Friday, July 17, 2009


The word from Gus is Myles 15th, Nate 19th, Gage 23rd, Mitch 27th, Casey 37th and Riley 5th in 15-18 cat 3. I don't know how Brandon did and Theo crashed and was taken to the ER for X-Rays. Word is that he is OK and getting released later. Aris had a good race and had to ride a low rear tire from burping it in a crash. Kyle races int he morning and then it is try to pack the trailer to get on the road. Gus did say thought that the kids all had a blast and are talking about next year already. Cece and I had a nice night as we took the girls to see Up, cool movie. Later..


sugs said...

Here's a link to Nate climbing the start hill on his second lap, I missed coming up towards me. But have some other shots of the Juniors on my Facebook.

sugs said...

Here's you at Eau Claire:

These both were from my cell camera so they aren't great.