Monday, June 20, 2005


We went up to Rhinelander and stayed with my parents for the weekend. Nate and I got up on Sat and went to the BMX track in town and entered the races. Nate was put in the 13 year cruiser and he took 2nd so that was cool. I raced and was able to take a 2nd place also. The track is a really nice track with alot of rhythm sections and some cool tables with step ups. The track is really long and the racers seem to be really slow compared to the racers in Elkorn but I was tired at the end of my races and seemed slow to. Nate stayed up there and my parents are taking him racing at the BMX track a few times during the week. I have to say thanks to Lenny as he gave me a new pair of El Camino disc brakes Friday and I put them on the bike Sat afternoon and I dailed them in for the race Sun. They are great brakes and work awesome. The races went well again. My parents came to watch and were excited to see us race well. Nate took first in age again. Maddie is racing better each week and is now begining to beat others that were ahead of her in the first races. Maddie took 3rd in her age group. Cece is still making me wonder if training is over rated as she has not been on her bike except for the races and took 2nd again. She said she is going to start riding now that school is over so maybe she can do better in the weeks to come. I took 3rd again as the heat was getting to me and I began to cramp in the end of the race so I'm happy that no one else caught me. I have to say that I hope that Dave Eckle is ok as he got hit by a deer during the race. He flew off the bike and hit his knee in the stem of his bike and broke his knee cap in half and had a whole bunch of more damage to his knee. He had surgery and should be coming home today. Bdog stayed with him in the woods and at the hospital. Good luck Dave and my you be back on the bike soon. Bdog you rock as you gave up your race to stay with Dave. And to all the others who raced and did good. Ron, Goat, Jerry, Lori, Baron, and everyone else. Good luck to the Punks that are at or on the way to Nationals. Later recovery ride today and the track tomorrow. Later..

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