Sunday, June 12, 2005

Rest Day

Today I had to work at the Locust Street block party. WOW what a bunch of goofy looking people that take up some of the air that we breath. It was a interesting day seeing some real bizare people walking around. I guess living on the south side I don't see the crazy things people do to themselves, you name it they had a tatoo on it or it was piereced. But better them then me. It was a easy 4 hours of work and the pay was good. Yesterday was a long ride in the heat, I did a 3 hour ride and bonked about 8 miles from home and had to just ride it in. I saw Danielle and one of her friends riding out in Franklin and then I ran into Danny and my 2 hour ride got longer. I turned and rode around wind Lake with him and then rode home. It turned out to be a 55 mile ride and I ran out of fuild and had to stop by a buddies house to get more to make it home. It still turned out to be a good ride. So as it goes today was a day to work and then do some things around the house and not ride the bike. Good job to Ron and Alan in the 6 hour and to Aaron Brandt as he won the state road race. Oh yea and to Butch and Rick to. See you all later..

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