Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gunned down

Another great ride from the Ronsta casa last night. The group is getting bigger and faster as the ride goes on. I am glad to see that Nate, Kevin and Kyle hung on to the fast guys last night as the pace was another fast one. Nate is comfortable now as he knows where all the hills and attacks come now so he is getting into alot more of the action. Now after a few rides for Kevin and Kyle the 3 punks can maybe put some speed down on the others. Now for me I sat back and rode with John as Kate went back and rode with Chris last night. I have to say that 2 guys riding taking pulls all night makes for a tough ride but yet a fun one. We did pick up Marcin on the way back giving us another in the group making the recovery between pulls longer. Then after Ronsta took us to another fine restaurant for some great post ride food. Can't wait till next weeks gun show. See you there. Later..

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