Thursday, November 03, 2011


Well the roofers are tearing the roof off today and I do have to say thanks as I feel sorry for them with this wind and over cast weather that they are dealing with. But I am glad that they are getting to it before the winter as there was a bunch of areas of concern up there.  I hope they get most of the nails up that drop in the grass.  Maybe I will have to pay the kids a nickle a nail to make sure that all of the nails are picked up.

Nate is getting ready for the Iceman race this weekend and I have to say the weather looks a ton better then last year when they raced and it was like 13 degrees when they started.  The nice thing is they also race at noon this year instead of 8 in the morning so the trails and temps should be a ton better then in the past.  Thanks to Hans and Ian for taking Nate again this year as he has alot of fun with you guys.

Maddie has her sectionals swim meet this weekend in Kenosha at the Rec Plex.  Should be a fun time and alot of fast swimming this weekend.  I think Maddie is in 1 event and that is the 100 backstroke and no relays this weekend.  It may be her last weekend of swimming and I think that she will take a break and then I may try to get her on the bike for some cross training, just have to see.  Later..

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