Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.  Good Luck to everyone racing at the grands this weekend in Tulsa.  Today we skipped the deer hunting to clean up the rest of the old tree fort and we are glad to the fact that no one got hurt in the process of taking down a well nailed fort that was 15 feet in the air.  Plus no one stepped on any nails that were sticking out of any boards.  After cleaning that mess up I changed the oil in the Volvo and then we washed and waxed my brothers truck, wash and waxed the Volvo, wash and waxed my Dad's 2 suv's and then we washed my car and my brothers truck.  the good thing was that we were able to listen to the Packers play the Lions.  Now we are getting ready to sit down for another awesome Thanksgiving dinner with all our family here.  Then after letting the dinner settle in we will play some card games and Yahtzee with the kids. Later,,

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