Sunday, December 11, 2011

Busy as heck

 Nate at the start of the Jr race as it was 10 degrees.His hands froze and hurt so bad after the race.

 Nate cruising along in the jr race.

 Nate lined up in the cat 3 race and it was now 15 degrees.

 Nate racing in the cat 3 race.

 Nate at the start of the cat 3 race today. The temps were in the 40's today.

 Nate at the start of the race today.

 Nate sitting in 7th for the first 2 laps today till he crashed and had to get to the pits for his spare bike as he messed up his shift lever.  In the process he lost a ton of spots and had to chase hard to try to catch back up.  He get his bike back after Chris fixed the lever and he was back on the chase.

   Nate here trying to chase a group just ahead of him.

He is Nate riding away to another season of racing as it was his last race of 2011.  First race is the Cross National Championships in Verona on January 4th 2012 on the same course he raced the last 2 days.   Just hope he has better luck nest year as he has had a few mishaps the last few races.  Here is to a good year of racing and a better one next season.

I was another busy week here and we were running in all directions again.  Wednesday I went to bmx gate practice while Nate stayed home and did his workout to get ready for the cross Nationals in a few weeks.  Maddie still has drivers ed all week after school so she has been busy with that and she passed her temps test the other day so she will be driving soon.  That will be interesting for sure, but I hope she has the patience to just relax and listen when we are trying to help her.  Then on Thursday I went to Rays and rode while Nate worked and attended Lynne's birthday party which was a fun time.  Then on Friday we dropped the girls off at Pete and Laura's for Danielle's 12th birthday gathering.  While they were there Cece, Nate and I went and got a few things done.  We went to Woodman's to see what the deal was and all I have to say is that store is huge and busy as hell.  We found a few things but really I won't be driving there to shop any time soon as there is a lot of deals on some things but the need to drive there for a few things just won't happen as Cece really only shops for things that are on sale any how.  Then yesterday is was cross racing in Verona and then to Ben's cycle for the Sock drive party which was a blast, thanks Vince for the fun night. Then is was back to Verona today for more racing before getting just in time for Nate to get a shower and get to work at Rays.  I ran the road bike to Wheel and Sprocket to have them shipped to Tuscon for our trip over the holidays so Nate and I can ride.  Now I can't wait to get back to work so I can relax as all this running has made me tired.  Later..

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