Friday, June 10, 2005

Moving Day

No Wheel ride last night as I had to go and help load the truck for the parents. They are closing on the house today and moving to Rhinelander. I was surprized that with the help of my brother his room mate and my parents that it didn't take all that long. My prents have been making trips with items over the past few weeks so that helped. They also have been packing for a couple of weeks and were well prepared. They close today at 4pm and then hit the road to the new castle on the lake. My brothers and Maddie are going there to help but I have to work so I'll go next weekend and help finish before the race at 9 mile. Today I'm going to try to visit Dave Young at the hospital and see how he is doing after the accident and the removal of his leg. I hope that he will try to ride again as he can ride with me and the both of us will only be using a half of a leg, although he will still be faster then me. Good luck to all that are racing this weekend. Later..

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