Wednesday, November 30, 2011

this and that

Well it has been more of the same around here.  Busy running to appointments and all is good on the Dr front and now one more appointment with the oncologist on Dec 14th for the super duper check up to make sure that all is good.  Then it is only every few months instead of every few weeks like it is presently.  

Maddie has started Drivers Ed and in a few short weeks we will have another driver in the house.  WOW that is going to be a interesting time when that happens.   The thing is that she could have her license now but she never pushed to take the classes or anything.  If we had not said this is the time I think she would have still waited but it is a good thing that she is doing it as Nate will be leaving for college next year and Maddie will have to drive herself and Jess to school and she will have the practice and driving down good by then.

Nate has been working at Rays and doing his workouts as he took a little break as he was a little tired from the long year of racing.  He is ready to go again and he looks refreshed as ready again after a nice week off of relaxing.  He has the fire in the eye again as he is looking forward to the Arizona trip in December and the cross Nationals in Jan.  But I have gate practice tonight and Nate is staying home to do his workout as he needs the efforts not just gate drops.  SO it will be a little different just going on my own and I suppose I will just be getting used to it as next year Nate will be gone and I will be on y own anyhow.

Jess is just being a 10year old having fun and Cece is busy with her school stuff.  Other then that is is only 3 weeks until Christmas and we head to Arizona for vacation.  Wow has time flew this last year.  Oh well time to get some things finished that I have going.  Later..

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