Monday, June 06, 2005

Rome around

Well we went to the race in Rapids on Saturday. As we were driving up Jerry and I were hating it as we were driving through the rain. The ladies and the kids were in the truck ahead of us going like 80. I don't know how we didn't get pulled over other then all the cops were busy pulling others over. As we got closer to the race the weather got better and the rain stopped. We checked in and Nate, Jerry and myself hit the trails. I did a warm up the guys from the team Nate waited in the parking lot as we did another lap. Then headed back to get the kids and Sam to go to the bmx track while the ladies rode. The bmx track was closed but I pulled the fence up and the kids went under. I put the bikes over the top and then the kids did a few laps. They had a blast as they haven't been on the track in few months. Nate looked like he hadn't missed a day and sam looked good to. We went back and hit the showers and got something to eat. It was the rest and get ready to race.
We got up to get something to eat and then it was off to the races. I get so nervous getting the kids and Cece ready, more then when I'm in the gate for my start. Nate had a good race and won his age group and was 1st over all. Maddie did well and was 3rd in her age group. Cece went off in her race and was near the front of the ladies group for the entire race. She took 2nd in her group and 7th over all. Not bad since she has not trained at all and has only raced her bike, she has only been on her bike 3 times this year and each has been for a race. I took 2nd again and that is good as I was dying on the last lap and a half from the heat. Next is the Wausau race and will have to get some road rides in as that course is a road type race with all the fire roads. Well a easy ride with the kids today as we have track tomorrow if it dosen't rain.
Checked the results and see that Ron did ok not as well as he wanted but a tough course for a single speed. And the mountain goat did well on his single speed also and I think he was in the money again. Jack did ok to and Jerry was happy with his result. Good job to all that raced and see you at the Wed time trails and the next race. Later


RonSta said...

Great job guys!

Jay said...

Thanks Ron. I know how you felt. I got a lead from the group and rode it in and only one guy passed me. See you at the races Wed if it doesn't rain. Are you going to Stump to race the 6 hour? I have to wotk so no go for me. Later..