Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weekend racing

 $350.00 I won in the 50/50 raffle.

Pictures taken by Sam.

Yesterday was a single point race day at the barn and I hit it up.  I didn't make the main in cruiser and I took a 3rd place in the 20 inch class.  Nate was at the USGP race in Louisville Ky and had a front tubular roll off in his race and he finished 20.  Cece and the girls and some of Maddie's friends went to the Swim State Championships to cheer on Kelly one of Maddie's teammates.  We were all over the place having fun.

Today Nate raced again in Louisville Ky and then rolled a rear tubular and finished 23rd after getting to the wheel pit for a new rear wheel.  Needless to say we are done with the tubular wheel set up.  I again went to the barn for some racing as I enjoyed it so much I needed more.  Plus it was a double point race and we worked so hard building the track that I want to enjoy it some more.  I took a 2nd in 20 inch class and then a 3rd in cruiser class.  But the best was that I bought a few tickets for the 50/50 raffle and had the winning ticket for a cool $350.00 in the pocket.  Then it was get home and shower and run to Maddie's swim banquet.  I tried to load the pictures we took but her camera won't load them into my computer.  So you will have to believe me that all the swimmers looked great and way different not in their swim suits.  But it was a fun time and we are so proud of Maddie as she got the most improved swimmer award and always smiling award too.  Now we are just waiting for Nate to get home.  Later..

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