'm planning on racing this Sunday but I didn't want to hurt anything to much. Will have to wait and see.

Nate was jumping the step up and the double pretty good each time today. He cased it a few times now I have to take the rear wheel in as it was whacked up. But hey he is hitting it real good. Next is time to work on the manual and he has it all down. He is looking real good and should do well this week end again. Later..

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I feel the pain

This is about the same view I had of the dirt at the BMX track last week. I still feel the pain when I make fast movements and cough. But as I have been putting the time in on the rollers I have felt ok. I have not tried to lift weights yet but maybe after this weekend I will see how things feel and start lifting again. No big hurry right now. I have to say I will never ride without a chest protector or a full face helmet. It may have saved more broken bones or a few teeth. Buy them if you don't have them already.

Nothing new except that the way Maddie was acting the last few days I told her she doesn't have to ride anymore and I will get someone to buy her bikes. Then she has to sign up for a sport in each of the seasons at school. She got down in the basement and trained with us . She has some real issues and I have not figured out what to do with her yet. It is like a 10 year old going on a 6 year old mind set some times. I just don't know. Nate I can't hold back and well Jessie is just a smart little shit.

Can't wait to go to the track tomorrow and see the Goat and Gage try the BMX bikes. Also see the rest and test my ribs. Time to go and eat. Later..