Thursday, June 09, 2005

CR Nite

Tonight the rain held off and it was off to the time trials. We got there and I got the kids ready and then went in and paid for the races and then it was a warm up and then off to the races. I rode with Maddie for her lap and then I did my final lap to get my time. Nate had a good race and won the 18 and under group. It was a double race and we did a second race. Only 11 of us stayed for the second race. I didn't start fast as I was racing the SS today. I can tell that it was the first race on the SS. I was getting used to it each lap and getting faster each turn. I ended up finishing OK and winning the old mans group. We then were off to eat at Qdoba's for some food with the gang. Ron was flying tonight as he passed Maddie and me there was nobody coming for like 2 or 3 minutes. And in the second race he was gone like the wind again, great racing Ron. Good Luck this weekend. Tonight it is a day off as we are helping load my parents stuff on a moving truck as the house is sold as of 4pm tomorrow. They are moving to Rhinelander and there goes my baby sitter and free meals a couple times a week. I will miss them alot. Later..

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