Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ride'n again

Well as I was ready to leave this morning around 9 for my ride Lowell called me to tell me that Nate had crashed in the crit this morning. He is fine and the bike is fine to. Lowell said that Nate was sitting in the front and looking real good and then on the last lap there was a crash right by him and he went down. Nate said he was sitting perfect for a great finish and then BAM he was on the ground. Well they cleaned him up and then Nate went back to the hotel and covered the road rash up with the items I sent in the first aid bag with hem. He said he is fine and they waited out the rain and now he is getting ready to race the cat 3 crit in a little bit. I hope he is able to keep the rubber side down.

I got out for a ride right after the phone call and was able to get to Wind Lake and go around it as the sun went away. I was thinking about going a little further but the I was watching the west and seen it getting darker as I rode. I turned in east and rode home and still got in 2 1/2 hours of dry riding. then tomorrow is the Ronsta Ramble. But first on tap is the crappy weather gathering at Danny's. It never fails for Danny to have either cold or crappy weather for his party. Oh well better take some slippers to wear for a inside party. Later..

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