Monday, May 09, 2005

Rainy Monday

Today with the rain we didn't know if Nate would be playing softball or not. We decided to do a sprint workout in the basement on the rollers. It was a good workout and we were able to get to Nate's game also. It was raining off and on during the game. Before the game Nate was standing off the side talking to others and one of his team mates was swinging a bat about 8 feet away and the bat slipped out of his hands. You know what happened next it flies and hits Nate in the left shoulder and leaves a big welt and bruise. He didn't play in the field but was able to bat. Poor kid was in tears and couldn't lift his arm to catch at first so he had to only bat. The team won 13 to 5 so that's good and the pain is a lot less when you win. We are icing and taking care of it so it won't effect his racing we hope. They have a double header on Wednesday so we hope his ready by then. Tomorrow we have a home and school meeting so may have to ride indoors again we will just have to see. Later...

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