Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Fixxie rules the house

Fixxie has taken over the house and rules it like the queen bee.  She has everyone wrapped around her paws and is getting away with everything.  She is a smart dog and she has been good with her bathroom issues and has been making it outside before any issues in the house which nice.  Plus she has been real good with spending the day in the carrier as we are at work and then again she has not had any accidents in that either.  I am hoping that Fixxie will get used to being on the lease and that we can take her to a bunch of the races as that would be fun and I think she would like to be around everyone at the races.  Just hope that the people that bring their big uncontrolled dogs can keep control of them as Fixxie is just a tiny little licker.  Now the big thing with Fixxie is that with all the mud in the back yard she comes in with muddy paws that we need to wipe before she hits Cece's clean floors.  Now I need to toss the squeaky toy for Fixxie to chase.  Later..

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