Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Tues nite

Well it was Maddies first day of racing on the track. She did a warm up with Russell and was nervous with all the others flying by her on the track. After alittle riding she was ok. She did good in both her races and Nate did ok and it shows we need to get on the road bike and ride for some speed or he will have a long track season. He finished 3rd in both races I think, maybe a second in the first one. He then raced up in the age group and was off the back but finished both races. I did ok in my races, then in the consulation took the first sprint and then settled in to help Russell and Richie. In the end Russell won the points race and I finished like 4th or 5th or something. It was a fun race and always fun to listen to Russell talk smack to the kids when he beats them. I will never go for the win or money as I just like making the kids ride harder and fight for wheels and spots during the race. I then watched the main event a 50 lap points race and the race was pretty fast from the start, I'm glad that I don't think I need to try to race that race anymore as I can never keep up with those guys. The young guns keep going and when they aren't flying the others just fly to. Well next week is the start of the real season and the rest of the racers should be coming then. Tonight is racing at Crystal Ridge and it should be fun to be doing the time trials again. See all of you there. Later..

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