Sunday, November 06, 2011

Race recaps

Yesterday was a day of oops.  Nate was up at the Iceman and in the lead group when his cleat broke off his shoe.  They were about 8 miles into the race and he texted saying he was feeling good and looking forward to the race.  He stuck it out pedaling with just 1 foot clipped in for the last 20 miles and finished 12th overall out of 60 plus racers.  Good job Nate.

Maddie had her sectionals swim meet down at the Kenosha Recplex.  Maddie was just in the 100 yard back stroke yesterday so it was a long day before see swam.  But see took to the blocks and hit the water and was cruising along.  She came out of her flip turn and hit her right arm on lane marker causing her to have to turn to the middle of the lane losing a second.  So her time was just a .42 over her personal best.  Still a great season as it was the first time Maddie swam ever mush less on any sport team.  She worked hard took it serious and wanted to be the best she could.  It showed as she set personal best times at every meet.  So proud of her and and maybe we can get back on the bike and she will kick some butt on the road and trails too.  Time to get the little bikes ready and head to the barn.  Later..

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