Sunday, May 01, 2005

Racing 6 hours

I have to say that racing a 6 hour solo is fun for a second or two but come around 41/2 to 5 hours in it is really something else. I went to the race and I didn't know what I would race. After getting there all the racers and the idea of trying a 6 hour solo I just signed up and deciced to race it. It was fun, I was getting ready and I hear that there was 10 seconds before the start. I quick tossed my coat the Russell and got to the start as they were all leaving. I was in the back and following many racers who looked like weekend trail riders with hairy legs and tennis shoes. I will never miss a start again. I was able to pass many of the riders and the rest were popping along the way so that made it a lot easier. I caught up to Ron's friend Matt and we were riding together and he caught the edge of the trail and went down. I slowed but he said go and I will catch up later in the race. He broke his seat and dropped out of the race. As the race went on I was passing racers and none were passing me so I felt good that I would make the top 10. I got to the my fifth lap and caught Coop but he said that was his last lap and was moving slower then my cramping could go so I rolled away from him. I got another lap in and I came across to the finish line with 1 hour to go and said to my self and I can get 1 more lap. As I was riding every 5 minutes or so I'm thinking I may not make it. I was passing people and I'm thinking there is a lot of people out here and I think they will never make the time cut off. I knew that if I make it to the connector trail with 15 minutes to go I could gas it and make it back. Every time I pushed it I my legs would cramp so I had to push it only the hills. Well I made it to the finish and had 7 minutes to spare. Finished with 7 laps and that made me very happy but dazed and confused at the end as I lay on the ground saying to myself why did I do this? Well in the end I finished 4th and I' more then happy with that I would have never expected that and I'm noy complaing. Ron came in but his last lap was 1 minute to late and it didn't count but he still won the race. He also won the 60 mile prime also and got the extra 60 dollars. Way to go Ron and oh yea you didn't lap me either and results show I had the same laps as you and that is a good thing. I had nate race the 3 hour solo and he got 25 mile in so that was cool. He was very tired and slept all the way home and ws still sleeping when I went for my road ride at 9:30. The ride was ok but going with Jeff for a easy ride is not a easy ride for most others but himself. Now I know why he is a 1 on the road and a 1 on the track. Hanging on at 22 and 19 into the wind was not fun. We turned around as the sky's were black. We got caught in some rain, snow, sleet and hail we were soaked and cold.. We called Jeff's wife to get us but by the time she got us we were riding towards home and out ran the rain but the ride home was good and we got warm in the van.. We still got 2 hours in so that was good enough as I was just doing all I had to hang on to Jeff's wheel any how. Tomorrow is a rest day no matter what. I was going to go to Crystal for trail work but I can hardly move and I'm going to watch the race and relax. Later..

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mountaingoat said...

I hope you didn't miss the big one just now at Talladega. No one flipped so the crash wasn't that good.
You six and twelve hour racers are freaks! Good job to all of you guys. I'll stick to the easy stuff.