Monday, December 26, 2011

ride, ride, ride,ride....

 With weather like this my bike is getting some good use here.

 Some of the plants in Billy's front yard.

 My view for much of the ride around here.

 Rode with Kaleb today in the morning.

 Also rode with Nate this morning.

 Rode to the mountains and seen a whole bunch of the Saguaro catus.  I would hate for to run into one of these as that would hurt a whole hell of a lot.

 Nate and the miner at the Colossal cave where we stopped for a restroom break and some rock candy.

 More of the saguaro catus's.

 Then in the afternoon I rode with Billy, Dana and Simon once they got into Tucson.

 Up we go and let me tell you that is what we did alot of.

 More up we go.

Billy and Simon trying to drop me.  I fought back to Simon's wheel.

Tomorrow is the 5 hour day and we are going to try to get up Mt. Lemmon 2 times.  That is going to hurt.  No I need to get going on helping put a new garbage disposal in with Billy.  Later...

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