Sunday, July 26, 2009

It's a wrap

The fish fry the other night.
Rainy day game playing for the kids.
Lucky it was the only day that it rained so we were outside every other day.
Short break in the rain and the kids ran to the boats for some fishing.
The kids playing the bean bag toss at the camp fire.
Nate and Brandon were a force at the bean bag toss.

Well the vacation is over. I got up and went for a ride by myself this morning. Just needed a ride where I could open it up and ride my own pace. The ride was nice with the morning dew still on the ground and the tall grass being a little wet hitting the legs was nice to. The only thing was that I hit a nice size rock and it kicked up into my right foot hitting my big toe. It hurts like hell and is hard to walk on right now. But hey it is only a big toe and the little pain that it is is nothing like what I have been through already. The boys are getting ready to go for their last ride and then jump into the lake before we load the truck and head home. They all seemed to enjoy it and I have to say they all have been real good and enjoyable to have around. Now it is time to clean up and get the last of the stuff up from the lake while the kids are riding. See you on the road. Later..

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