Monday, July 20, 2009

Up Nort

This is for Gus, yes they are riding.
After riding they are taking the up north bath.
The EXPO pain train coming at you.
Riding the back 1,ooo.
The gang that made the trip to Colorado.

Well again I would like to thank Gus and Christie for the time they took to take the boys to Colorado for the Nationals. The kids loved it.

After getting the stuff packed and loaded this morning we picked up Brandon and Jordan and brought them to the cabin with us for a week of riding and fun. Today on the way up we stopped and seen Wade's new office and the house he is building. Nice office and soon to be nice house that he is building. Then after having lunch with him we got to the cabin and got the stuff unloaded and went for a ride. After the ride we hit the lake for some swimming and king of the raft. The boys re good considering they have been in a truck for 20 plus hours in the last 3 days. So no it is fun time and throwing some riding in every day too. Great to have 6 weeks of vacation. Later..

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