Friday, May 06, 2005


Today it was a I don't know were I'm going to be riding, outside or in the basement. We needed the rain and it let up enough to take the kids for a ride outside to the lake front. We went to the woods and checked the trails and they were rideable but I put slicks on the bike that Jordan was riding and he was not liking the riding on the trails and sliding around. It was a nice recovery ride and real easy as Jordan doesn't have a long and go gear at all so we go slow and tend to back it off from there it seems. But we made it home and Cece was home and all the kids went with her to school to get a few things done in her class room. I was able to cut the grass before it rains for a week and gets to long. Then went and gassed the car for the early ride in the kettles with the fast guys. I don't know if the ride will go off as it is raining as I type but I will call Jerry and find out. Then tomorrow night it's off to Bonnie's wedding party so maybe no ride on Sunday as it will be a few to many beers I imagine. The sun is out now so who knows what will happen. Time to get the stuff ready to fly out the door at 5am. Also time to watch the Busch race at Darlington. Later..

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