Thursday, May 19, 2005

The Bone ride

The bone ride was good. As it is said that any day on the bike is better then a day in the office. Jack got to my house at 6:10 he was supposed to get there about 6:30 but any time Jack is there early is a bonus. We got a call and Joe was wondering how do I get to the ride. He decided to ride at 6:15 when he got up, gave him directions and he meet us there. We packed up the car and drove to the ride. There was about 100 to 120 people at Tom's house for the start of the ride. I can't believe how many jr riders got the day off from school for the ride. They took a picture and then it was off to Madison. Jeff, Samantha and myself stayed close to each other so we would be in the same group. We rode out to Pewaukee and about 30 people hooked up and then a couple more at Bike Smith's. Tom then broke us into groups and we were in the 2nd group. We rode to Madison with a tail wind so it would be time to work on the way back. We got to Madison in about 4 hours and 77 miles. We ate at the Noddles and Company and then took a picture and headed home. We got in the lead group and the hard workers were just pulling us along into the head wind. About half way Tom let the groups join together because the guys in the front were working hard into the wind and that let more people sit in and more to able to work. I'm glad it was eaiser to hide in a larger group. We got home and the ride waas 154 miles and 7 hours and some change. Jeff, Samantha, Springer, Joe, Jack and myself all made it no problem. John was having a tough time on the way out so he got in the van on the ride back. The ride isn't that bad just a long day in the saddle and alittle diferent if you can't push the thoughts of the mile out when you get tired at the end. If you get a chance and want to do a long ride that is way cool try the bone as it is like no other. Was to tired last night to post and was in bed by 8:30. Good job at CR Ron.

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