Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Gingerbread house

Here is the ginger bread house that Maddie and her boyfriend Jeremy made for Jessie last over the weekend.  They made the dough and then put it in the ginger bread house molds that Jeremy's family has.  Them they used candy and icing to build the house.  I don't know if you eat it but I know that I will give it a try once the OK is given even if I have to dip it coffee for an hour to chew it.  But Maddie and Jeremy did a great job and it looks really nice.  Thanks Guys.

Right now Maddie is at drivers ed and she should get her temps on Thursday so that means that we will have another driver in the house, but this is going to be interesting and I hope she doesn't get lost while driving.  I know that she doesn't really pay attention when we drive places so she is in for a eye opener when it comes time to getting to places on her own.  But in all I think that she will be a good driver and I just hope that that it goes smooth the first few times I take her out driving.  But I bet it won't be like Nate's first time as I had him drive for the first time after bmx gate practice the day after getting his temps on the freeway in a blizzard that had cars in the ditch all over the place on the way home.  But he did fine and thanks Tina for all the texts on that night asking if I was crazy for allowing him to drive for the first time in a blizzard.  But Maddie should be fun and I will have to maybe have to try it out in a big parking lot first and maybe the parkway.  But we will have some fun and get it done for sure.

Jess has been practicing  her clarinet and I have to say that she is really beginning to sound pretty good.  I hope she sticks with it as she seems to be enjoying it.  Plus I get to hear her play it in the school concert nest week.  I think that she has a duet during that concert so I will have to try to get close to record it to put up here afterwards.

Other then that we are just clicking along getting closer to the holidays and a much needed vacation.  Later..

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