Thursday, November 10, 2011

Gate practice

Pictures again taken by Sam.

Last night was the first night of gate practices at the barn.  It was a blast and as always a great time to see a lot of the people that we have not seen since last March.  I was getting more come comfortable on the new track and hoping that it works the next time.  It was Nate's first time on the bmx bike since last March too.  After rolling out of the gate a few times he was almost up to the speed he ended with last year.  But he knows that he has to tweek a few things and that will come back fast.  He also held back on the jumps for another week as he is heading to Louisville Kentucky for the USGP cyclocross races over the the weekend. He just didn't want to take a chance and lay it down and end up hurt.  But as always it was a great time and we can't wait till next week to do it again.  Later..

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